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There is more confirmation that Kolbe probably left office in an attempt to avoid being politically associating with the Foley-page scandal:

Meanwhile, Rep. Jim Kolbe said Tuesday he passed along a complaint about inappropriate e-mails from Foley to Foley’s office and the clerk of the House but took no further action when learning of the incident. 
A former page sponsored by Kolbe contacted the Arizona Republican’s office in 2000 or 2001, well before House leaders say they first learned of inappropriate messages sent by Foley.

“Some time after leaving the Page program, an individual I had appointed as a Page contacted my office to say he had received e-mails from Rep. Foley that made him uncomfortable,” Kolbe said in a statement. “I was not shown the content of the messages and was not told they were sexually explicit. It was my recommendation that this complaint be passed along to Rep. Foley’s office and the clerk who supervised the Page program. This was done promptly.”


It is clear that Congressman Kolbe did the right thing in filing the complaint but the speculation is that it would be too difficult for him to politically dissassociate himself from another gay Republican embroiled in a scandal with Capitol Hill pages. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems that running another close election cycle was a political risk Kolbe was not willing to take.


  1. They should all move to Massachusetts with Barney Frank

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    520-887-2984 and go to to volunteer, give money and get email alerts

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