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A McCain House Divided – Meghan McCain Blasts Tea Party Movement

A McCain House Divided – Meghan McCain Blasts Tea Party Movement

It doesn’t get any more high political drama than this.

(Watch the full episode here.)

Meghan McCain appeared on Monday’s edition of The View taking shots at her father’s Vice-Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin and former Colorado Congressman, Tom Tancredo. Apparently, the younger rambunctious Meghan believes she represents the views of younger Republicans and like her father, is not willing to call socialism when she sees it.

Much of her criticism was directed at the Tea Party Movement as she suggested that some in the movement may be racists. This comes on the heels of her uncle’s recent comments referring to members of the movement as Nazi’s.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, the heroine of the Tea Party Movement, is still on track to visit Arizona in March for Meghan McCain’s father who is running for re-election and is being challenged by conservative J.D. Hayworth.


  1. Spoiled brat. Who cares what she says. I can’t wait for her book.(Insert rolling eyes)

  2. She also made the L.King show.
    Doing the blue circuit, It’ll be the Catskills next.

  3. “Much of her criticism was directed at the Tea Party Movement as she suggested that some in the movement may be racists.”

    Yeah, where would she get a crazy notion like that?


  4. From your link:

    “Josh Parker of the Houston Tea Party Society tells me that Robertson was booted out of the event for this sign.”

    So, your logic is that being booted out of an event make one representative of the event.
    OK, I understand.

  5. Ray,

    I’m not tarring the whole Tea Party. Per DSW, Megs said “SOME in the movement MAY be racists” (emphasis mine). I’m pointing out that she’s right (I could also point out the racist Obama witchdoctor signs, Tom Tancredo blowing the Jim Crow dogwhistle so loud it woke up Bull Conner, etc.)

    To their credit, the Texas Tea Party went so far as to release a press release against this douche. Problem is, he felt comfortable enough to engage in the kind of racism normally reserved for the likes of JT Ready.

    How many people marching next to your “NObama!” sign have venom coursing through their veins? Do you know? Do you care? Or are you happy to have them to add to the headcount as long as they keep their mouth shut?

  6. It’s OK, Klute,
    I understand where you’re coming from.

  7. Ray,

    Sadly, you don’t.

  8. I’m just glad McCain keeps making enemies. Go ahead, piss off every conservative group Johnny boy. Every vote counts. Although I think I did hear somewhere the log cabin republican were getting behind McCain.

  9. Those were the strangest “racist” witchdoctor signs evah. It was a South Pacific dancer with Obama’s face to make a political statement about ObamaCare. Maybe it was just too on target regarding the scam of ObamaCare so howling “racist” was the ONLY hope for deep-sixing it.

    Much funnier than the Democrats putting Joe Lieberman in blackface… and way more funny than the Democratic Party voting for Slave States, blocking admission into the Union of Free States, and the KLu Klux Klan spreading terror and murder against Republicans and Blacks to preserve a state of de facto slavery inthe South, plus poison the national society with degrading concepts like “segregated dining” “segregated washroom” segregated drinking fountains.
    And the bad joke of Senator Robert KKK Byrd still in the Senate as an HONORED DEMOCRAT wore thin DECADES AGO, even before he led the Democrats to filibuster the Civil Rights Act -AGAINST the Republican Martin Luther King’s massive protests.

    It was Eisenhower the Republican who forced the segregated schools to admit balcks, the DEMOCRAT George Wallace who stood on the steps to block it. It was Republican Nixon The Baaad who followed up and broke the segregated system that had persisted into the 1970s in the Democrat-Controlled South.

    Of course the biggest pathetic joke was the here in AZ – the national media cutting a conservative black guy in half to show the gun he was carrying legally, in order to insinuate blacks might be intimidated somehow by noisy Constitutionally-inspired rhetoric.

    Never mind the TRUTH. The storyline NEEDED a gun. The black guy was INCONVENIENT, so he was edited OUT.

    The ultimate racist dehumanization of a black man – cutting off his identity to promote the idea he was WHITE and formenting potential violence against blacks!

    Anyone who is comfortable using a gay bath-house vulgarity against Tea Party political speech, and refuses to discard it for more reasoned rhetoric has no credibility.

  10. wanumba,

    Is that what you teach your kids? “Now remember, when you do something bad… Don’t worry about it! There are people who’ve done much worse.”

    “Anyone who is comfortable using a gay bath-house vulgarity against Tea Party political speech, and refuses to discard it for more reasoned rhetoric has no credibility.”

    It’s “satire”, wanumba. And as we all know, vicious slurs are OK as long as they’re used satirically (thanks Sarah!). I’m delightfully politically incorrect!

  11. WHy do we have to be subjected to the Political Elite Princesses and Princes who never worked for anything and get TV gigs? First it was the empty Paris Hilton, flattered constantly by the media to get free lunches off her Daddy’s wealth while hoping to trap her into something really humiliating and debasing so they can laugh at her for months? Now Meghan McCain? Proud to be a lame gimmick?
    Gads that’s TWO in a day, BOTH courtesy of that VAPID gossip for has-been hags “The View.” Watched Ron Reagan Jr. melt down like a spoiled brat – at HIS age? “Political consultant” Yah. About WHAT?
    Nobody calls HIM when they need an informed opinion on Indo-Pakistan relations or anything ELSE important for that matter. He’s just paid expressly to put his father down – and everything his father championed. Greedy, shallow little twit. Guess he’s got loads of company now though!

  12. Rahm Emannuel used quote” F*** retard” as a deliberate slur against people he disagreed with. A purposeful act to DEGRADE, to CONVEY his RAGE … because he wasn’t getting his way.

    Rush Limbaugh mocked him by quoting exactly what came out of Rahm’s mouth, for the express prupose of mocking him, and Rahm deserved worse than what Limbaugh dished out.

    So Rahm’s apology was to haul in selected representatives of … what group? And apologize to them for using their state of being as the worse insult he could come up with to put down other poeple for not cooperating with him. And with that act of phony contrition, he stills keeps his job. No one knows if he apologized to the people he insulted in the first place.

    Sarah Palin figured it out. How come so many more people who claim to be far more intelligent can’t?

    And while Rahm had the disabled in his office, trotted thru for his PC penance, did he explain that under ObamaCare, they really wouldn’t be seen as being worthy enough to society to get healthcare? Expensive and all. Their Rate of Return too low?

  13. wanumba,

    “Rush Limbaugh mocked him by quoting exactly what came out of Rahm’s mouth, for the express prupose of mocking him, and Rahm deserved worse than what Limbaugh dished out.”

    Exactly what I’m doing!


    I’m taking what came from the mouth of Teabaggers, and using it for the express purpose of the mocking them.

    It’s satire! And I know Sarah Palin, your Queen, loves satire, so… we cool now?

  14. This Megan McCain is her own person. Megan McCain is not on the ballot. Neither is Cindy McCain. For that matter neither is Mary Hayworth.

    Sarah Palin, however, just formally endorsed John McCain. So did Bill Bennett.

  15. Pity this post required suffering through one more onerous segment of the VIEW. Everything the House of McCain has produced this year has been a major turn-off. Moreover, the fact that McCain’s people still think schmoozing with the far left is a winning strategy smacks of political dementia. It didn’t work in 2008 and its not working now.

    What true conservative would be caught with the race card…or the victim card? Yet both Megan and Cindy have been serving it up royally…”Hey you HATERS and RACISTS…you TEA BAGGERS you…vote for John McCain…or we’ll bad-mouth you to baba wawa.” I think mole has the right perspective, KUDOS to John McCain…for sabotaging his own poll numbers. And thanks Whoopie for guest host Megan who is truly a feather in their cap–inestimably clueless.

    McCain is king of old-school-good-ole-boy-back-room politics, so its fascinating to watch him buying and selling favors while masquerading Cindy and Megan around as THE REVOLUTION. LOL! This house is not divided at all and RINO is too generous a term for it!

    Finally, a round of applause to the handler who penned Megan’s line, “revolutions are only started by young people not 65 year olds.” I’ll take that as confirmation that we should expect nothing new from their 70-something candidate. Not to worry WE DON’T!

  16. I know. Where does she get off criticizing the loons that have come to define our party?
    Here’s to VP candidates who can’t speak without writing notes on their hand!
    Here’s to undistinguished former Congressmen running against four-term senators with character and a record of accomplishment!
    Here’s to a party that’s angry about, well, everything!
    Here’s to a party that counts as its shining stars men like Arpaio, Pearce and Thomas!
    Run, Sarah, run!

  17. Here’s to POTUS who starts thanking himself when the teleprompter gets stuck, so he’s all prepared since and calls a Navy corpsman a corpse-man, three times, gets the man’s name wrong twice and thinks “Etats Unis” is “entanini” a “creole” word.

    In ONE paragraph. From a HARVARD graduate – about $50,00 per year these days.

    The ammassed brains of the media are all aflutter with Sarah Palin writing a couple of words on her palm but haven’t spent ANY time telling us what’s up with the HUNDREDS of other TERRORISTS our Christmas bomber PROMISED is heading our way? But since the Nigerian is now lawyered up, thanks to Eric Hodlern’ acting on guidance from POTUS, his boss, he’s not talking any more.

    Not a soul in the media is curious enough to want to inquire. But boy howdy, the media world screeches to a halt to locate a telescope to peer at Sarah Palin’s palm.

  18. Stephen Kohut says

    The McCains should just finish making the move to the channel and shows that represent their politics. McRINO would be right at home on MSNBC with Maddow. For once he would not be lying when he called Rachel “my friend.”

  19. This girl was born with a silver foot in her mouth. Her sense of entitlement is no different than her fathers. He thinks he owns this seat, he has been bullying everybody and anybody to try and stop JD, and it is because of this that he will lose.

  20. So hypothetically, if I said, “Klute’s mama is a tea-bagger”. that’s OK as long as I’m being satirical about it, right?

  21. And to Bill

    Here’s to VP candidates who can’t speak without writing notes on their hand!

    I don’t know why everyone is sooooo upset about Sarah’s hand-notes. The president HAS TO use his teleprompter everywhere he goes. That device uses electricity to run and I’m sure lots of fuel and stuff to get from point A to point B. At least Sarah is being “green” with her notes. Zero carbon footprint there….

  22. Please…do we really have to go through this? How many different ways to absolutely discredit the premise of this “devilish” connection?

    How many different times and ways did the Reagan family, including Nancy, do or say things that were absolutely oppositional to the core beliefs of “the grassroots”? Were the visits to “The Biltmore” to visit mummy and the designer lifestyle overlooked? What about the Country Club memberships? And those children with a mind of their own….and the gall to speak it! Hmmm…where those pro-life values shared by all who bore the name Reagan?

    If the Hayworth crowd wants this to be a campaign of family/supporters included…Please reconsider. There are lots of us who have been around long enough to have stories of our own…time after time where elitist attitudes and a demanding demeanor interfered with the real work to be done, phone calls expecting favored status, or cancelled/no shows because someone just wasn’t getting enough personal attention.

    Meagan McCain is her own voice and speaks her own mind. End of story.

  23. papatodd,

    “So hypothetically, if I said, ‘Klute’s mama is a tea-bagger’. that’s OK as long as I’m being satirical about it, right?”

    Are we using the Palin/Limbaugh standard?

  24. To Bill above says

    You forgot one… Here’s to undistinguished term limited RINO state representatives defining the party by proposing their Alternative Budget plan complete with ample tax increases even on our elderly parents hospital beds!!

    Here here!! And fee increases to maintain the spending habits of a state agency with no fiscal discipline.

    “… four-term senators with character and a record of accomplishment!” Who would that be Bill?

    All we’ve seen him push is open borders (oh yeah, you support that too), and an Un-Constitutional limitation on free speech called “finance reform” … and now Cap-n-Tax.

  25. Nope I’m using the MSNBC/CNN standard.

  26. papatodd,

    “Nope I’m using the MSNBC/CNN standard.”

    Ah, then no, it’s not OK. Only using the twisted logic of Palin/Limbaugh does it make it OK (which is: It’s bad unless I agree with the person/the person can do me political harm, then it’s OK).

  27. Oh, this is interesting. How UNION money is funding the anti-Tea Party movement, hiding behind “Patriotic” named “organizations” which are centralized through two Democratic Party operatives in Wshington, DC.

    Follow the money!


  28. I was also wrong about the tea party movement until I joined a great site that made me understand it better. I met alot of friends on the site and must say I was impressed with the way they think. I thought they were all crazy people then I found out why they are the tea party movement. It was because they worry about the United States and the constitution.

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