A Republican District Chairman, Helping A Democrat? NOT TRUE

I am pleased to report that this information was NOT true. What amazes me still, is how the conservatives in charge are starting to eat their own. I hope this is a lesson for ALL of us not to follow EVERYTHING from those on high. The leadership at the County and State level should be questioned, not given rubber stamps to disband their whip of “prosecution” to those they don’t like.

Here is Constanin’s smart response to the EGC in response to Lyle Tuttle’s snippy email.

I’m taking a break from getting mail done for GOP candidates to respond to a
rather absurd email that Lyle Tuttle sent around a few days ago. In it, he
calls for the EGC to sanction me because my name was circulated as part of a
rumor on a blog. You will all remember “blogs” of course, as they are those
vile purveyors of untruths and slander that un-American cowards use to libel
and slander good and patriotic people. Or at least, that how Lyle’s buddy
Phil Corbell referred to them at our last meeting.

Anyway, it seems that Lyle saw a rumor on a blog, got all excited at the
prospect of some parlor-game version of “vengeance is mine”, and called for
a hangin’!

Needless to say, Lyle was completely wrong, the rumor was false, Lyle looks
foolish, my clients remain 100% Republican, and I guess that’s the end of
this, for now.

Hope this puts any rumors to rest, but thanks to the decent among you who
contacted me first to check. And I’m glad it provided many among you a
chuckle or two as well. I’m sure Lyle will be calling for an audit of all
of my campaign work and receipts to verify the veracity of my statements, so
I’ll save him the time and direct him to the Secretary of State’s website
where all of the campaign finance reports are available for free, online.
He may peruse them to his heart’s content until he is convinced that a) I
speak the truth, or b) the Secretary of State’s office is “in on it”.

Now back to work on these campaigns for me and, I suspect, most of you as