75 Years Ago – CHANGE

Chicago Tribune, 1934

… and the sheep chanted, “…Yes We Can, yes we can, …” on into the oblivion of history.  They that do not learn from the past, are condemed to relive the past.  The Obamanation simply kept to his reading, he brings nothing new to the table – just an old socialist centralized government planning play-book and the ability to deliver well what his handlers put on his tele-prompter.


  1. Basil St. John says

    Look at those Ivy League young pinkies! Those guys never change.

  2. And after this depiction there was even more spending and government debt peaking in 1945 at almost 120% of GDP. This was followed by the most prolonged economic boom in US history.

  3. You see what Trotsky’s writing in the corner? That *totally* happened.

    But you’re right, those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Like the attitudes in this cartoon, for instance?

  4. Todd,

    And that economic boom had NOTHING to do with all of the factories and economic infrastructure in most of the industrialized sections of the world being bombed to rubble OUTSIDE of us here in the United States? Kind of gave us a leg up, don’t you think?

    How are you going to pull that off this time around?

    Oh yeah, cap and trade. . .

  5. Framer – of course many things happened that contributed to such a boom including domestically massive investment in public infrastructure paid for by marginal tax rates of 90% and high corporate taxes. Of course I am not saying a similar boom is likely to follow this time period, but I am not the one who is attempting to draw a parallel between the time depicted in the cartoon and the current time.

  6. kooks

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