AZ Energy Forum Praises Brewer for Opposing EPA Regs on Greenhouse Gasses


PHOENIX, AZ – Feb. 2, 2010:  The Arizona Energy Forum ( praised Governor Jan Brewer this week for opposing President Obama’s attempt to regulate green house gasses (GHG) through the Environmental Protection Agency.

In a letter written January 27th to the EPA, Governor Brewer points out that “in the face of this gauntlet of regulatory activity conducted in one calendar year, Arizona is compelled to make its position clear and unequivocal: it is poor public policy for the US EPA to regulate GHGs using the blunt instrument of the Clean Air Act.”

The Arizona Energy Forum was formed to achieve energy security for the United States and hold the elected officials accountable for shaping energy policies.

Arizona Energy Forum Chairman Troy Hyde said, “We appreciate Governor Brewer’s opposition to the Obama administration’s effort to achieve more control and regulatory powers by using the EPA to regulate green house gasses.”

“Since the Cap & Trade bill has no future, it is a back-door approach to make rules through regulation instead of legislation.  At a time when the focus is on the economy, there could be no worse time to add costly, time-consuming and unfair regulations on Arizona business. Since this issue receives so little media attention, it would have been easy for the Governor to forego comment, so we applaud her courage on this subject.”

The Arizona Energy Forum encourages all who share their interest in energy security to contact their website



  1. This is a lovely sentiment. And when the EPA comes to collect its tax on green house gases on SRP and APS what is Governor Brewer going to do about it?

    Beg for another slice of stimulus pie would be my guess.

  2. RINO Hunter says

    And what about that little executive order of her’s directing the state into “green energy” or else?

    I’m thinking she speaks out of both sides of her mouth… maybe this ‘announcement’ will overshadow anyone noticing her executive order.

  3. We want great things for Arizona support her page & speak up at

  4. Veritas Vincit says

    What do Brewer and Horne have in common?

    John McCain

  5. Antifederalist says

    That’s great that they supported her for telling the feds to go take a hike…but did they bother to slap her down when she said that Arizona will remain a part of the Western Clmate Initiative? Bottom line, like McLame, Brewer buys into the climate change lie. She also can’t fathom how to balance the budget without increasing taxes in the middle of a recession. Time to go, Jan!

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