30 Years of Study? Was This a Typo?

Chandler is finally going to get that new museum…maybe… in the future…. once it goes through the City Council.

Early designs for a new multimillion-dollar Chandler Museum finally are expected to make it to the City Council for consideration next month after nearly 30 years of study.

The council is expected to choose between four alternatives – labeled Satellite, Active, Decentralized Horizontal and Decentralized Vertical, respectively – before the end of March, said Jody Crago, museum administrator. The designs for the proposed 25,000-square-foot museum are not final but are meant to serve as a guide upon which a future architect will elaborate, Crago said.

“What we’re going to be asking for first is to select an approach, and then for the authority to go into design,” he said.

So after we select an approach and go into the design phase, then the project will really get moving, right?


  1. This just goes to show you that while the taxpayers are being squeezed that the grandiose plans of government continue apace.

  2. Something symbolic about a museum. It’s a fancy space reserved so that nothing inside ever changes. Used to like them, now find them like very well-kept crypts.

    Great make-work – for a short time then the work wanders off elsewhere. Unless they make sure it takes 30 years to build.

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