The $850,000 flashlight with a dim bulb.

flashlight.jpg      To see the ad that sank a 1,000 ships go to Steve Huffman’s web site. Better hurry, I doubt they will keep this on the web forever. Students of the art of campaigning will want to download it and keep a copy. It is destined to rank up there with the Dukakis in a Tank ad. In the end the ad was so horrible that opponents were using it against Huffman.

     Sonoran Alliance correctly predicted Huffman’s defeat but we are astounded at how close it was. Proof that negative, gutter campaigning works, sometimes.

     On anther note I guess Legislative District 26 turned out to not be so moderate after all.

Wednesday 9-13-06, 7:15 am.


  1. Downright shocked that Carol Somers did not prevail.

    Regarding the Dukakis footage, was that actually an ad? My recollection is that it was news footage or part of a story.

    If Dukakis campaign actually PAID to put that on TV, it is doubly hilarious.

    Doubt Steve’s flashlight will gain the notoriety of that tank, but the recent Huffman campaign does place first on the list of my least understood campaigns.

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