Hope for the New Year…or…Is the GOP in AZ Hopeless?

The posts of Sonoran Alliance are often used to put front and center a personal viewpoint on a partisan issue.  Such is the art of the “blog”.  While the need for an outlet of frustration and expression of personal interests can be understood, I am of the belief that such can also be used by people who twist the story and feel hiding behind a blind name gives them absolution to do and say whatever they please, in hopes more people will pile on and prove them right.  Now their perversion of the truth has become reality.  Mission accomplished!

In my years of following local, state, and national politics, I’ve come to know such behavior is a sure sign of weakness and fear from those who understand theirs is a house built on sand.  Those who go negative and stay there never win in the long run.  They may win a race here and there, a local chairmanship or some other position.  They never will be in control or rise to real leadership, for they have no substance only their passion for disruption.   

People tire of anger; they tire of always keeping score and running up the points for the other team so to be sure of their position of victim.  They tire of the arrogance of those local leaders who would keep them submissive so as to have at their beck and call an army of mobile minions to wage battle on the next person/issue that dared to cross the always moving line of their own design.  No progress is ever made but to keep the little man in power as he rails against the big man. 

If I had my wish, adults would act like adults, people of faith would actually stop using it as a wall to hide their lies and purposeful acts of deceit, and those who call on conservatives to be conservatives, the loud and often hate-filled speechifying flame-throwers, would pull the log out of their own eye before looking for the splinter in the eye of another.    

If I had my wish… conservatives would understand our current enemy is not the left but the persistent push from within for division and come to the realization that a house divided cannot stand and those who would seek to form the division will be the architects of our defeat.

Should you need a reminder of what true leadership is…read this: http://reagan2020.us/speeches/nomination_acceptance_1980.asp


  1. Maybe the best written post I have ever read on this site. Well done

  2. Molly:

    While you decry pseudonyms, you’re not above using one yourself!

    In order to have a constructive diagalouge, I’d appreciate your advancing specific examples of the behavior you wish would dissolve.

    I frankly believe that asking those who deem themselves “conservative” to act on conservative principles and earn creditability is not divisive.

    It it is, there is something drastically wrong the effort to begin with, and perhaps other paths should be taken to restore principled government.

  3. er, “dialogue” not “diagalouge”

    Thick fingers make for poor typists!

  4. In order to understand Molly Pitcher’s post you must think like a socialist: “anything that does not advance socialism is bad, anything that does is good.”

    Molly is obviously an authoritarian in the McCain camp.

    The most cynical, insidious, divisive political ploy is to lie, even my omission.

    While Molly comes across as a nice Auntie-type, she has a forked tongue. Her very post against “divisiveness” is divisive in itself.

    It’s like the false cries of “unity” when the people crying “unity” mean “my way or the highway”. That’s NOT unity. It’s the opposite of unity.

    McCain’s ways and those of his folks have not changed in 20 years. It’s his way or the highway and he’s willing to burn EVERYONE to get his way even if it hurts himself in the short run.

    No, Molly, we’re on to the game now. We’re not going to sit back anymore while you cry unity while at the same time shutting down all lines of compromise, teamwork and communication.

    The days of McCain “slash and burn” style politics are waning.

    The McCain’s camp false cries of “unity” are the death throws of that style.

  5. “my” = “by” by omission

  6. Dean is right. Best post I’ve read in a long time. There are PC’s who want to win elections and not hash and rehash the same rhetoric.

  7. You write: “…I am of the belief that such can also be used by people who twist the story and feel hiding behind a blind name gives them absolution to do and say whatever they please, in hopes more people will pile on and prove them right.”

    Whoa. How did Shane let you on here? You’ve just questioned the entire premise of his garbage heap called Sonoran Alliance!

    I would suggest that if you’re a PC that you abandon your position now before Lyle organizes the lynch mob.

  8. Antifederalist says

    What a crock, Molly. You expect conservatives to lay down arms and be steamrolled by “moderates”. Forget it. Moderates have proven that their stand-for-nothing style of politics LOSE elections. If the moderate path were the path to winning elections, then Congress would still be controlled by Republicans and McLame would be in the White House. Sorry, sister, yours is the wide and easy path to Hell, misery, obscurity and the ash heap of history for the Republican party. Even the moderate scum who are STILL in power in D.C. realized that they had to throw some kind of a bone to conservatives or remain in the minority…otherwise Mike Pence wouldn’t have been given a seat at the leadership table. Had the neo-cons in power in the House been wise, they would have ALL stepped down and let any other handful of Republican Study Committee members take over.

    If anyone should lay down arms for the sake of “unity” it needs to be the moderates. They need to surrender power to the conservatives, sit down, shut up, and vote for conservative candidates. Moderates had their chance to rule. It led to the minority. Moderates FAILED. Admit it.

  9. The divider says

    I guess I am your enemy then because I believe in division! It is great unity that is the downfall of man. When enough men get together and unite on something it usually is evil.
    Check the Tower of Babel. That is when God first decided to split us up for our own good.
    He has been splitting us up ever since.
    What does unity bring us? IT brings compromise. It brings submission. It brings loss of liberty !

    So I am am the divider. I will always be someone who urges people to think for themselves and not to compromise for the cause of peace or unity because it is the ruling-class who always use peace or unity as an excuse for control !

    Unity lovers and kiss my ass!

  10. DIVIDER……Am on your TEAM!!!! Been trying for Common Sense for decades.

    Shane since the get-go in Tucson and now SA following through with the same ole–same ole plus its devoted one-focus whiners.

  11. Iris Lynch says

    Excuse me! But how can anyone be on a DIVIDER’s TEAM and still be divided? What baloney.

    And look at how the master’s of deceit (DEMS) have clung together to uproot the entire nation and its economy?


    We finally have a concerted effort of conservatives who are working together instead of merely living a conservative life and allowing themselves to be brainwashed into believing we ‘must all get along’. Remember those famous words were uttered by a man who has NEVER gotten along! He became rich and famous (notorious). ‘THEY’ will always sell us a bill of goods while putting their power together to rule us. How do you like their early rule? Do nothing and it will get even better…for THEM.

  12. I’m elated!

    Things are trending in a conservative way, when the phonies in the GOP who make a career out of brwon nosing the liberal elites by pushing for properly “watered down” leftist agendas are screaming “divisiveness”

    Speaking of division, their idol who’s up for re-election gave us McCain-Feingold and attempted to ram McCain-Kenney (Dubyah) through Congress.

    After losing the GOP nomination battle in 2000 he attempted to do an “Arlen Spector” and four years later tried to negotiate a spot on the Kerry ticket!

    Observer is right. The “one Big Tent” and “Reach out to the Left” b.s. is over!

    Let’s hope that the Brewers, Sprouls, James’es, Coughlins, Woodses and Stapelys get the message along with Molly who’s apparently bearing their pitcher!

  13. Constructive dialogue is a good thing when it has the possibility of a positive end and something in which this writer will is more than willing to engage. I have not time or use for old retread rhetoric, using words of another to make a point, or with those who refuse to evaluate the reality of another’s view for fear of being found wrong. I am not above doing the same thing I ask of others… which is to look for the truth in the words of others.

    Carlist: I appreciate your comment and defend the right to use a pseudonym with respect to the truth. I personally cannot use my real name for employment reasons. The ability to do something is not the same as the right to do it; I may have the ability to write under a pseudonym which grants me anonymity but does that allow me to say things that are untrue, even by inference, knowing I personally have no risk? How is that a positive action? How does that strengthen the cause for which I would be advocating? Or does it render the writer desperate and working on the premise of situational ethics, a self-defined sense of right and wrong? Does might make right?

    As for the others who would seem to voice opposition to my post…you are making my point. Is the person who would spend all their energy railing against McCain more productive in the end than the person who spends all theirs railing against those who rail? No! Voters will be turned off and tune out such empty handed rhetoric. For all the talk of “elite”, isn’t the hierarchy of chosen ones just as prevalent in the Anti-McCain crowd? Who dares speak ill of the Napolitano endorsing official who has the right friends and speaks the right words? All is forgiven if you wear the right colors? I dared you to find the log in your own eye and some pointed out the failure of others, ignoring behaviors that are just as destructive, self-serving, and diminishing of progress for conservatism as those you would denounce.

    If your anger is genuine, hold it and use it as the catalyst for your passion. However, have some become so lock-step with those who would use your anger for their personal gain that you have lost sight of the real goal? Are those who would use division as a means to gain power held in greater regard than the purpose of the power? That mindset is such, to quote Antifederalist, a crock!

    It is the unity of the Tea Parties that has brought us strength, unity based on principles NOT personalities. It is the shared belief that stopping the expansion of government into our private lives and the private sector that will be effective in stemming the erosion of our liberty. It is the foundation of our platform, limited government, low taxes, and above all the Constitution including The Bill of Rights that will be the key to a solid effort that people, all people, will see as true and right.

    The name calling, labeling, and divisiveness for divineness sake are a fool’s folly.

  14. Rosco P Coltrane says

    My observations:

    Anyone clamoring for unity is doing so on behalf of the McCain establishment. Nobody in this camp has ever tried to support McCain as a worthy candidate (quite impossible to do IMHO). Their main interest appears to be promoting business as usual.

    A larger group desperately wants to rally around a real conservative candidate and get somebody elected who won’t betray them at the drop of a hat (wow, is that really how low the bar has been set, and we still can’t jump over it?)

    Certainly there are other candidates out there, but few seem to know enough to be able to voice support for them either.

    It would be helpful for this site to have large threads on each of the candidates or on each of the issues to see where the readership might stand.

  15. Last time I checked, there were several offices up for election. A full ballot of statewide races and all US House seats, not just the US Senate.

    What is the plan to win those seats?

    So much energy is being used to attack R’s who, despite their strong conservative principles, just happen to not want to be part of the Haneyites. It sure seems the goal is to control people and not win elections. Voters want solid conservative candidates, they want the party to get off the intra-squad skirmish and get about the business of doing what it takes to get our candidates elected.

  16. Ann, no one is attacking those Rs with conservative principles but you and the author of this blog post.

    Furthermore, you are not conservative. You’re one of the moderates precisely in question.

    McCain is not conservative.

    Your admonition to get off the intra-squad skirmish is just a veiled repetition of the argument that conservatives should shut up, be good little party members and do the work you want them to do.

    It’s over, Ann.

  17. Ann, no one is attacking those Rs with conservative principles but you and the author of this blog post.

    Furthermore, you are not conservative. You’re one of the moderates precisely in question.

    McCain is not conservative.

    Your admonition to get off the intra-squad skirmish is just a veiled repetition of the argument that conservatives should shut up, be good little party members and do the work you want them to do.

    It’s over, Ann.

  18. Rosco P Coltrane Says:
    January 2nd, 2010 at 1:50 pm
    It would be helpful for this site to have large threads on each of the candidates or on each of the issues to see where the readership might stand
    Interesting idea!

  19. Molly:

    I appreciate your reason for using a psudonym but what I can’t understand is the fact that in your initial post, you criticized others for doing so.

    And if you’re going to advance a position, please don’t burden us with sanctimonious shibboleths. They’re simply ploys to avoid serious debate and discussion.

    To be blunt, if you and your “moderate” cohorts can’t stand the heat, please leave the kitchen!

  20. nightcrawler says

    Moderate is not a bad word. No apology from me, I am proud to be one. I agree with Carlist and Oberserve, keep it real folks and let us have a meaningful discussion.

    There are many candidates that pander to the far right in the most transparent of ways. That not only disgusts conservatives but also moderates like myself.


    I love the kitchen and intend to get right in your grill.

  21. Let’s bottom line it.

    McCain, if he wins, is not going to stay in office for more than a year or two. As soon as he retires, the party and governor will be able to appoint a new “incumbant” – or so goes the plan.

    The McCainiac moderates and liberals will do WHATEVER they have to in order to ensure the continuing hegemony of the McCainiac political “family”.

    They will do ANYTHING. And they’re looking for jobs. They are desparate to hold on, despite the rising tide of disaffected conservative grassroots and teapartiers.

  22. Observer:

    Retired McCaniacs and “Banana Reps” can consultants and lobbyists for those whom they served to the best of their abilities, the Mexican Cartels and Coyotes!

    And of course they can always find a home within the CofC!!

  23. kralmajales says

    What a fascinating exchange.

  24. PCbutnotPC says

    The problem is agreeing on what a modern definition of “conservative” is — and then some may villify anyone who does not fit the defintion du jour.
    We cannot tax cut our way out of a terrible financial crisis. We cannot afford to spend at the rate we were spending. We cannot simply say “no” to everything. It requires being more thoughtful than a one word answer. While “yes” is an option – there should be no carte blanche on the use of “yes” either.
    If we, as a party, stay on this course of discourse, then Terry Goddard won’t have to campaign hard. Harry Mitchell will make it back. Barrack Obama will be taking the option on the next four years.
    Moderate and Conservative Republicans need to live together. They conservatives are activists, but activists are still a minority of the voters. The vast number of Republicans are, to borrow another term out of history, “the silent majority.”
    They spoke last November. They gave it to Obama for whatever reason(s) – mostly because they were mad at the Party.
    True leaders have some class and engage.
    John McCain is not the enemy and neither is Rob Haney. We are our own worst enemy for not engaging to qualified solutions that people can understand.
    Platforms don’t make a candidate as much anymore as the perception of the “buyer/voter.”
    What would be statesmanlike and leadership? See the factions within the Arizona Republican Party agree to get in the same room, no media, close the doors and don’t come out until they can honestly shake hands and be nice to each other.
    Do that and Terry Goddard won’t be governor.
    As the Oral Roberts ministry used to say “Expect a miracle.”

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