A Lesson For Brewer & Her Advisors

While Team Brewer’s re-election strategy seems to be based on appealing to moderate voters and gaining favorable coverage from the media, her “I love education and will protect you all from the big bad Republicans” message will not gain her any real support.  While education officials will offer praise to her every time she violates the constitution and uses her line item veto pen to increase education funding, those same AEA voice boxes will crucify her come election time while singing the praises of Terry Goddard or whoever is the Democrat candidate.  We expect it to be Goddard, but the point is that they don’t care who it is.  They will fight to the death for the Democrat candidate regardless.  Team Brewer has not figured this out.

That leaves her the media, as she seeks approval and affection from somewhere, anywhere.  Saturday’s editorial in the Arizona Republic should pop that balloon for her as well.  Entitled “State Suffers From Leadership Deficit“, the op-ed takes virtually everyone to task for the failures at the Capitol, yet does so mostly by blaming the election of conservative Republicans.  It declares that the stage was set for all that has occurred when Steve Pierce beat Tom O’Halleran and Al Melvin beat Pete Hershberger.  Naturally, the Republic refers to O’Halleran and Hershberger as “middle-of-the-roaders” because they don’t use words like “liberals”.  Then it added Brewer taking Napolitano’s position and PRESTO! the stage was set for gridlock.

The op-ed is intellectually dishonest because it has to be in order to serve the Republic’s real purpose, which is to bash Republicans under the guise of “Come on folks, we can do better!”  The Republic has largely approved of Brewer’s legislative package and largely approved of the compromise package that fell one vote short in the Senate after having passed the House.  And while the Republic likes to create the impression that hard-headed conservatives like Pierce and Melvin are to blame, both of them were Yes votes on the package.

Oddly enough, the only three legislators not singled out for coverage, not named, and not included in any of the groups mentioned, were Senators Carolyn Allen, Ron Gould and Pamela Gorman.  Why does the Republic ignore the three votes who blocked the passage of the bill that the Republic was largely alright with?  Because it would have distracted from their desired hit on Brewer and conservative Republicans in general.

Team Brewer should learn their lesson from this.  Like the AEA, the Republic and much of the media will be pimping for the Democrat candidate regardless of who it is and regardless of who the Republicans nominate.  They cannot be won over and their affection cannot be bought, no matter how many taxpayer dollars you lavish on them.


  1. I’m sorry, daft question but is she [Brewer] running for Secretary of State again? You say “re-election” as if she ran and won the seat she currently holds as governor, and she did not. So, this team of hers would actually be looking to get her elected legitimately, no?

  2. GOP Stalwart says

    I think we can forget about electing a Republican as governor. With a GOP House, Senate and governor, we couldn’t even pass a one penny temporary sales tax referral with major cuts in income taxes. The Arizona GOP has no unity or party discipline, it can’t function. The Dems had discipline, that’s why they wouldn’t help the gov with her renegade senators blocking the tax refferral. When the other party is cuting its own neck, don’t interfer, they didn’t and now the GOP looks like fools. Thank you Brewer, Burns and Adams for your lack of leadership and thank you Gorman and Gould for your disloyalty to the party, your governor, Senate President and party chairman.

  3. Restore Integrity says

    That original posting was well-written and accurate, but GOP Stalwart correctly points out that legislative leadership failed as well, but Gorman and Gould stayed truthful to REPUBLICAN PRINCIPLES and opposed a $3 billion tax increase. It is more important to be loyal to what it means to be a Republican and that means opposing the largest tax increase in Arizona history. What point is there in being a Republican if you pass a $3 billion tax increase? That’s what Democrats do and I wish we had more Republicans like Gorman, Gould, Waring, Biggs and Crump who stayed true to the party platform and didn’t follow others in supporting a Democrat proposal that would have made the state suffer, made working people pay more to the government and lengthened and increased the severity of the deficit. THAT is NOT Republican!

  4. Restore,

    Since you have stated the above on another blog, I would refer others to see a compelling response to your position. Janelle’s response that rebutted your position was convincing by the use of facts instead of hyperbole.


  5. MaricopaGOP says


    The outcome of the refusal of your heroes to support the package has resulted in larger government, increased taxes and increased spending.

    Check out the results instead of parroting simplistic, but inaccurate, rhetoric. Since last week state property taxes went up by $330 million a year, and state government spending went up by $350 million a year. Congratulations!

    That would NOT have happened if the budget package had been passed in whole in the Senate, and Republican principles, as stated in the Party Platform, would have been fulfilled.

    EVERY taxpayer organization gave the package a positive rating. ‘Nuff said.

    Back to the original post. AZInsider is right thatRepublicsans who pander to the left in some vain attempt to triangulate them in the voting booth fail time after time.

    The ideologues of the left NEVER move from their position or the people they support. Their memory never fades on that issue.

  6. Restore Integrity says

    There would never even have been ANY talk of tax cuts but for Gorman and Gould’s tough negotiating stance in opposing the largest tax increase in Arizona history. Burns, Adams, Brewer and the flock all jumped on board early (long before any talk of tax cuts). Gorman and Gould were criticized for not being “loyal” (tax hikers) and it was THEN that talk of tax cuts became necessary.

    If you think those future tax cuts would have ever happened, you’re smoking something. Plus, if you think it would have been a good idea for Republicans to pass a $3 billion tax increase on working families, while trying to sneak through a tax break on large corporations … you go ahead and try to sell that load of crap to the voters. The tea parties and town hall meetings have identified a large group of people who are upset with all the insiders, cutting deals … and screwing people at the expense of government and big corporate America. Those tax cuts should have been elimination of the personal income tax that Gorman and Gould pushed for (and voted for) instead of corporate welfare.

  7. GOP Stalwart says

    If I were a liberal Democrat I would agree with Restore Integrity 100 %, but I would also have to be an above average irresponsible lib-Dem becasue not only would the GOP be a casualty of such a plan, so would the state of Arizona. That sure is a pratical plan, cut taxes without revenue enhancement, let state government go belly up, lay off more state workers, put mental patients on the street to fend for themselves, more early release from prison, turn the public schools into an overcrowded zoo where education is impossible. Yes, that would be a great final legacy for the Arizona GOP. Maybe we should just shut down state government completely, who needs government anyway? Vote Republican, we saved you a penny.

  8. GOP Stalwart says

    If you think about it the GOP could have avoided this mess if Brewer, Burns, Adams, Pullen, The Wall Street Journal and all the legislators that supported the GOP budget plan, I think it was 46 out of 53, went to Gorman and Gould first to find a solution to the state budget problem. Gould could even check the A/C for us and Gorman, well she is just the greatest economist since Marie Antonette, remember, let them eat cake. Penny wise and a billion foolish.

  9. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Look at what GOP Stalwart says.

    That is how stupid this mess is- he *knows* the party is dying.

    Yet this moronic column misses the print copy finger pointing at Gorman and Gould.


    The lack of leadership by the Republican party has been pathetic.

    If they had any brains they would have had a called a session with the rump leg last november and served Janet with a tax increase to “Constitutionally balance the budget.”


    So, I wonder how much the bloggers here are going to enjoy Gov. Goddard and a majority in the house and senate being dem.

    The screams should be entertaining.

    Remember the anger at *who* is in power you 9/12 idiots- last I checked it is what, laughingly, could be called Republicans, but more accurately could be called bitter enders.

  10. The only government we need is the Second Amendment, all other rights will flow from the barrel of my gun.

  11. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    And when a bunch of better armed yoyos put you up against the wall and shoot you, I will laugh- you closet Maoist moron.

    “The only government we need is the Second Amendment, all other rights will flow from the barrel of my gun.”

  12. A Libertarian GOP,

    I think it’s very telling how you say “…all other rights will flow from the barrel of my gun.”

    Your gun. You’ll be the despot. Got it.

  13. Tucson Vice says

    Watching you people argue about high taxes always kills me. Your goons have been lowering taxes in this state for 40 years with disasterous results. That is exactly what got us to where we are now. Now you are still cutting taxes and argung against a one penny sales tax increase. Right or wrong of the sales tax increase aside, do you people not understand that the state must have a revenue stream in order to function? And that the revenue stream is supposed to be achieved through taxes and not by selling our capitol buildings?

    This republican legislature has become a national joke. A punchline at Arizona’s expense. They have achieved positively nothing, and failed on the very points that they ran on.

    They promised to balance the budget.


    They promised to fund education.


    The promised to move Arizona forward.


    The problem? Stupid republicans electing (exalting) even stupider republicans. Al Melvin? Honestly? THIS is what you get when you elect people because you think you might be able to drink a beer with them instead of people who can craft policy and run a state.

    You did it with the moron Sara Palin. You did it with the Arizona state legislature. The worst part? You guys take pride in looking stupid, and voting for stupid people.

  14. Tucson Vice says

    “Damned if I’m gonna support one of those elitists! I’m Joe redneck, and I’m specifically voting for people who DIDN’T get an education, and won’t try to confuse me with all that fancy book-learnin’!”

  15. Father Knows Best says

    The best way to improve Arizona government is to require all candidates for public office to pass the AIMS test, that would eliminate Pam Gorman and Ron Gould.

    R. Heinlein

  16. Restore (comment 6),

    Once again, you contort history to defend your position. The permanent repeal of the Equalization Tax, the reduction of the QTR, the $1.2 Billion in spending cuts, the state government reforms, etc. were there all the time.

    If you want to give Gorman and Gould the credit for the additional income and property tax cuts in the package, that would require ANY indication that they asked for such cuts OR that they voted for the package once such cuts were included.

    If you do that, you can also give all the Democrats in both houses similar credit for those tax cuts being in the final package.

    Your giant leap to an unfounded conclusion leaves me laughing convulsively.

  17. Are there any Republicans commenting on this blog? I think we have been taken over by democrats. Isn’t it funny that the silliest comments are from someone (Tucson Vice) who sounds like he couldn’t pass 8th grade and then says Republicans are stupid.

  18. Since when is it anti-Republican to vote for a tax increase? Reagan supported them as Governor of California and later as President of the United States when it made fiscal sense to do so. I think he would be astounded with what passes for leadership in today’s GOP.

    The reason why I became a Republican in 1981 when I registered to vote (and one reason why I am NOT one anymore) was because they were the party of fiscal responsibility, not the party of reflexive opposition to tax increases no matter the circumstances. That is theology, not fiscal responsibility, and it is why no one takes Republicans seriously anymore when they discuss taxes and budgets.

    Gould is the poster child for why Republicans have lost their way and he sadly has many adherents here and in Washington. Until the GOP gets back to debt reduction, cutting wasteful spending and tax fairness as guiding principles, it can never appeal to common sense voters who tire of tax cuts for those that need them least being touted as some kind of moral imperative, rather than a legitimate means for true economic stimulus. Meanwhile, bridges fall into rivers, wars that cost trillions are waged based on falsified intelligence and children go without health care.

    DeAn asks if there are “any Republicans commenting on this blog.” I have the same question, but from a different perspective. When will the RINO tag stop being applied to people like Hershberger, who are the TRUE Reagan Republicans?

  19. Rex, you were doing good until the last sentence. Credibility lost; too bad.

  20. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    You just proved my point about the dying party.

    RINO killed the party. What used to be my party, dammit.

    Teabaggers meeting in a teacup.

  21. Republicans lost control of Congress because they forgot they ran as conservatives. They continued to spend just like the Liberals that were in control before them.
    In Arizona, the budget continues to grow. Many like to blame Napolitano. I have watched my Republican caucus continue to increase spending and expand goverment. They like to blame me, I guess that makes them feel better about what they have done.
    I work for those that elect me, not for the Party, the Legislature or others in Government. Have a nice labor day.

  22. Sen. Gould,

    I mostly agree with what you wrote. My only disagreement is that sometimes I think it is better to get the best deal you can reasonably expect rather than hold out for a better deal and end up with a result worse than the deal offered.

    I think you should have voted for the budget deal in order to get what we could given the current political situation. This does not shift some of the fundamental blame away from Jan Brewer or big government Republicans for this mess, but you could have take a different approach. For example, you could have emulated Sen. Harper and insisted that additional conditions to reduce state government be put into the budget agreement instead of just opposing the entire compromise.

    I think you have good principles, but you have to deal with other legislators and a governor with their own principles who also think they are good Republicans. You need to improve your tactics to get better results working within the Republican caucus in spite of having to deal with big government Republicans.

    The time to deal more toughly with big government Republicans is in the Republican primary. Once they are elected, you have to deal with what you have in order to avoid really bad results.

    Do you think the budget situation now is better than what we would have had with the compromise package you voted against?

  23. This site …..

    No the point is that Pete Hershberger spent twenty hours in caucus with Nappy and the Democrats for every hour he spent with his own caucus. He hosted meetings with Nappy’s staff meeting with himself, J Burns, O’Halleran, etc. while refusing to work within the majority Republican members.

    The problem with the Republican Party is elected officials who work against the very Platform that represents the values of that Party. Republicans and independents who believe in smaller government, lower taxes and Constitutional principles expect their elected Republican officials to follow those basic ideals.

    When the elected officials don’t, many say there is no difference between the parties so there is no reason to be involved. If you believe in bigger government, more big brother programs(socialism), higher taxes, and more regulation on business, there is a party that reflects those values. It is called the Democrat Party and you are invited to join that party.

    Real Republicans do not believe in those ideas and we are better off not having to explain your aberrant behavior to those looking for real constitutional traditional leadership. Ronald Reagan said it best. Look it up and take the advice.

  24. Hunter,


  25. Hunter, the problem is there was no guarantee that any of the tax breaks would remain in place in the future. Legislators like Gould would end up with egg on their face had they caved into the tax increase then had their tax breaks eradicated down the road.

  26. This site jumps the shark!!! says


    In his first term, he froze government hiring and approved tax hikes to balance the budget.

    from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronald_Reagan

    Proving you are stupid beyond measure, time and time again.

    Why did RR raise taxes?

    Could it be because he *had* too, or the state would have gone broke?

    Gee, Jan Brewer sounds far more like Ronald Reagan than you do.

  27. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    And here: http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/govspeech/04011967a.htm

    Read what the man said.

    Not what simple minded stuff you think he said.

  28. Republicans Unite says

    Check out this alternative analysis on Brewer’s tax increase – http://cactusalliance.blogspot.com/2009/09/slam-sound-of-door-shutting-on-governor.html

  29. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Just to really humiliate you:

    We must keep the door open – offering our party as the only practical answer for those who, overall, are individualists. And because this is the great common denominator – this dedication to the belief in man’s aspirations as an individual – we cannot offer them a narrow sectarian party in which all must swear allegiance to prescribed commandments.

    Such a party can be highly disciplined, but it does not win elections. This kind of party soon disappears in a blaze of glorious defeat, and it never puts into practice its basic tenets, no matter how noble they may be.

    That is what the man said.

  30. Sen. Ron Gould

    If you can’t go along with the Republican Caucus and the Republican governor, why don’t you and “Let Them Eat Cake” Princess Pam Gorman, start your own Caucus, you can name it the radical right caucus or the Libertarian Party Caucus, but your not part of the Republican Caucus.

  31. MaricopaGOP says

    The site . . .

    Now, since you started the adhominen attacks, you could not humiliate me. You do not have the gravitas, the mental acuity or the base principles to pull that off.

    To further prove the point that you cannot even understand what is being said either by me or by President Reagan, here is what Reagan said about Republican principles and the need for members of the Party to adhere to them:

    “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs, which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell it’s numbers…. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these conservative principals, then let them go their own way.”

    The budget package passed by the House was the most conservative fiscally responsible budget with the largest tax cuts for Arizona businesses and individuals in our history. Too bad Republicans killed it.

    Put that in your liberal, RINO, Hershberger, J Burns, O’Halleran, C Allen supporting Democrat values bong and smoke it.

  32. Maricopa PC says

    There is no sense in trying to debate Gould on this stuff. We’ve tried to on other blogs and the moment he starts losing he just disappears and stops answering. He’s not very brave, that’s for sure. But if you ever get him talking, see if you can get him to tell you where his balanced budget is? You see, guys like Gould just hang out and vote No to feel morally superior, but they don’t do the actual grunt work of legislating. The fact is that Ron Gould has no plan for a balanced budget. He’s just killing time until he gets to run for Congress. The same goes for Gorman. The two of them are also either dishonest or dumb, because they both believe that the sales tax will pass. They claim to be saving us from ourselves by not letting us have the sales tax we want. I think they’re both nuts. The sales tax would not pass and the tax cuts would have stayed. Even if they had been right about the $400 million in personal and corporate income tax cuts going away, the $250 million in property tax increases would have been gone forever. Now, thanks to Gould, Gorman and Allen, our property taxes just went up, the budget still isn’t balanced, and we’ll probably run out of money early next year. Thanks for the higher taxes and unbalanced budget Gould!

  33. MaricopaGOP says

    The Site

    Ronald Reagan raised taxes because the Democrats had control of both houses of the Callifornia Legislature and his only option was to reduce their tax increase proposals – which he did. He did not propose the tax increase and fought against it.

    Brewer fought against a conservative Republican legislature and was the person demanding tax increases. Get the facts straight if you want to debate history. Of course, since you sound like a liberal democrat, that would be out of character.

  34. Maricopa PC says

    And for GREAT FUN, read this earlier post from Gila Courier and Gould’s responses on it (before he ran off, of course). I especially like #9 where he tries to play class warfare between corporations and consumers and bad mouths corporate tax cuts.


    It is all very revealing.

  35. Responding to #27 (Jump the Shark), thank you for posting that link. I read it and can see why you think it justifies a tax increase now.

    There are a couple of differences with the current situation and the one Ronald Reagan faced in California. First, both houses of the legislature were controlled by Democrats in California. In Arizona, the legislature is controlled by Republicans. Second, Reagan talked about restructuring state government to make it smaller when possible and more efficient. We have not seen any serious proposals to that effect from Jan Brewer.

    While a tax increase in Arizona may actually be necessary, Jan Brewer has no right to ask for one without aggressively trying to cut state government first. We are still waiting for meaningful cuts and restructuring. Meaningful means at least 15% which would put the state government on the lower end of the range most of the private sector has already cut.

    Also, Jan Brewer made demands of the Republican legislators without consulting with them first. She has displayed contempt for their constitutional role and this has not endeared her to them.

    The bottom line is this: The legislators should have voted for the compromise package, and Jan Brewer should have accepted the budget as passed when she didn’t get her tax referral.

  36. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    We already have one of the smallest state governments in America, at the bottom for pay, delivering darn near a minimum for services.

    The only meaningful cuts left would gut a lot of education giveaways that seem to be prized by the religious right.

    So, meaningful cuts that would generate more than $100 million:

    Prisons- as in releasing prisoners- not fake privatizations that end up costing more. Cut loose all of the folks in pot possession and folks who have served more than half their term for nonviolent offenses.

    Tax credits- just cut ’em all.

    Charter schools- cut them with the regular schools. If they are more efficient, then they win.

    The universities, well cut them totally lose.

    That gets you about $2 billion and a balanced budget.

    As for calling me a liberal democrat, those folks call me a fascist. As for not having the guts to agree that Reagan raised taxes without whining that the mean dems made him do it, I suggest you *still* didn’t read his speech.

    Your final solution:
    The bottom line is this: The legislators should have voted for the compromise package, and Jan Brewer should have accepted the budget as passed when she didn’t get her tax referral.

    That would have left a $2 billion hole in the budget.

    The legislature failed to do their job.
    Simple as that, now the gov gets some blame for this, as well as the dems, but the folks steering at the front of the bus ran this into the ditch.

    The voters are also to blame with the propositions they put in place, hamstringing government. But that is just the way it is, and whining about that is a waste of time.

    All this ensures is that the next step is an *immediate* tax increase, no referral, no nice cover, just slam in place and pray it is enough.

  37. This site jumps the shark!!! says

    Yet another quote to prove the RR manned up:

    During the campaign it looked almost as if we could put our fiscal house in order without resorting to new taxes. We did not know just how bad the situation was then. Now we have had access to, and a chance to read, the fine print.

    As a result, we have, as you know, submitted a revenue bill of nearly one billion dollars in increased taxes. Because there has been some editorial jumping-up-and-down-with-glee, holding that this makes a failure in our long-held belief in economy, let’s set the record straight here and now.

    Roughly half of that tax increase is necessary simply to pay off this year’s deficit and put us on a pay-as-you-go basis. Half of the remainder is not a new tax so much as a broader based substitute tax to give, for the first time, direct property tax relief. Next year, with the deficit paid off, that relief can be more than doubled.

    The remainder – about one-quarter of the total tax revenues – is for the normal increase to keep pace with population growth and increased prices and wages resulting from the Federal government’s policy of planned inflation. This increase is about 7%, in contrast with the 16% increase of the past year and the 12% average increase over the last eight years.

    None of that sounds like a man who dodged responsibility like you do, MaricopaGOP.

  38. MaricopaGOP says

    One last attempt at truth in spending:
    Charter schools already get less per pupil funding than district schools AND have to build/lease their buildings with NO taxpayer funds, get NO transportation funds, get NO utility funds, etc.
    District K-12 funding increased by over 40% since 2004, yet class sizes increased while student counts declined for the last two years and the percentage of funds to the classroom went down to 57% – an all time low. That is including the Prop 301 money that was designated by the voters to go to the classroom and that could not be used to supplant regular funding. School districts violated that voter mandate.
    Lets make it really fair to all by setting the funds for K-12 education at one single amount and have the money follow the student to whatever school the family decides. That dollar amount would include all state and local taxpayer funds – no exceptions. We will even let the district schools keep their current buildings and other capital entities. Then we can force charters to compete with the same funds – They would love it.
    Now lets hear the whining!

  39. Maricopa (P)olitical (C)onsultant,
    If you want to debate, you should move to my district and run against me. Then we could see how your insider politics plays with the voters. They aren’t playing Legislative group think. Come out into the light and play in the real world.

  40. Hooray for Sen Gould! A real republican!

  41. Its Precinct Committeeman, not Political Consultant, but thanks for making my point and ducking the questions yet again. Now, off you go, back into hiding until the next time you pop out to proclaim your greatness and purity. Just know that I’ll be there shortly afterwards to drive you back into hiding by asking you real questions and demanding real answers. Now, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

  42. Not Much Debate says

    Its wierd, because I’ve always thought that Gould was both an intellectual and a conservative. At least, that was my impression when I’ve heard him speak in public. I wonder if the person writing on these blogs as Sen Ron Gould is actually Gould himself or someone just yanking our chain? Reading his comments on this post and on the post that Maricopa PC posted, the intellectual part was missing and the defense (if you can call it that) of his votes was pretty darn weak. I’m not sure it is the real Gould. Far more likely its someone posing as Gould just to make him seem dumb. Isn’t there some way that blogs can determine the actual identity of people who say they are specific people?

  43. Why, oh why do Republicans seek to marginalize those who take their campaign stances seriously whether on a national, state or local basis?

    And why are the “con artists” elevated?

    In my legislative District (8) we have an “esteemed” Republican doyenne who votes with her party approximately 16% percent of the time, and can always be relied upon to pass a Democrat defined budget!

    Yet if any conservative runs against her reputedly stalwart Republican officeholders both from the legislature and our Congressional delegation, flock to her support!

    And one never hears the hacks who inhabit this site say a word criticizing her!

    And you wonder why the GOP no longer resonates with the observing, intelligent segment of taxpayers?

  44. Not Much Debate…. you’re lying. You never said one positive thing about Sen Gould before. Nice attempt at dissimilation.

    The real culprit here is GOV JAN BREWER who is a tyrant. She is a 2-cent tinpot despot. She is NOT a Republican and all Republicans need to oppose her (as well as all democrats, independents, libertarians, greens, whatever) as she stands DIAMETRICALLY opposed to what a “Republican form of government” is and should be.

    She is just as bad as Napolitano if not worse and for the good of Arizona, she should step down right now and let Ken Bennett take over.

    Worst of all she’s an uneducated, analphabet fool.

  45. Not Much Debate says

    Oberserve, I don’t understand your hostility or your accusations that I’m lying. I haven’t claimed to have written anything about Gould, only that I have always thought of him a certain way. I really have no idea how you can claim that I’m a liar. The rest of your post is similarly angry and nonsensical, so I’m thinking the problem here is you rather than me. I’m not a Brewer fan and I don’t like her sales-tax proposal either. But claiming that she is worse than Napolitano is just nuts. We got a lot of really good pro-life and pro-gun bills out that never would have gotten past Napolitano. Those sorts of things don’t matter to you, based on your own writings, but they do matter to me. You also don’t know the law. If Brewer steps down, Bennett does not take over because he was appointed rather than elected. Goddard would take over. I’m guessing that since you think Napolitano was better than Brewer you would probably prefer Goddard to Brewer as well, but I would not.

    Carlist, I can’t stand Allen either. She’s the worst Republican in the entire legislature, House or Senate. She probably doesn’t get much attention on these posts because we all know she sucks and expect her to vote badly. We don’t expect Gould and Gorman to knock the train off the tracks though.

  46. Maricopa PC says

    Carlist, I included Carolyn Allen in my earlier comment (#32) as one of the three culprits. But she was never going to vote for a package that had billions in tax cuts. That’s the frustration with Gould and Gorman. Who could have imagined that we would have had a package with so many tax cuts that RINOs like Carolyn Allen would have done everything she could to stop it, only to have passage blocked by conservatives like Gould and Gorman? It boggles the mind.

    Hope you have someone good running in Allen’s district so that we don’t get stuck with Reagan. She’s like a likable Carolyn Allen, and that’s not enough of an improvement.

  47. Not Much, I don’t know how it could get worse than Brewer. If she were Republican, she would not be pushing for tax increases. Which means that we have a Dem who has registered (R) who is only now showing their true colors here at the end of their career.

    That means that a Brewer v Goddard matchup would be conservative Dem v liberal Dem.

    Are you a Dem?

    No, then demand more, such as the governor respecting the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives.

  48. I was reading all the comments made by Restore Integrity on this blog and others and noticed that they are all lengthy and full of praise for Gorman. Could it be that Restore Integrity, who is watching these blogs so very closely, might be a state senator from the north valley. Just an observation.

  49. Web Surfer, whether or not you are correct, the posts from Restore Integrity were dead on accurate.

  50. Gentlemen:

    I’m glsd to see you share my opinion about Carolyn’s worth to Arizona or the GOP.

    But the worst legislator in the party usually has primary opponents and guess what?

    The cream of the conserevative legislature and our “Champerpot” congressional delegation always lines up behind her!

    Gorman and Gould reject the GOP budget because the Coughlan administration insists upon covering the deficit with taxes, while our Rinette Queen opposes it because it doesn’t tax enough!

    Question: Why is the K-12 budget so sancroscant to the Coughlin people?

    The Administrative costs alone could be cut to balance the budget!

    Or is the ninth floor in bed with the A.E.A.?

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