Kelly overwhelmingly wins Thursday’s debate

Jesse Kelly

For Immediate Release: February 12, 2010

Kelly overwhelmingly wins Thursday’s debate.

ORO VALLEY, AZ. The audience at last night’s CD 8 Republican debate overwhelmingly voted for Jesse Kelly at the end of the event. Jesse clearly separated himself from the field, receiving over 51% of the votes. In a distant second place, state Senator Jonathan Paton received only 20% of the votes. All four candidates appeared before a packed house of over 500 voters.

“All the hard work is paying off. The voters are clearly responding to my message of limited government, spending reductions, and free-market reforms to increase employment. I would like to thank the many volunteers who help make this a winning campaign,” stated Jesse after hearing the results from the audience vote.

Jesse would like to thank all those who attended as well as the sponsors of the event: Northwest Republicans, Tucson Tea Party, Smart Girl Politics, and LD 26 Republican Committee.

Jesse Kelly is a candidate for Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District in the southeastern region of the state. For more information on the Jesse Kelly campaign please visit


  1. Jesse Kelly has done everything he should have done and needed to do from the very beginning of his campaign. His attention to detail and the laws regarding candidacy impressed me before I had the chance to hear him speak before an audience. He is an accomplished young man and I predict will go far in ANY chosen field. I expect he will handily win the primary.

  2. It is so obvious what and particularly WHOM SA is supporting in many Primaries.
    It is an absolute that ANY, Accredited Republican orginization not push an individual wannabee (when there are multiple choices) until AFTER a Primary.

    Of course giving free rein to blog responses is certainly the way to go!

    Shane is prone to one focus perspective and should withdraw his personal opinion until Primary is complete.

  3. Iris,

    I am with you. I met Jesse at one of the Green Valley Tea Parties. I have not seen a candidate work so hard in a long time. He is the one who has the energy and commitment to beat Giffords.

  4. i was at the debate and it was clearly stacked for Jesse Kelly, probably mostly people from his church.

    We need a SERIOUS candidate. There’s no way a young Jesse Kelly with a questionable record can beat Gabi.

    Jonathan Paton has a conservative record, and best of all he can actually WIN. We need someone like Jonathan Paton

  5. Gee Ted, are you drinking the same bitter water as Miller? If Paton is so great how come he didn’t pack the house? Jesse did pack the house with supporters, they are called Republicans.

  6. I’m a Republican and showed up to the debate leaning toward Jesse Kelly. But I have to say, after hearing the candidates actually SPEAK, I’m 100% behind Paton. He’s conservative and can win. His answers were smart and thoughtful. While all the other guys took shots at each other, he rose about it and stayed focused on what’s important: beating Gabby Giffords. I want Gabby out!! Paton’s the guy who can do it.

  7. Best line of the night was by Paton. Something like … “I haven’t written sound bites, I’ve written laws to crack down on illegal immigration.” There’s a reason he’s the candidate to beat. This is clearly a Paton-Giffords race.

  8. Eyes on the prize, everyone! There is only one candidate who has the experience and the stamina to take Gabby head on and beat her. That candidate is Jonathan Paton. What is MOST IMPORTANT is that the Party comes together and focus on the ultimate goal, knocking out Gabby Giffords in November!

  9. Next time let’s have the debate at Jonathan’s church or Andy’s house and then poll the “audience” about who “won”… C’mon, this was not exactly a Scott Rasmussen poll here…

  10. Good idea Hondo. Where is Jonathan’s church?

  11. Just about fell out of my chair. STIMULUS Jesse is sending out something saying that he’s the real Republican. This is the guy who wasn’t even a Republican this time last year. Ha! I remember when Jonathan Paton was attacked by Democrats who going to Iraq. Or when he took TUSD to task for that Delores Huerta thing (“Republican hate Latinos” ring a bell?). Janet Napolitano hated the guy because he’s a real conservative with principles. I’ll go with someone who has actually done more than just throw bombs at the very people who have executed what he supposedly supports.

  12. Wow….The Paton supporters sure are scared of Jesse Kelly. By the way, Paton is no conservative…Check out his voting record and ratings.

    Also, Paton on the border? LOL! Ask Sheriff Joe about that one. Paton writes a law and then does everything possible to prevent it from being enforced. He endorsed Jesse Kelly as did Duncan Hunter….Men who really understand border security and dealing with illegal immigration.

    I hope that Paton’s supporters keep thinking Jesse stacked the house though…..They are going to be in for a rude awakening on Aug. 24th if that is what they really think.

  13. For those that may not be aware, the debate was not held at Mr. Kelly’s church. The location was Ironwood Ridge High School.

    Was the room full of Kelly supporters? Possibly, but the point is moot! Part of a successful campaign is motivating your base and building a team of volunteers. It speaks volumes that Jesse Kelly has been able to do this and demonstrates that he is indeed a viable candidate capable of defeating Giffords in November! Messieurs Paton, Miller, and Goss, all three good men, should take note.

  14. Can you guys believe this story with Jesse and the stimulus? It’s in the Tucson Weekly today, he’s taken MILLIONS in stimulus dollars then says he’s the true conservative?!? What a JOKE

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