29 Business Groups Sign Letter in Support of Economic and Jobs Recovery Bill

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For Immediate Release: April 1, 2010

PHOENIX – Citing the need for more jobs and to attract more businesses to the state, more than two dozen Arizona-based business and civic groups showed their support for HB 2250, the Economic and Jobs Recovery Bill, by signing a joint letter to Governor Brewer, Senate President Bob Burns and House Speaker Kirk Adams urging them to advance the bill.

“In this current fiscal crisis, no one knows better than Arizona’s business community how important retaining existing businesses and attracting new businesses are to our state,” said Speaker Kirk Adams. “The support of the business community for HB 2250 demonstrates the commitment they have to taking bold actions to ensure Arizona enjoys a prosperous future.”

HB2250 was developed in conjunction with leading economist Elliott Pollack to attract and retain industries that provide high wage jobs. The bill was passed out of the House of Representatives and is awaiting action by the Senate.

To view the letter, please visit this site.

For more information on HB 2250, please visit www.AZHouseRepublicans.com


  1. VoiceInTheWild says

    The timing for this bill is bad. Elliott Pollack had a two-part approach to the problem, but the bill only takes on the part giving breaks to businesses.
    Senate Pres. Bob Burns is correct – now is not the time for more tax cuts.

  2. The timing of this bill is ideal. The bulk of the business relief won’t kick in for a few years but we need jobs now! This bill gives potential businesses predictability. And the bill most certainly includes Elliott’s second component – targeted economic development programs.

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