Showdown in LD 30.

Sonoran Alliance has covered the state senate race in LD 18 but there is a similar power play going on in LD 30. On the senate side of LD 30┬áJonathan Paton is unopposed in the Republican primary. The house race is turning into ground zero for the same forces as in other legislative districts. Sonoran Alliance has endorsed Frank Antenori and David Gowen. Special interest groups are funneling money into the moderate Doug Sposito campaign. We are receiving reports that pressure is being applied by big business interests for their contacts to channel funds to Sposito. Gowen is running as a Clean Elections candidate and will get matched. Frank Antenori is running traditional. He is the clear choice for grassroots conservatives and is raising funds in order to stand up against the Wake Up Arizona! crowd’s move on LD 30. Antenori accepts online donations and is fighting to honestly represent the voters of the district. If you are mad about what was done to Russell Pearce in LD 18 here is your chance to help a candidate fight against the same people who have targeted Pearce.


  1. Pointing out the Obvious says

    Now that’s a real man!

  2. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Mmmmm Mmmmmm

  3. Its not the size of the gun that matters. Its the caliber.

  4. Man, I would love to crank off a few rounds of that .50

  5. Okay, I don’t feel so bad then.

    The first thing I thought was “Hey, that’s a Barrett .50. Nice.”

    And then, “Oh yeah, there’s some sort of text here accompanying the picture of the .50.”

  6. Please follow up on Sposito. It appears he is bought and paid for.

  7. GlendaleGOP says

    I liked Antenori better before he started taking cheap shots at Gowan. If you won’t stick up for your fellow conservatives during the campaign, why should we believe you’ll do it at the Legislature?

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