A Bridge Too Far?

There is little question that the 2006 elections left the Democrat Party feeling pretty cocky, particularly here in Arizona.  A tidal wave, a “perfect storm” of events if you will, led to Democrat pickups and gains in districts where Democrats previously had no reason to be hopeful.  While more cautious political operatives might have given credit to the events surrounding the election and the “macro” circumstances, local Democrats fell into the prideful trap of believing that it was entirely the result of policies and candidates.  They felt that the people of Arizona finally “got it!” and chose Democrats to fill these offices because this center-right state had suddenly swung hard-left.

Such hubris is a dangerous thing for a party, especially because it encourages a party to select and run candidates that appeal even more deeply to its base, in this case, liberal voters.  Emboldened by their success in 2006, AZ Democrats are now running a handful of ultra-liberal candidates, including LD26’s Cheryl Cage.  They seem to ignore that this is a GOP-leaning district with a nine-point registration advantage that only barely elected a Democrat in one of the worst years for Republicans in history.  And that Democrat, Charlene Pesquiera, at least had the sense to run as a moderate.  Consider the following positions that Cage has taken on her Project Vote Smart survey:

Abortions should always be legal (Partial-birth abortion advocates likely cheer this, but how many partial-birth advocates are there in LD26?)

Increase every area of state spending except Emergency Preparedness and Welfare.  Those she would like to maintain at current levels.  (Is Cage aware that the state is facing a multi-billion dollar deficit?  How does she plan to pay for increases across virtually every category?)

Increase taxes on cigarettes and alcohol and consider extending sales taxes to cover Internet sales (Oh, that’s how…  Does she know how high she’s going to be raising these taxes to pay for her plans?  Start smoking Arizona!)

Opposes state education standards and testing requirements for K-12 students (Who needs standards anyway?  The important thing is that these kids start smoking, and soon!)

Include sexual orientation and gender identity in Arizona’s anti-discrimination laws. (Because nothing makes your local Disney store happier than having to employ a 6’3″ bearded cross-dresser as a front-door greeter!)

Increase the state’s minimum wage. (Sure, it went up this year and it is going up next year too.  In fact, it now gets adjusted every year for inflation.  But Cage wants it higher still.  How high does she want it?)

Opposes increasing production of traditional domestic energy sources and opposes funding for improvements to Arizona’s power generating and transmission facilities.  (She does however, support more funding for open space preservation, so there you go, more desert, less light.)

Require a license for gun possession (Really?  Because I thought that Democrats had learned that this issue was a sure loser for them?)

Legalize physician assisted suicide (At least she’s consistent and wants to get them coming and going.)

Wants Arizona to recognize same-sex civil unions AND same-sex marriage AND require the state to provide state-level spousal rights to same-sex couples.

There is more on the survey, like state-run guaranteed medical care for all citizens, but you have to ask yourself, what are the Democrats thinking, running such an extremely liberal candidate in a GOP-leaning district?  Do they really believe that 2006 was a mandate for the loony left?  Or have they overreached, as so many folks do, and nominated an extreme candidate who will be unable to deliver victory in November?


  1. When will Cap-n-Al fill out his Project Vote Smart Survey? The deadline is October 8, after the Vote by Mail ballots are out. Clocks a ticking, Al.

  2. Or maybe they just are firm in their convictions and aren’t willing to lie to get elected?

  3. I believe her Klute. Never doubted her. She is honestly a complete and total leftie. Far to the left of that district, but an honest ultra-liberal if ever there was one.

  4. All of those are mainstream positions of most Democratic candidates, and many Republican candidates in states like New York and New Jersey.

  5. She got my vote as soon as this state legislature finished gutting our state universities, state infrastructure, and the like.

    As you watch your tuition dollars go up this year folks, don’t blame anyone but the folks that say it is good that should be charged for and those that say education is something that state should not be in the business of.

  6. Gutted Kral? Please… $1Billion in fresh taxpayer money, courtesy of lottery tickets being peddled to the real poor in this state. That’s your Governor for you. Screwing the poor to benefit the ivory tower elite.

    But of course she got your vote. You’re both far to the left of the general population. The question is, can she get the votes of the moderates of the district? I doubt it.

  7. Sir,

    What you say about higher ed is plainly false. We are cutting enormous sums of money, people have gone without even cost of living raises for quite some time, and class sizes will be getting bigger and it will be harder and harder to finish in 4 years. Our faculty is being picked off one by one by rival universities because the average pay for professors at the university is likely to be 17% behind the national average.

    In North Carolina, a red state, spending on higher ed is far far higher, spending on student learning and scholarships is far far higher, and on top of that, they got 3-4% raises THIS year…in a bad economy.

    We are doing something massively wrong here in Arizona and people need to wake up.

    You cannot blame it all on the governor. The mantra of lower taxes and lower spending wins out here every time. Any increases in the budget the last few years were to restore only a partial amount of what was cut in past years.

    Do you have kids in college? Are you ready to pay more? You will. I assure you.

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