A.J. LaFaro elected LD-17 Republican Chairman


Rob Haney, MCRC Chairman, on the left swearing in A. J. LaFaro (Photo credit: Chuck Kirkhuff)

(Phoenix) Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) is pleased to announce that Mr. A. J. LaFaro has been elected Chairman of LD17 (Legislative District 17).

LaFaro indicated he is honored to be elected Chairperson of LD17 and is committed to helping defeat Obama and Democrats at all levels of our government in 2012.

He said “unfortunately LD17 is currently represented by progressive socialist Democrats at the State level – David Schapira, Eddie Ableser and Ben Arredondo, but Republicans and many Independents are going to work hard to change that in 2012.“ He went on to say “all three men have betrayed the public’s trust, especially Arredondo with the tens of thousands of dollars in gifts he received from the Fiesta Bowl and Ableser for having the worst attendance record of a House member in the history of the State of Arizona.”

Republicans who live in LD17, Tempe and South Scottsdale who want to get actively involved in helping take back our country should contact the LD17 Republicans at http://www.d17r.org/contact

America can’t afford four more years of Obama!

The geographic area LD17 covers is most of Tempe and part of South Scottsdale.


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  1. Mike Triggs says

    But let me guess….in the next breath our State Senate President is a true American hero for accepting even more gifts, trips, contributions from the Fiesta Bowl.

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