$500,000 Conspiracy Theory?

I have to admit that this is one I don’t know where it’s going.

Apparently, Sheriff Joe claims there is a credible threat to him as Sheriff. According to Sheriff Joe, he believes that the Minute Men and illegal immigrant advocates and members of an elite smuggling ring, Los Zetas, have teamed up and placed a bounty on his head.

The Republic has done most of the legwork on this story and claims that $1.5 Million dollars was paid out to Los Zetas to assassinate the Sheriff.

The Republic also reports that half a million dollars has been spent to protect the Sheriff from this assassination plot:

In all, 88 employees have played a role in the investigation since it began in mid-March. The Sheriff’s Office racked up about 16,720 hours of work on the case, plus nearly $82,000 in credit-card bills for gas, meals, airfare and motel rooms, including those for Sheriff Arpaio.

Detectives staked out border crossings, hid Arpaio in hotel rooms and chased leads from Connecticut to the Arizona-Mexico border.

Whether or not the threat is credible, it certainly makes a great plot for a movie. I have to wonder if Sheriff Joe is planning his next career move?



  1. When the movie comes out, I wonder who will play Joe Arpaio? Gene Hackman, Robert de Niro or could have been Peter Boyle? Ed Norton seems a good fit for Chris Simcox. Who else?

  2. why would the MM want Arpaio dead?

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