9-12 Tea Party Rallies Tomorrow!

Please join me and thousands of others across the State of Arizona tomorrow as we rally and assert our rights and the principles of the 9-12 Project to restore American values.

I will actually be speaking on behalf of Americans for Prosperity as part of the lineup at the State Capitol while Tom Jenney, our State Director, joins ranks with the good folks of Yuma. (Also watch for my interview on AZFamily/Channel 3 around 9 AM).

If you can’t make the Phoenix rally, plan on attending any of the smaller local Tea Party events. Americans for Prosperity – Arizona has a listing of events being held around the state.

Tomorrow’s Phoenix event is sponsored by The Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, KKNT-960 AM and AnyStreet.org.



  1. I would like to invite all conservatives and Republicans who are opposed to President Obama’s domestic policies to join those of us on the left and in the peace movement in this fall’s nationwide concerted efforts against Obama’s war in Afghanistan.

    There are going to be major efforts and demonstrations all around the country this fall to prevent the buildup of this war, which has accomplished nothing and cost needless American servicemembers’ lives.

    On October 7, the beginning of the 9th year of occupation and war in Afghanistan, we must mobilize nationwide a call for diplomacy, not war.

    Forty years ago, as an 18yo, I worked in the Manhattan offices of the Vietnam Moratorium Committee, and on October 15, 1969, we succeeded in creating the first effective one-day general strike for peace.

    Republicans who otherwise dislike the policies of this administration should not be its biggest supporters of the wasteful Afghanistan war. Please educate yourselves on this issue and demonstrate against Obama’s Afghanistan policies.

  2. Donutwarrior says

    Although I wouldn’t join you as a peace protester, I agree with ending the current form of involvement in Afghanistan. After 9/11 we sent in Special Operations forces to help the opposition defeat the Taliban and that is what we should have stuck with. The world’s greatest historical generals have failed in Afghanistan because it is a natural defensive land, peopled by fierce nomadic tribes that have long detested outside influence. Afghanistan has never been effectively conquered in recorded history, and it is unlikely we will prevail with a larger footprint. Persia, Greece, Britain and Russia were among the many failed armies who attempted to control Afghanistan. I would support a return to a Spec Ops oriented war, with far fewer regular army troops as this is much more likely to be sucessful. Diplomacy is a waste of time in this case, since it is not even clear who speaks for the Taliban anyway. But you won’t see me at any lefty protests….

  3. DonutWarrior,
    If nobody speaks for the Taliban that what use is it to have either plain US Army soldiers or Special Operations US Army soldiers in Afghanistan? An amorphous group with no leader can never be defeated except by persuasion.

    I have yet to see a person offer a criteria for success in Afghanistan – is there one?


  4. I don’t know what Nick Coons knows that I don’t know. I would tend to believe when it comes to the thread fom Moslem extremists that perhaps a modified Hiro-saki plan could make some impact.

  5. There is no “winning” in Afghanistan so what will eventually happen is either this president or another is going to make up a phony ‘victory’ and pull out. It would be better if it happened now rather than later.

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