A plan for victory

     Right now the Republican Party has about the same brand value as Thalidomide. I am a positive person so here is my solution. Representatives Mike Pence and John Shadegg should immediately mount a challenge to current Republican leadership in the house. Shadegg should go to everyone who asked him to stay and ask for their help in saving the party. They should draw up a current version of the Contract with America and run a nationwide campaign with every Republican signing on to a series of needed reforms. I suggest this because it is what worked last time the Republicans gained control of the house. If they need extra support to take control of the house then Senator McCain should go to John Boehner and tell him that his time is up.

     The strategy of going local and letting every Republican congressman run on local issues will only allow the Democrats to pick them off one at a time. Re-brand the party now or pay in November.


  1. Great!

  2. It can’t be exactly like the Contract With America, of course, but it should emphasize fiscal responsibility, a strong commitment to cleaning up the say government contracts are parceled out (how can you be strong on defense and allow shoddy, overpriced goods to reach our troops?), a tough but fair immigration policy, and most importantly, a commitment to personal responsibility by the people who sign it.

    If you say you’re going to do these things, hold yourself accountable for their completion (or not): The buck doesn’t stop only on the President’s desk…

  3. Reagan famously dedicated himself to three issues: Win the Cold War. Lower Taxes. Reduce the size of government. Nearly everything he did tied back to these foundational goals. Once again, the GOP needs to determine their three issues for the next 25 years.

    I think the obvious first two goals are to win the War on Terror and, in a repeat, reduce the size of government. I’m not too sure about the third. Simplify the tax code? Empower the people (increased ownership with personal SS accounts, increased health care options, opting in/out of gov’t programs, etc.)? Some social issue? Hmmm.

  4. Iris Lynch says

    The issue is now and always has been POWER. The people (rightly so) recognize they have lost the power they once had over the ‘leaders’ of this country. It is the exact same problem with the Democrats, now in power long enough to have shown they are no more likely to give in one inch of power as long as they RULE.

    The foolish Republicans are fighting to get the POWER back, instead of fighting to give it to the people where it belongs. It really doesn’t make any difference which party is in POWER, as long as they refuse to give it back where it belongs. Naturally, we the people have a difficult time seeing any difference between the warring PARTIES, since there is none.

  5. May 15, 1963

    Unnoticed by Republican rank-and-filers, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and Sen. Barry Goldwater have formed a defensive alliance in the subterranean power struggle preoccupying the Republican Party.

    Right now, the strange fusion of the leaders of the Party’s left and right wings is directed against the presidential boomlet for Michigan’s Gov. George Romney. But in a deeper sense the Rockefeller-Goldwater alliance is trying to block both former President Eisenhower and Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon from playing a kingmaker’s role behind the scenes.

    For more than a year, Rockefeller and Goldwater have been convinced that the Eisenhower-Nixon forces are maneuvering to engineer the nomination for Romney. Rockefeller advised Goldwater in a telephone conversation last spring that he suspected the “National Republican Citizens Committee” advocated by Gen. Eisenhower could turn into a front organization to draft Romney, with Nixon pulling most of the wires.

    Now that Rockefeller’s remarriage has clipped the wings of his once high-flying candidacy, the draft-Romney drive is moving from speculation to reality.

    What’s going on here? How do the liberal-leaning Governor of New York and Mr. Conservative from Arizona wind up holding hands?

    Part of the answer is found in personalities. Rockefeller and Goldwater hit it off well together.

    But more than personalities is at stake here. That ancient Republican family feud between the Party regulars and the volunteers, between the organization and the citizens group, is blooming again.

    Though it isn’t generally understood, Rockefeller is as staunch a champion of the regular organization as Goldwater. Both campaign as unwashed Republicans, calling for the election of every Republican on the ticket no matter what his ideological leaning.

    Naturally enough, then, both Rockefeller and Goldwater were shocked when Romney virtually severed himself from the Michigan Republican Party while wresting the governorship from the Democrats last autumn. But Romney’s gossamer theories that “citizen action” is distinctly preferable to Party action score high with Gen. Eisenhower.

  6. Gretchen says

    The Republicans are for cutting taxes, but how are you going to pay for the tax cuts AND get the deficits zeroed out in a reasonable amount of time? If you’re really concerned with national security, don’t you see the extreme threat to national security that comes with depending on foreign entities financing an increasing amount of our debt? Is this what you want to pass on to your kids? What happened with fiscal responsibility? [Likewise, I want to know the same answer from the Democrats for increased spending…]

  7. There are so many facets of fiscal accountability beyond the tax and spend obvious issues. The mention of financing deficits with foreign lenders, how about the inequality of trade that stifles American enterprise and agriculture? The overregulation of production of goods and foods combined with unfair trade has put us in a position of not only being dependant on foreign oil, but foreign food!

    The housing crisis and oil prices will be nothing when we are paying unbelievable prices for food and clothing. Ethanol is a scam! There are so many other sources and alternative energy uses available. Grain, beef, milk, breads & cereals will all go even higher than they are now if corn becomes the new crude oil.

    A comprehensive approach to how our dollars are spent, how our country is made more or less secure by policies, and how the two may meet is a much better way to do business.

  8. Gee, Pence and Shadegg run for leadership…where have I heard that before?

    I was thinking about this topic this morning in the car as I was driving to work. That stooge Boehner and Mute Stinkrich have said that Republicans need to re-brand or come up with a new set of proposals like the contract. I’ve got 4 suggestions right now:

    1) RETIRE DEBT at a rate of AT LEAST $100B per year. Even at that rate, it would us about 90 years to pay off our $9 trillion in debt. This needs to be done ON BUDGET.

    2) BALANCED BUDGETS NOW!! Not in five years, NOW! This would require SPENDING CUTS!!! That’s right people, you heard me….CUTS! I don’t care what the unwashed masses say, our budgetary policy has been atrocious and our elected officials need to be like a good parent telling a child wanting too much candy, “no.” And I’m not talking these mocked up cuts where you compare today’s dollars to yesterday’s, I’m talking about each and every federal entity receiving AT LEAST $1 less than they received in the previous fiscal year. No accounting gimmicks, just a balanced budget…period.

    3) GOVERNMENT ROLL-BACK. Flake has said that he sees no reason for the Department of Education to exist. I’m with him. Liquidate it. Same thing with FHA. I have dreamed of an “Antifederalist Administration” and to achieve this end, I’d appoint agency heads that DESPISE the very agency I’m appointing them to. And if the Senate ever hoped to see even one of their bills avoid a veto, they’d approve my nominees in a hurry. I’d also use the bully pulpit to whip voters into a furor against them to flood their offices with phone calls to approve the nominees. I’d make their lives pure heck until they approved my nominees.

    4) 100% strict constructionist, black-letter law judicial nominees. No Souters, no Sandra Day’s, no Harriet Meiers. Pure 100% Scalias to EVERY judicial post. No ifs, ands, ors, or buts.

    If every individual running for Congress signed a pledge along those lines, MAYBE, just MAYBE the Republicans could pull out a victory in November. As of now, they’re toast.

  9. GOP Spartan says

    A coup d’Etat? Awesome! Where do I sign up?

  10. I also suggest that we tap Newt Gingrich as an advisor. After all, he does have some great ideas ready to go and he was the Master of the ’94 takeover.

  11. More navel gazing from wannabes who want to swap one set of empty suits for another . . .

    I repeat:

    How about addressing some real problems in Arizona? 3.59 gas? High food prices? Balanced budget? Weak state economy? Education? Closed Copper mines during a copper commodity boom?

  12. AZGOPgal says

    James A. –

    Although we have record high gas prices in AZ, we are the lowest in the country. Gas prices will not go down – it’s just something we need to realize and deal with.

    The most pressing issue we need to focus our efforts on is how to keep the White House. Then, how to get Janet out of office so we can better our state.

  13. AZGOPgal,

    What is our message to keeping the White House or wresting away Congress and the Guv job from the left?

  14. James,

    I touched on your concerns under a different topic. The issues you cite are much more related than first glance would infer.

    Ethanol as a substitute for foreign oil is not only a bad answer but is a trade off of one finite resource with another. Corn is not infinite, can only be grown so fast and in so many places and causes further consumption. The effects of diverting one commodity to another use will only result in a net loss. Trade, it has much to do with trade. Are we shipping our grain, are we involved in fair trade with imports being held to the same standard as domestic production of food? National security, it ties in when you look at the need for foreign oil, dependency on foreign food is far scarier.

    You spoke of copper, trade James, fair trade. It affects the economy at every facet.

    The point remains relevant, though. Even if we have the answers to the questions you raise, who is going to listen if the brand is still that of broken promises, inept leadership, and one embarrassment after another?

    Yesterday’s House vote was a step in the right direction. Thank you to John Shadegg who is a true leader and will be first in line to prove we have been and will again be the party of the people.

  15. Ann,

    I like reading your posts so if you think Shadegg is something to get excited about, I would like to listen to him. We have three special election defeats, a lot of retirements, a lot of weasals running for the door.

    What do we stand for?

    I cannot believe that we aren’t mining in Cochise County because the Third Worlders can do it cheaper. One party stands in the way of mineral resource exploitation and that is the democrats. The Republicrats that we elected don’t have the manly courage to stand up to them.

    I am sick of it.

    Ethanol is a joke. North American and European Ethanol is killing people in Africa and Asia, so idiots like Al Gore can feel good about themselves.

    What do we stand for? Are we going to roll back tax increases from the County or get rid of all fuel taxes? We really need to tell these Greens on no uncertain terms to get bent – sideways if need be.

    We got a 40% urban drop out rate. Dropouts are more likely to go to jail, go on welfare and go without health insurance? What is Randy Pullen’s plan? Where is John Kyl’s Plan? The democrats want social promotion, Tom Horne says no way Jose. Why don’t we hear more about that Sornoran Alliance? Paging Russell Pearce? Where’s Tim Bee? Is he even running?

    Throw me a bone here. I did not go to Iraq just to hand the country over to a bunch of effete eggheads who have hijacked the moral authority of our country.

  16. James,

    Shadegg is your man! He took a big risk in opposing the ethanol industry with his energy legislation and was noted in the WSJ for his efforts.

    Go to: http://www.johnshadegg.com/ and check him out.

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