A Failed Experiment in Just 200 Days

The RNC is fighting back.


  1. kralmajales says

    Yeah, the cash for clunkers is a real failure. It is SO successful that they needed to put more money in the pockets of people to buy cars. And they are…as predicted. Its called an economic incentive…something good conservatives know and like. It also is one thing that is helping to lift us out of this recession.

    Folks…this economy is starting to turn around…as much as you hate that Obama is presiding over it…that the GOP got us here..and that the GOP has done literally NOTHING to help.

  2. James Davidson says

    Kral and all you other Liberals:

    Issue One:

    Suckers!!! On Wednesday, August 5, the President made his behind-the-closed-doors deal with Big Pharma in return for Big Pharma’s paying for commericals to back ObamaCare:

    “The White House commitment to the deal with the drug industry may also irk some of the administration’s Congressional allies who have an eye on drug companies’ profits as they search for ways to pay for the $1 trillion cost of the health legislation.

    “But failing to publicly confirm Mr. Tauzin’s descriptions of the deal risked alienating a powerful industry ally currently helping to bankroll millions in television commercials in favor of Mr. Obama’s reforms. . . .

    “In an interview on Wednesday, Representative Raul M. Grijalva, the Arizona Democrat who is co-chairman of the House progressive caucus, called Mr. Tauzin’s comments ‘disturbing.’”

    “White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost”, by David Kirkpatrick, New York Times, Aug. 5, 2009.

    Issue Two:

    On the idiotic cash-for-clunkers, I repeat what I wrote earlier:

    First, do we really want to subsidize foreign car copmanies? Three out of four of the top beneficiaries were foreign.

    “Ford Motor Co.’s Focus was the top seller, followed by Toyota Motor Corp.’s Corolla, Honda Motor Co.’s Civic and Toyota’s Prius and Camry, data from the department showed today.”

    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=a3CNK6Olm0hc – – Cached

    Second, how do we know that the buyers aren’t going to default six months from now or later a la the housing crisis?

    Third, how do we know that the subsidy goes only to American citizens?

    Fourth, why favor the car industry to the exclusion of the rest of the economy?

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    kralmajales, only a loony patcholui reeking lefty *such* as you seem to be (we don’t know for sure so we’ll refrain from any judgment call) would think that bailing buckets of debt into an economy that struck an iceberg of debt would save the Titanic.

    The government borrowing money to pay people to replace automobiles that get over 18mpg and are in good operating condition and are already paid for is absurd.

    Calling it a “stimulus” and “sound economics” is grounds for commitment to the lunacy cell.

  4. James Davidson says

    Just saw a commercial that Toyota is “proud” to particpiate in Cash for Clunkers.

    So the government borrows money from China to give to people who didn’t work for it and don’t even have to be citizens so they can buy a Japanese car.

    Kral, That’s brilliant economics that only you Liberals could come up with.

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