59% of Arizonans in the 8th District Oppose the Health Care Reform Plan

The U.S. Chamber just put out this Press Release showing 59% of Arizonans in Gabbie Giffords district opposing the current health care reform plan.  Jonathan Paton should take advantage of this data.

Contact: Blair Latoff 202-463-5682

U.S. Chamber Poll Shows Arizonans Opposed to Current Health Care Reform Proposal

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. Chamber of Commerce today released a public opinion poll showing that 59% of Arizonans in the 8th district oppose the health care reform plan currently being discussed in Congress while only 32% support it.  The poll of 400 registered voters was conducted March 8-10 by Ayres, McHenry & Associates to gauge support for health legislation currently being proposed.

“There should be absolutely no question in anyone’s mind how Americans view this health care bill,” said Bruce Josten, executive vice president of Government Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “This legislation is among the most unpopular proposals in recent memory and Members of Congress would be well advised to listen to their constituents concerns.”

The Chamber commissioned polls in 10 key congressional districts—all of which showed voters oppose current health care legislation being discussed in Congress, with substantial majorities saying it will raise the cost of their health care. Polling showed voters in the selected districts are more likely to support their representative if he or she opposes the bill – even in districts where that vote would represent a switch from their vote last fall.

Highlights of the Arizona poll findings include:

…………….Overall    Independents
Support      32%              27%
Oppose       59%              63%


The reforms being discussed will raise my                 46%       14%         13%       20%        8%
health care costs.

The reforms being discussed will increase the           55%       15%          9%        13%        9%

The reforms being discussed will cause my taxes     56%        15%        10%       13%         6%
to go up.

The reforms being discussed will expand                   56%        16%       10%        15%         4%
government control over health care.

Any new taxes and fees charged to health                  55%        12%       13%         14%         7%
care companies will get passed on and
will mean higher health care costs for me.

The entire poll is available at:  www.uschamber.com/assets/uscc/az8toplines.pdf

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions, as well as state and local chambers and industry associations.

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce | 1615 H Street, NW | Washington, DC 20062-2000
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  1. Aloha Friday says

    The interests of the American people have spoken! President Obama, let it be. Anything else is manipulative coercion.

  2. So Long Gabby says

    Jonathan Paton should take advantage of this?
    Just Jonathan Paton, eh?
    Hmm, now why not Jesse Kelly or any of the other candidates?
    Whoops, your bias is showing!

  3. Goodbye Gabby says

    If Giffords fails to represent the majority of the district she claims to represent, then we will vote her out office. She would rather listen to Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid than us. We pay her salary. We pay her expenses. We pay her staff, but she would rather listen to the San Francisco voters that elected someone like Nancy Pelosi. I will vote for someone that will listen to me, like Jonathan Paton.

    Bring Giffords home if she fails to listen to her constituents! Then she can move to San Francisco. She WILL fit in there.

  4. Lets face it, Giffords is a sock puppet for Pelosi.

    In November, she’ll be shown the door by the voters.

  5. Nice cherry picking on the poll… you chose not to mention Giffords has a 51% approval rating to a 35% negative.

    Those show pretty strong numbers. with all her cash (1.6 Mil cash on hand) which is more than ANY member of Congress and she will get help from the DCCC she is not going to be easy to beat.

    Although I am sure this healthcare vote will help

  6. It will come down to this: Who is Giffords more concerned with? Pelosi or voters? How many pieces of silver will Pelosi throw at Giffords? It’s too late to take back her previous vote. That die has been cast. Couple that vote with stimulus, bailouts and cap and tax and it would appear to be a no-brainer. I don’t care and neither do most of the voters in this district how much money she or any of the candidates have. We’re a little past all that. What this district is starving for is an honest conservative who will represent this district to Washington; not Washington to this district. They want a conservative who will challenge the status quo, who won’t go along to get along. Someone with some courage and common sense. Gabby is finished here.

  7. Andy I hope you are right. But MONEY wins elections. No matter how upset people are for some reason money tends to win elections. She has lots of it. The person who wins the primary is going to need our help and LOTS of money to defeat Giffords.

    Also that is what is concerning about that poll. With the stimulus, cap and trade, the first health care vote 51% still view her favorably!!

  8. Kenny Jacobs says

    This poll only measures the effectiveness of the GOP/Insurance company talking points. There is no query about issues or policy. Even with that flaw the poll finds that up to 55% of the district will/do support Giffords even within the framing of the poll.

    PS, the links to the Chamber and poll info are ineffective.

  9. Donutwarrior says

    Although I am not a constituent in the 8th District, I sent her an email telling her I would donate to her opponent if she votes for this travesty. And I will, just like I did for Scott Brown. Not much, but at least I sent her a message. What part of NO don’t these idiots understand?

    Harry Mitchell filters his email so that you can’t email him if you are not a constituent (through his house site). But I’ll find some way.

  10. Let’s see how this is playing nationally:

    Uh OH! Did this just go viral? VIA INSTAPUNDIT link to NRO:

    AZ Gifford tells constituents to DROP DEAD:


    Hey. THAT’S great national exposure!

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