57% Disapprove Brewer’s Job Performance, Loses Head-to-Head to Goddard by Nine Points

Terry Goddard vs. Dean Martin a dead heat, Arpaio most popular

From Rasmussen Reports
Monday, November 23, 2009

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the Republicans’ best shot at holding onto the Arizona governorship in 2010 against likely Democratic candidate Terry Goddard.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Arizona voters finds Arpaio, famed for his crackdowns on illegal immigrants, leading Goddard, the state’s current attorney general, by 12 points – 51% to 39%. Seven percent (7%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

Embattled incumbent Republican Jan Brewer, who stepped up to the governorship from secretary of state when Janet Napolitano became secretary of Homeland Security, trails Goddard by nine points – 44% to 35%. In that match-up, nine percent (9%) like another candidate. Twelve percent (12%) are not sure whom they’ll vote for.

Another possible GOP candidate, State Treasurer Dean Martin, is in a virtual tie with Goddard. The Democrat beats Martin 40% to 38%, with 11% opting for some other candidate and another 11% undecided.

Brewer is seen very favorably by just five percent (5%) and very unfavorably by 19%.

For Martin, very favorables total nine percent (9%) and very unfavorables five percent (5%).

Goddard, who also served as mayor of Phoenix, is regarded very favorably by 15% and very unfavorably by 14%.

At this point in a campaign, Rasmussen Reports considers the number of people with a strong opinion more significant than the total favorable/unfavorable numbers.

Arizona is one of the hardest hit states in the country budgetwise, and just 39% of voters now approve of Brewer’s performance as governor. Only four percent (4%) strongly approve. Fifty-seven percent (57%) disapprove of the job she is doing, with 24% who strongly disapprove.

Fifty-eight percent (58%) say economic conditions in Arizona are getting worse. Just 13% say they are getting better, while 22% think they’re staying about the same.

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  1. Antifederalist says

    Ugh! Sheriff Joe?! Look, I don’t mind what he’s doing in the immigration arena, however, on all other fronts, he’s a fascist and a corrupt fascist at that. This just confirms that voters have no clue what they’re doing. Thankfully, Joe and Terry don’t like each other, so, we won’t be seeing Joe stabbing Republicans in the back again by endorsing a Dummycrat. Republicans should NEVER forgive Joe for that. He Scozzafava’d us! Mark my words though, I bet that fat pig will NOT endorse the Republican nominee for Gov. When will Republicans lean and throw this fascist pig out of office? I can gladly say I’ve NEVER voted for this jack-booted thug, nor will I ever. I’ll vote for the likes of Sabin and Bearup or fail to vote in the Sheriff’s race or choose to bleed to death before I’ll vote for Joe.

  2. Sutble as a freight train says

    Oh My this log is obvioulsy pimping for Dean Martin

  3. Oh. For the benefit of newbies, what makes Sheriff Arpaio a jackbooted fascist?

    “Fascist” and “jackbooted” do mean something precise, which really haven’t been seen in the United States, soo … what’s exactly the background for the complaint?

  4. Sherriff joe can’t be who is and do what he likes from the governors mansion. No way in hell he runs. He loves his job as sherriff and won’t go anywhere. So that leaves martin as the Gops best shot as of now… I have said he is the best candidate from day one we will see if he runs

  5. Brewer or Goddard? Do you wish to be hanged by a hemp rope or a nylon rope: the choice is yours.Sheriff Joe is a colorful guy and I like him for his enemies…but as compared to our last not few enough Governors why not?

    Oh yes Go Go Goddard–please Go and take Lady Jan with you. No Old Joe is neither fascist nor corrupt–if we could just keep the TV cameras away all would be better.

  6. oldrobert if he isn’t corrupt why would we need to keep the cameras away? Not that they are necessary. Just a simple scan of public documents shows the absolute waste coming from MCSO.

  7. Brewer has dug herself into a pit too deep to get out of. She has shown herself to be incompetent as a governor. She should not run for governor. No responsible Republican who cares about the Republican Party and our state should support her.

    Sheriff Joe is tempermentally well suited to be in law enforcement. Being Sheriff of one of the largest counties in the United States is something he loves. The job of governor may hold some appeal for him, but he would not enjoy the job like he enjoys being sheriff. Being governor would make him miserable, and he knows he is a better sheriff than governor. Joe would hate having to work with legislators even more than he hates working with the Board of Supervisors ( and there are 90 legislators and only 5 Supervisors). I think that voters might sense this and ultimately be uncomfortable voting for Joe Arpaio for governor even though they love him as a sheriff.

    Dean Martin has the temperment and qualifications to be governor. He has experience as a legislator as well as State Treasurer. He can work with legislators and has some executive experience. He also has solid Republican values.

    For Republicans to win in Arizona in 2010, we need to dump Brewer and make sure Martin gets the nomination.

    No candidate is absolutely perfect, but Dean Martin can beat Terry Goddard and would probably be a good governor.

  8. I really don’t like polls but can they be avoided – apparently not.

    Terry Goddard has a high favorable rating but when it comes to dealing with the current Arizona economy he doesn’t have any magic spells that can make revenue appear. He hasn’t mentioned anything about the current state budget trial which means he doesn’t have anything notable to bring to the table. I can’t wait until January when those who are running will be able to admit they are running.

    The Arizona resign to run law is a farce and should be repealed.

    I think that Arpaio keeps getting mentioned just to irritate the irritatable in Arizona. His position as sheriff has more direct power than he would have as governor although I imagine he would have control over the DPS who could arrest people statewide instead of being limited to Maricopa county.

    Brewer will continue to be beat up by the Arizona Republic even though she is the heralded “moderate Republican” when it comes to her desire to impose higher taxes. I am amazed at her continued efforts to find a tax that the Democrats will like. She could cave on more/higher taxes but then it isn’t as if Republicans could trust her on taxes based on her past actions. Brewer is in a lose-lose scenario. She doesn’t advocate for taxpayers and isn’t likely to out Democrat the Democrats.

    My fantasy for 2010 would be for Brewer to drop her campaign for more and higher taxes, then resign or speculate that she may or will resign at some future date. Terry Goddard would become governor or have to present his views on the Arizona budget and would have Brewers problems to face. Then whichever Republican is going to run for Governor could point out that Goddard is nothing but another Democrat, no better than Brewer (although I worry he could be worse than Brewer).

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