Republican Leaders in Maricopa, Graham, Coconino and Gila Counties Endorse Robert Graham

PHOENIX – Today Robert Graham released a second round of endorsements from elected Republican Party leaders in Maricopa, Graham, Gila and Coconino counties. Graham seeks a second term as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and is actively campaigning in an election to be held at the biennial meeting of the State Committee on January 24, 2015 at the Grace Community Church in Tempe.

“Robert Graham has done an excellent job as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, with Republicans being elected to all statewide positions. It is my honor and pleasure to endorse Robert Graham for reelection as Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party,” said Ian Murray, Chairman of the Legislative District 25 Republican Committee.

“Robert, after working with you the last two years, I feel that what you have accomplished and your leadership leaves me no choice but to give my endorsement of you for Arizona Republican Party Chairman. Therefore as Graham County Republican Chairman, I give you my full endorsement for reelection as Arizona Republican Party Chair, 2014- 2016 election cycle. Keep up the fundraising and electing Republicans to our state and federal offices!” said John Rhodes, Chairman of the Graham County Republican Party.

“I support Robert Graham for reelection as AZGOP Chairman. Robert deserves a second term. He has been accessible and responsive to me as Chairman of Coconino County Republicans. He has tried to engage the entire state, and not just the great state of Maricopa! He has committed to having a debriefing meeting with his County and LD Chairs to see what went right and what went wrong. I don’t recall that happening in the past. He has worked hard to try and energize and engage the state while raising money to fund campaign efforts. There is always room for improvement. 2016 will be an extremely important election year. We need experience and dedication. I believe we have that in Robert Graham,” said Joy Staveley, Chairman of the Coconino County Republican Committee.

Earlier this month Graham received the endorsement of Gila County Republican Committee Chairman Gary Morris, and today received the endorsements of additional longtime Gila County Republican leaders Don Ascoli, Sam Moorhead, and Shirley Dye.

Ian Murray Chairman, LD 25 Republican Committee

Ian Murray
Chairman, LD 25 Republican Committee

John Rhodes Chairman, Graham County Republican Committee

John Rhodes
Chairman, Graham County Republican Committee

Joy Staveley Chairman, Coconino County Republican Committee

Joy Staveley
Chairman, Coconino County Republican Committee


Bruce Ash

National Republican Committeeman

Diane Douglas

Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect

Sharon Giese

National Republican Committeewoman

Seraphim Larsen

Pinal County Republican Committee Chairman

Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County Sheriff

Delos Bond

Apache County Republican Committee Chairman

Russell Pearce

Former Arizona Senate President

Jonathan Lines

Yuma County Republican Central Committee Chairman

Gary Morris

Gila County Republican Committee Chairman

Eric Morgan

Legislative District 22 Chairman

Rim Country Republican Club

Joan Lang

Palo Verde Republican Women President

Representative Brenda Barton


Donna Alu

Tucson Republican Women President

Lolly Hathhorn

Gila County Republican Committee Vice Chairman

Jeff Oravits

Flagstaff City Council Member

Representative Warren Petersen


Andy McKinney

Star Valley Town Council Member

James Dutton

Yavapai County GOP Chairman

Jean McGrath

Maricopa Community College District Board Member

 Tom Forese

Corporation Commission Commissioner

Andy Biggs

Arizona Senate President

Sergio Arellano

Chairman, Legislative District 2 Republican Committee

Robert Hancock

Chairman, Legislative District 4 Republican Committee (Pima)

Brad Johns

Chairman, Legislative District 9 Republican Committee

Parralee Schneider

First Vice Chairman, AZGOP (Pima County Resident)

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