Carolyn Allen Fabricating Endorsements

Speaking of endorsements or actually, false ones, here’s a scoop about a fabricated endorsement by liberal Republican Carolyn Allen, the RINO running against conservative Colette Rosati in the primary race in district 8.

Apparently, Allen has been telling the public that she has been endorsed by conservative Republican and Speaker of the House, Jim Weiers.

Not true. In fact when recently asked in a public forum about the so-called endorsement, Weiers asserted that he had not endorsed Allen.

Here’s the story:

Carolyn Allen Falsely Claims Endorsement

Liberal Republican Senator Falsely Claims Endorsement of House Speaker

(Scottsdale)  Showing that she will say or do anything to hold onto her seat, liberal Republican State Senator Carolyn Allen has falsely claimed to have the endorsement of House Speaker Jim Weiers. 

In the March 12, 2006 edition of the Arizona Republic, it was reported that Allen “boast(ed) about an endorsement from House Speaker Jim Weiers.  Two nights ago at a Republican meeting, Speaker Weiers was asked if he had in fact endorsed Allen, Weiers said no he had not. 

“I am extremely disappointed that my Senate colleague Carolyn Allen would falsely claim an endorsement she didn’t have,” said State Senator Jack Harper who along with nearly 40 other people witnessed Speaker Weiers say he did not endorse Allen.  “The Speaker seemed pretty clear to me when asked whether or not he had endorsed Allen as she had claimed.  His answer was an emphatic NO.” 

“It’s not surprising to me that she would claim a conservative endorsement she doesn’t have,” said State Representative Colette Rosati.  “Carolyn’s plan in the race has been clear from the beginning.  She is going to do everything in her power to hide her liberal record of supporting higher taxes, illegal immigration, and more government spending.  She knows that if she runs on her own liberal record, she will lose.”

Rosati continued, “I encourage Carolyn to join me in running a campaign that is focused on the issues.  Falsely claiming endorsements in an attempt to trick voters is not what this campaign should be about.  I plan to run this campaign on the issues, and I hope Carolyn will abandon her misleading ways and join me in a healthy debate on the issues facing our district and our state.”

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