9th Circuit OKs Choose Life plates

Arizona Choose Life License Plate 

Capital Media Services is reporting that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the Arizona License Plate Commission which deemed that The Arizona Life Coalition’s Choose Life licence plate was “too controversial.” The Arizona Daily Star article uses the term anti-abortion rather than mention the actual wording of the plate – Choose Life.

Read the opinion at The Center for Arizona Policy website.

In February, 2001, pro-life leaders across Arizona formed the Arizona Life Coalition under the vision to “witness a culture which ends abortion and values each human life.” Major players included Arizona Right to Life, The Center for Arizona Policy, The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix and more than a dozen of smaller crisis pregnancy centers and other pro-life organizations.

One of the primary functions of the Arizona Life Coalition is to serve as the sponsoring organization for the “Choose Life” license plates. These plates would serve the broader community by providing a means of financial support to women and their unborn children seeking assistance through crisis pregnancy centers statewide. These speciality plates would be purchased for an annual fee of $26 of which $17 would be administered through the Arizona Life Coalition to the various crisis pregnancy centers.

In January, 2002, the Arizona Life Coalition submitted the appropriate application to the State License Plate Commission. After a lengthy effort to obtain approval, the commission denied the request in August, 2003 without providing a definitive reason other than the excuse that the plate was “too controversial.” The Coalition responded with a legal challenge. That challenge sponsored by The Center for Arizona Policy with lead counsel, Peter Gentala, went through several legal maneuvers before finally obtaining a favorable ruling today by the 9th Circuit (read story).

Congratulations to the pro-life community for remaining persisitent, faithful and determined to stand for women and their unborn children.

Sonoran Alliance will continue to follow and report on this story as The Arizona Life Coalition works to prepare issuance of these plates.


  1. That’s great news. Thanks for including it on the blog. I will look for it somewhere on the lower portion of page B-5 of the AZ republic. I’m sure they will want to get this news out as fast as they can just like they ran a big story on the pro-life march and rally a few days ago.

  2. Thanks DSW, but I was wrong. The Republic published the story in the _upper_ portion of page B-5 (AZ Briefs section). All 3.5 column inches of it. Can’t you just feel the excitement?

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