Napolitano: Do nothing, just say something about illegal immigration

Maybe you saw the article Thursday in the Trib titled “Warrant task force racks up 123 arrests since May,” 7/17/08. You remember this task force was formed recently by Napolitano as an excuse for her to take away Sheriff Arpaio’s immigration enforcement funding to give it to this task force. This after Janet Napolitano, former US Attorney and Attorney General, said she had not done anything like this previously because she did not know there were 60,000 warrants outstanding in the state.

The Napolitanoized reporter, John Leptich, says that the program “appears to be working” because they have arrested 123 of these felons since May 23. Hmmm, let’s see. That’s about 62 arrests per month. At that rate, it will take about 80 years to clear 60,000 warrants, but only if no additional warrants are issued.

Looking at it another way, they have cleared .205% of the warrants, meaning they just have the other 99.805% of the warrants left to go. Way to go Janet!


  1. How many arrests for illegal immigration has Sheriff Joke been making in his sweeps?

  2. Frank Soto says

    Most of these outstanding warrants are within Maricopa County. Why is Sheriff Joe wasting our money, and safety, to round up the illegals that have jobs (and therefore statistically unlikely to commit crime like most human beings [yes, SA, they are human beings])? How about the some-odd 60 warrants that are for murder? You should be going after Arpaio on this one. It’s ok to be the “conservative” blog, but do you have to be hacks?

  3. RenterJoe says

    Well Frank Soto,

    In the Sheriff’s crime surpression sweeps he is also rounding up people with warrants.

    The so called illegals that have jobs also rob. They rob the landlord and utility companies when they moved with out notice and don’t compy with the signed contract they make.

    They have no respect for the law or for that matter you and me.

  4. Just Win Baby says

    She’s made less arrest of people with warrants than Sheriff Joe was making with the same money. And he was also getting illegals out of Maricopa County. Can we start counting down to “Janet’s Gone!” day yet?

  5. Just Win Baby,

    You’re absolutely right. Nickel Bag Joe certainly has taken a lot of misdemeanor possesion cases off the road. Wonder how many thieves, rapists, and murderers are still out there whil Joe mugs for the camera.

  6. Joe Crosby says

    I read the Tribune story. I think it is unfair to characterize the author as Naplitanoized. The reporter appears to be reporting facts, not taking any political side.
    No, I don’t like the Governor at all. Or the Sheriff.

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