A Response from Judith Connell

I received a response from Judith Connell which I will gladly post in entirety in the spirit of fairness. I will also apologize to Judy for impugning her pro-life values.

I do need to express my continued extreme frustration and disappointment with endorsements by pro-life / pro-family leaders (present and former) of candidates who oppose any efforts to protect life and the family.

Here is Judith’s reply:


On first read of your blog of Wednesday, July 19th, my instinct was to dismiss the many errors, omissions and inaccuracies; however, after you apologized for the same offense regarding Nathan Sproul in your Thursday, July 20th blog, it is necessary to set you and the record straight.

First, I served Arizona Right to Life because of principles, convictions and values, which I hold dear.  In more than 23 years of involvement in the political arena, no one has ever questioned my credibility as a pro-life conservative.  For you to have done so makes you look foolish.

Did I take the abuse of Dr. Brian Finkel while picketing his office for weeks for money?

Did I run for the legislature against a pro-abortion candidate who won and was later convicted in AZ Scam for money?

Was money the driving factor that led me to manage one of Congressman Trent Franks’ earlier legislative campaigns?

Certainly I could continue to enumerate, but surely you must get the picture.  I’ve lived my principles. Money could never purchase them.  I have proven time and again my convictions regarding the pro-life situation. 

You hold my relationship and endorsement with Senator Carolyn Allen up as proof that my whole life’s work is invalid, and you are wrong young man; quite wrong.

I first met Sen. Allen when she and I served on a Governor’s Task Force on Teen Pregnancy Prevention.  It was there we found common ground.  We shared the conviction that preventing teen pregnancy went a long way toward preventing abortions.

It is precisely because I was willing to reach across the divide and work with an elected official who is pro-choice that progress is made.  The door was opened and we could find common ground because I was willing to listen.  Since I left that position, noticeably the door has once again closed.  Nothing has been accomplished.  Just as my wise Grandmother told me, “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.”  You might want to give that some thought.  No one has made an effort to solicit Sen. Allen’s input and not an inch of ground has been gained.  When we approach those who are pro-choice, as is Sen. Allen, with an all or nothing mentality, we end up making no progress.

You seem confused as to my status at Arizona Right to Life.  I was Legislative Director for nearly 3 years, and Executive Director for six months, a vacant position I reluctantly filled for then Chairman, Laurie Tetzlaff.  I went back to lobbying for RTL as soon as the legislative session began and they found a new E.D.

Since you did not contact me before you wrote your original blog, perhaps this information will help you create the next one.  You made public many accusations.  Many of them have been answered. 

Since the entire tirade was based on my endorsement of Senator Allen, perhaps you might want to look at other pro-life elected officials and members of the community who are also supporting Carolyn’s candidacy over that of her pro-life opponent.  You might want to consider their endorsement, as well as mine, is based on the fact that Senator Allen is reasoned, well-rounded, and has a proven track record of representing all her constituents, not simply those who share her opinion on single issues.  She has mastered the big tent philosophy… something we should all strive for.

You owe your readers an apology and an explanation for the things you wrote about me.  They know my life’s work, and do not welcome your exaggerations, but if you are to be credible in your position, you need to print truth and facts.  You may well hold your own opinion on anything, but you are not free to smear a life-long soldier in this pro-life march while under the banner of Arizona Right to Life.

Judy Connell

Coleman Dahm & Associates



  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    Judy it is you who is confused. Yes, endorsing Carolyn Allen does sweep away all previous activities. She is stridently pro-abortion and supporting her will continue the holocaust.

    Shane owes you no apology and you do not deserve one. The problem with the big tent is that it is filling up with dead babies and we are running out of room. Allen and sell-outs like you are not helping. There are two kingdoms and you have apparently become enamored with the spoils of this one. It would have been very easy for you to stay neutral in LD8. The fact that you endorsed Allen shows that your agenda goes beyond protecting human life.

    Shane is quite free to speak the truth. Simply that you have endorsed a strong proponent of abortion-on-demand. Not only is it his right to call you on that but also it is his duty.

  2. Casual Observer says

    Please don’t forget Judith endorsed Kris Mayes in the Corporation Commission Race. Kris Mayes is also a WISH list member. So this is at least the second time that an her endorsement has showed up as past AZRTL and not what she currently does.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Oh please… Judith claims her endorsement “…is based on the fact that Senator Allen is reasoned, well-rounded, and has a proven track record of representing all her constituents, not simply those who share her opinion on single issues.”? Are you sure it doesn’t have more to do with the fact that Judith works for Coleman Dahm & Associates, who are the paid consultants for Carolyn Allen? She’s doing it for the money, period. There are those like Connell and Sproul who toil on the side of right for a while, until they cash out. They consider themselves enlightened and of more reasoned judgement than those of us who would earn nothing before electing those who sanction the murder of innocents. Sadly, today’s paychecks, even for those sellouts, is still a lot less than thirty pieces of silver…

    And seriously Shane, you need to quit apologizing for taking those folks to task. They are not really pro-life. It is a position of convenience that they abuse for political gain. Carolyn Allen didn’t claim Judith’s endorsement for any reason other than that it has her old Right to Life title attached. No one in LD8 knows who Judith Connell is but Allen hopes to confuse them about her position on the life issue. If Connell was serious about her commitment to the issue but was still interested in selling herself to Allen, she should have used the Coleman Dahm title she signed her letter with on the endorsement instead of the Right to Life title. Then she would have found out that Allen has no interest in Judith, only her title. My guess? Judith already knows that, and she trades on her old title for her own personal profit. Shame on her…

  4. Concerned Person says

    Here is the quote that most frustrates me when any politictian says this:

    “You might want to consider their endorsement, as well as mine, is based on the fact that Senator Allen is reasoned, well-rounded, and has a proven track record of representing all her constituents, not simply those who share her opinion on single issues. She has mastered the big tent philosophy… something we should all strive for.”

    I am absolutely willing to endorse or vote for someone on one signel issue. If someone running for office told you they support rape, I bet you would no longer endorse them. Abortion is MURDER, I would not someone who supported what we legally consider murder today. Why should I support someone who supports what is murder, whether it is currently legal or not? You endorse someone who supports abortion you endorse someone who thinks that killing babies is OK. So yes, one single issue matters.

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    Sorry Judith,

    To paraphrase Jack Nicholson from As Good as it Gets – “Sell traitor somewhere else.”

  6. District 8 Goldwater supporter says

    Did it ever occur to you that some of us Republicans in District 8 are supporting Carolyn Allen because Colette is a RUBE, She is one of the dumbest legislators I have ever encountered.

    Shane, Len, Constantine and Chris Baker love her because they know she is nothing more than a sock puppet.

    Colette thinking the IRISH discovered America or her thinking the “dark side” was out to get her said it all . I will be happy to stand beside Senator’s McCain and Kyl and JD and support Carolyn Allen for re-election.

    And what is with “Re-Elect” on Colette’s signs. She has NEVER been elected to the job she is currently seeking. Anyone with a brain would know that….but then again, sock puppets don’t have brains.

  7. Oro Valley Dad says

    Goldwater supporter,

    I you had a brain you would have read that the issue here is not IQ but the life issue. Judith Connell used her past affiliation with the pro-life issue to help Carolyn Allen appeal to those who think it is wrong to tear apart the unborn limb by limb.

    Judith’s transparent attempt to explain away her betrayal did not work. If you want to vote for Allen that’s your choice. The point was that Connell should not have spoken in the name of a right to life group and she is not in the slightest pro-life if she is endorsing Allen.

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