PR: Munger: Goddard Should Resign!

According to the John Munger campaign, Attorney General Terry Goddard should resign.  What are your thoughts?


CONTACT: JERRY COBB (602) 478-0002


(PHOENIX, AZ) November 6, 2009 – “Once again, Mr. Goddard is playing the game of a professional politician, mounting a full-scale campaign for higher office – yet calling it an exploratory committee so he can hang on to his current job as Attorney General.  The only thing he is exploring is how far he can bend Arizona’s Resign to Run Law.”

“Our citizens are fed up with elected officials using one office to campaign for another instead of doing the job they were elected to do. I call on Terry Goddard to do the right thing, obey the letter and spirit of the law, and resign immediately.”



  1. Dave Hurley says

    Munger’s absolutely right. One look at Goddard’s personal website makes it crystal clear that he IS running for governor NOW. The graphic header states “Terry Goddard for Governor” and he’s soliciting donations and enrolling volunteers.

    This is certainly a blatant abuse of the spirit of the law and I’m curious as to whether the solicitation of donors and volunteers makes it an outright violation. Is there a lawyer in the house?

  2. Not a lawyer, but it’s not a violation. State law allows exploratory committees (like Goddard’s, Huppenthal’s, Crump’s, Thomas’s etc.) to avoid resigning. Those committees are allowed to raise funds, as well.

    Pretty much a case of Munger trying to get in the papers so people won’t follow his name by wondering “Who?”

  3. Lame attempt for publicity …

  4. Arizona’s Resign to Run Law gives Arizona plenty to talk about but offers surprisingly little incentive to resign.

  5. Didn’t Andrew Thomas just have a fund raising dinner for his own AG run?

  6. Our party has become one of hypocrisy and short memory. We call out Dems for Facebook posts, speeches etc then pretend to have no knowledge when our own petitions are circulated and fundraisers held.

    We call our Republican Governor a RINO for trying to fix a disastrous situation caused by a Democrat, while knowing so may just hand it back to them. All the while doing so in the name of our hero Reagan…a massive tax raiser himself!!

    We call for smaller government, then applaud and support those who aim to create a police state and give total control to lawyers (who may not always be from our party) to go on fishing expeditions of our businesses.

    We have become the party of hypocrisy and we wonder Independents are registering in droves.

  7. Conny Culver says

    My opinion: If he’s raising money, he’s a candidate and should resign as AG. His time and energy will be focused on his future campaign.
    That leaves us, the taxpayers, footing the bill for his salary and benefits while he’s failing to fulfill his obligation to us, the taxpayers and voters.

  8. Andy Thomas is raising money. Should he resign also?

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