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Smith and Wilson

Taking potshots at elected officials

He was born in Illinois, Land of Corruption, and blew into town in 1994, direct from New York, ready to take on the Arizona hayseeds. His name is David Smith. You might know him as the County Manager of Maricopa County, but there are those who believe Smith is the second coming of Bernie Madoff. However, no one has ever seen Smith and Madoff together – sort of like Superman and Clark Kent, but with bad guys.

The big question is, what does the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors think of their hero? Smith has used his well-honed, east coast, smoke and mirrors tricks for years to pull the wool over the eyes of his “small town” bosses. When the economy in the county turned around in the mid-nineties, Smith took the credit, but it was the normal uptick in the business cycle that did the heavy lifting, not anything that he did. Is it possible that the BoS is finally beginning to realize that Smith might be a clone of Bernie, the master of all Ponzi schemes, Madoff?

Quick to take advantage of his “hero” status, Smith embarked on a program of writing plans, policies and procedures with little, or no, input from the other elected officials, the ones that do the actual “hands-on” work for the citizens of Maricopa County.

The Supervisors let Smith spend big bucks to get name brand accounting and management consulting firms to put their names on his work so each would have a pedigree, and, of course, each and every plan would result in big money savings. Next, he persuaded the supervisors to adopt the plans along with numerous resolutions to allow him to enforce them.

Smith and his deputy, Sandi Wilson who is also the head of the Office of Management and Budget, do not hesitate to blackmail the elected officers to force them to accept his way of doing things. (OMB is often referred to around the County Complex as “Sandi Wilson and her goons”.) This is the same Sandi Wilson that called members of the legislature “abusive parents”. Smith prefers “Somali Pirates” when referring to members of the legislature.

Smith has used (abused) this power to take over functions of other agencies that are the responsibilities of duly elected officers, causing them to unite and begin to push back. Several lawsuits have been filed against the Board, and the light may have come on. The county is a mess, and the Board seems to be catching on that Smith is the cause.

The cure requires a rather simple decision; does the Board want to accept the dysfunctional situation that has existed for most of the past year as the new normal, or do they want to get the County back on a harmonious track? If it is the latter, then they have to unload Smith and Wilson.


  1. I’d suggest an opening anthem for a B.O.S. meeting-“Bring in the Clowns” Judy Collins version!

  2. Alicia Gegner says

    Ouch! Clowns are too serious to be considered for this group. They seem to be good candidates for serious, long term therapy, perhaps the kind that comes with pink underwear and wholesome, outdoor living at tent city.

    How did we ever allow ourselves to be infested with such bozos? (my apology, once more, to the clowns)

    The bottom line is that one should never vote for children for public office, especially those who do not behave themselves.

  3. This is the guy that got ALL the County Elected Officers to agree on something? Now we see why. This bozo has got to go! Sorry about the clown reference Alicia, but it fits.

    This is our tax money he is wasting to feed his own ego. What a scum bag. How many more lawsuits are we going to pay for because of the moron.

  4. Cactus Alliance says

    You think that’s bad, read the latest about Smith requiring loyalty oaths from employees who don’t even work for him, in another, bigger power grab. http://cactusalliance.blogspot.com/2009/09/supervisors-want-deputy-county.html

  5. Isn’t this is the same guy called Macho Liberal in a different post. He is Stupidvisors mouth piece pushing the Taj Mahal down taxpayers throats, destroying families while he gets a $20,00 raise.

    Someone needs to collect all the info on this shyster and put it in one place so we can remember when it’s time to vote.

  6. Today’s Arizona Republic says that the BOS visited with the editoral board yesterday. I wonder if they reminded the AR that they are buying up their unused real estate, and if they continue to let Craig Harris write negative articles they will cancel the deals????

  7. Tim:


    Craig might be setting himself up for a visit by cousin “Vinny”!

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