A County Divided

Credit to Gila Courier for this video shot by a group called We Are Change AZ which documents the recent visit by President Obama. It features an interview of former Congressman JD Hayworth as well as many of the supporters and protesters.

One interesting ad that shows up in the sidebar when you visit the Youtube site is this. Gotta get me some “Free Money!”


  1. “Everyone wants to be a Barack star”…Really?

  2. One thing that I do think is wrong is the comparisons of Obama to Hitler, which is what many of the republican protesters talk about at the beginning.

    Many of my republican friends have a huge problem with this as well, I understand what the comparison is saying but I think no one should be compared to Hitler, it just kinda rubs me the wrong way.

  3. I wonder what they said back before Hitler started his rise? Did they try to compare Hitler to Genghis Kahn or Attila the Hun?

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    Hey Johnny … my 83 year old father remembers Adolf quite well and his speeches. He’s told me “Obama is almost just like Hitler”

    I’m thinking I’ll listen to someone who remembers. How old are you?

  5. Does your dad understand German Veritas? Because if not then it is hard to make the comparison to something being a good speech if you dont know what it means also at 83 which means he was born in 1925 or 26 and he was 7 or8 when Hitler came to power and 13 or 14 when he WWII started I don’t think a young kid really can judge accurately Hitler’s speeches.
    And how is obama just like Hitler? Has he demanded to be chancellor? Or disolved the legislature? Or made speeches about how bad a certain race of people are??

    Also I am 43 by the way.

  6. Really, Veritas Vincit? My 88 year-old grandmother who lived in occupied Czechoslovakia didn’t make that connection at all.

    I guess it depends on just on how much you hate the other guy to make the comparison to one of history’s greatest villians (I’m guessing you hate him A LOT).

  7. Do you think that any of the young people in the video blindly following President Obama have ever studies Economics?

  8. The Republican Pary can only come back if it promotes a positive plan for the future and prsactices that plan, It cannot offer a negative voice or anti-Obama plan, or it will fade away.

  9. I am more energized than ever to defend the Constitution of The United States of America and to stand for Freedom. I love the USA and I love the Constitution. We all need to educate ourselves on the what the proper role of government should be.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Curious there’s only 9m between postings #5 and #6. Allowing for time to think, write and post … Hmmm.

    To answer your question Johnny, yes my father understands German. I personlly have an original copy of “Triumph of the Will” as well as a 1936 first English edition of Mein Kampf (and have read it cover to cover).

    Hitler was seen as a “Messiah” and had a superb propaganda machine working full time as he traveled around Germany “fixing” all their woes. In the meantime consolidating his power. Obama is doing likewise.

  11. Veritas still didn’t address the fact that your grandfather was a 7 year old kid watching Hitler speak and his rise to power is going to have a much different view than someone who is older more mature and can appreciate what he is seeing and occurring in front of him.

    Also not sure what owning a first edition english version of Mein Kampf proves… Except maybe that your grandfather had an interesting obsession with hitler

    How is obama consolidating power around him? And Hitler went around discusses how the Jews were to blame for all their problems and using his secret police to get things to quiet people. Do you really see obama going around doing that?

    I think it is pathetic to compare obama to hitler especially since the guy has been in office a little over 5 weeks. People that do this like you are just showing their blind hatred for Obama.

    And also I do not know klute or anything about him except that he has a liberal blog, but think what you would like.

  12. Veritas Vincit,

    Ask Sonoran Alliance to pull the IP addresses if you’re going to be paranoid. I sign my comments by my own name and stand behind every word.

    About your Nazi-philia, do you also own an empty cannister of Zyklon-B? I mean, just for the historical reasons, of course.

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