A Big THANK YOU to the GOP legislators who held out on Brewer’s tax increase

Kudos to the principled Republican legislators who kept the Chuck Coughlin tax increase ballot referral out of the budget! It was referred yesterday to Governor Brewer WITHOUT her tax increase in it, despite the efforts of infrastructure lobbyist Chuck Coughlin and the State Republican Party. We are going to find out exactly who gets the credit and will let you know. We know the principled legislators included Gould, Pearce, Gorman, and Harper, but we’re sure there were plenty more.  Now, we’ll wait to see if Brewer signs it, adhering to GOP principles, or if she refuses to sign it, shutting down government and ruining her chances in the 2010 Republican gubernatorial primary because she’s beholden to Coughlin and his infrastructure clients.

UPDATE: Legislative Reports says that the final defeat of the sales tax referral (SCR1046) is credited to the Senate Rules committee yesterday voting it down. The taxpayer heroes who voted no were Gray, Gorman and Verschoor. Democrats Garcia and McCune also voted no. Only Senate Majority leader Bob Burns voted in favor of it. Shame on him.


  1. Matt Sh. says

    2012 gubernatorial primary? 2010 perhaps?

  2. Kenny Jacobs says

    It should be noted the Democrats didn’t provide ANY votes for the Brewer Sales Tax referral. This is a fact that would never make it into a Chewie piece of trash post.

  3. Why in God’s name were Constantine Qurard, Randy Pullen and Brett Mecum all down at the Capitol lobbying yesterday for a tax increase? Is this what our party is coming too? Hey the G.O.P. maybe can support open borders and gay marriage next.

  4. The state Republican party is already sliding toward favoring open borders, don’t you remember when they tried to force the Maricopa county Republican party to denounce Don Goldwater’s employer sanctions initiative because it was too tough, they preferred the legislative version that as we’ve seen has no teeth and has resulted in a big fat zero prosecutions of employers?

  5. Parent X says

    A ‘thank you’ to our Republican legislators? Are you kidding me???
    This was the single biggest government fiasco I have seen in my lifetime. The budget that they did pass is fiscally irresponsible and they managed to cram the entire state budget – with a number of brand-new amendments – through the House COW in just 25 minutes.
    It isn’t a good budget, it isn’t helping anyone but a limited number of special interest groups and legislators and it wasn’t even processed under the guise of democracy.
    Thanking the legislators for it is a bit like thanking them for not burning the building down. Please take a moment to read the bills before you gush.

  6. While I am in favor of the flat tax, that big of a change in the tax code that fast didn’t seem like a good idea. It needs to be thought out. I also don’t want the sales tax hike. It weakens the economy, and hurts the poor the most. Making sure that the suspended real estate tax doesn’t come back is a good move also.

    For that I will say “thank you”. I will have to hold my other thoughts until I see the details of the new budget. Looks like “Parent X” has the inside track on info, or an agenda. I am thinking it is the latter.

  7. Ya where’s all your slobbering praise for the Democrats?

  8. Congrats guys! You have a 2011 budget you can’t fix and have paved the way for a Democrat controlled legislature.

  9. It was nice to be in power the time we were. Alas we have shown we just can’t handle it. This was a fiasco that will get even worse as the truth of the 2010 budget emerges. The special sessions to plug known holes later this year and into next will be the twisting of the dagger- especially if the economy begins to recover.

    Just imagine, the economy starts to level/recover next year and we’re still fixing massive holes and slashing education in an election year.

  10. Matt K, unless you can substantiate your claims, they are baseless. One of the people you mentioned adamantly denied lobbying for the sales tax increase.

  11. Gov. Brewer has called for a special session on the tax issues, signed the feed bill with line item vetoes to some of the ed cuts, and vetoed all other trailer bills except the feed trailer.

    An overhwleming majority of parents give their local public school an A rating. 90% of parents make a choice for their children’s education and they choose district public schools. Not because they have to, because they want to.

    All the political posturing of the idiocracy will not change the reality that Brewer is the only one telling the truth and with the courage to do what must be done. The Lege will come out looking like short sighted, self-promoting political opportunists who didn’t care about the reality of their decisions just the Grover Norquist evaluation.

    Who was in the Lege that allowed the spending to get so out of control? Not Brewer. Who couldn’t hold their caucus together and avoid a budget ramrod by Janet? Not Brewer. This mess was created by the very egotists that now would call her names and look for reasons to discount her leadership. They are good at it, they have been doing it to one another for years! All in an effort to one-up another R for a position or office.

    Man up…this happened on your watch.

  12. It is actually quite something to see the AZ GOP going though a complete meltdown. Rather than celebrating you guys might want to be figuring out how to spin this to the voters in ’10/

  13. Ann, if you can admit that spending is out of control (which you did) then you’ve got to let the Legislature reign it in. Brewer won’t. The Legislature is fixing the problem. Let them.

  14. kralmajales says

    Brewer may have just earned her place as the candidate to beat for Governor.

    And if the right tries to take her down over this, your party will implode and Goddard will be Governor, if he doesn’t win anyway.

    Roger is right.

    Oh…Ann…I love reading your posts. You make me very proud that I do what I do.

  15. kralmajales says

    Spending is NOT out of control. Not in this state. This is, as Vic Williams put it, a “low spending state.” We are not out of control on education spending at all, we remain in the lower regions of all state rankings.

    We do NOT overspend. We under tax and spend anyway…which is irresponsible.

    This is the deal. A bunch of transplants come hear to retire after making their money and paying higher taxes in states with higher standards of living than ours. Then…when retirement comes…they take those earnings and come her to retire where they will not have to pay any of it to anyone.

    Those who live here and try to raise families suffer. It is hypocritical and it is wrong.

  16. Shivers,

    I’m more than happy to let them rein it in if they could cut enough to fill the gap, I would be fine with everyone rolling back. But the truth is you cannot cut enough in one year to get to where we need to be. Where was the political will to undo Prop. 105 and remove the mandatory 7.5% increases that are voter protected?

    They refuse to cut the programs that are affecting revenues and choosing instead to only cut spending. How is it right to cut public education so as to save money, while continuing to allow the private school tuition credits that take money from the general fund in a deficit? The ranting goes on and on about 6-figure salaries to school administrators, while Yarborough is getting quite wealthy on tax credit money that could be in the general revenue till. Jack Harper talks about feeding at the public trough…has he looked at who is the maker on his paycheck? What has he ever done to make a living, successfully that is, in the private sector?

    The hypocrisy is maddening!

  17. The following linked document was provided to Sonoran Alliance by an anonymous source. It attempts to validate the claims of the post. The readers can be the judge.

  18. Is this what we have come to? An all out tug of war over who gets to be right, when all that happens is we pull each other into the mud?

    Anonymous sources, rumors and unsubstantiated gossip.

    We should be so proud.

  19. CopperDome says

    Matt K. Says:
    “Why in God’s name were Constantine Qurard, Randy Pullen and Brett Mecum all down at the Capitol lobbying yesterday for a tax increase? Is this what our party is coming too? Hey the G.O.P. maybe can support open borders and gay marriage next.”

    While Pullen’s past statements in support of the Brewer/Coughlin tax increase have been very disappointing, that isn’t why they were at the capitol the last couple of days. Every legislator I asked said they were encouraging support for the reforms to the so-called “Clean Elections” system.

    The bill would have raised the initial allocation to participating candidates by 50%, but eliminated all matching funds. It also would have increased contribution limits to traditional candidates by 50% and increased PAC limits. The reason for the bipartisan support for this effort is the impending court ruling that could eliminate matching funds for the 2010 elections on short notice.

    The bill ended up 4 votes short of the 3/4 vote needed, killing the bill as the session wound to a close.

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