PR: Sam Crump Pledges Access to All


For Immediate Release – October 9, 2009

Attorney General Exploratory Candidate Sam Crump Pledges Access to All; Denounces Horne’s Schemes

October 9, 2009

Rep. Sam Crump today announced that, if he runs for and is elected Attorney General, he would be accessible to all Arizonans. Crump’s comments were issued in response to the recent story that another AG exploratory candidate, Tom Horne, has promised his top campaign donors thatthey would have regular access to Horne if he becomes Attorney General.

“I find it incredible that an attorney and public official would have such a blind eye to the ethical violations such a scheme creates,” said Crump. “If I run for Attorney General and am elected, I would seek to make the office open and accessible to all Arizonans.”

The pay-for-access promise by Horne is especially offensive since he is seeking to become Attorney General, which is the office responsible for ensuring ethical behavior by government officials, said Crump. “If he wants to have lunch with his country club cronies, that’s his business,” Crump said. “But to publicly promise regular access to them when he is the State’s chief law enforcement officer is outrageous.”

Crump also noted a call by elections officials for legislation that would remove any ambiguity about the impropriety of such promises by candidates. “As Chairman of the Government Committee in the House of Representatives, I can assure you that I will be looking into this matter and will likely be the sponsor of such legislation. Unfortunately, Mr. Horne has shown it is necessary.”

Crump said he found it sadly humorous that Horne stated he got the idea for his pay-for-access plan from former Governor Janet Napolitano. “The last thing this State needs is an Attorney General who gets his ideas from Janet Napolitano,” Crump said.

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