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AZGOP To Carmona – “We’re Happy To Help Remind Arizonans Where You Stand”

Sending “I LOVE OBAMACARE” Bumper Sticker For Carmona To Proudly Display

(PHOENIX) – In the spirit of bipartisanship, the Arizona Republican Party announced today it will be purchasing an “I LOVE OBAMACARE” bumper sticker for Democrat Senate candidate Richard Carmona and encouraging Carmona to proudly display it on his car as he drives around Arizona in the months ahead. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in Washington, which is helping to run Carmona’s campaign from Washington, is selling the $3 bumper stickers online to their supporters so that they can advertise their support for ObamaCare in the wake of yesterday’s 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court.

“The Arizona GOP would never normally send a gift to our Democrat opponents or money to their liberal friends in Washington, but we believe $3 is a good investment to help remind Arizonans of Richard Carmona’s strong support for President Obama’s agenda,” said Arizona Republican Party spokesman Tim Sifert. “After being personally recruited by the President and helping his Administration create ObamaCare, surely Carmona will be proud to display his new “I LOVE OBAMACARE” bumper sticker to remind Arizonans exactly who he stands with on the issues important to them.”


“As The 17th Surgeon General Of The United States (2002-2006) And Chairperson Of The Partnership To Fight Chronic Disease (www.FightChronicDisease.Org), I Have Been Working For Nearly 2 Years With The Presidential Candidates’ Policy Teams To Help Ensure That Health And Health Care Were Among Their Top Policy Considerations.” (Richard Carmona, “Reform Requires A Transformation,” Family Practice News, 1/1/09)

“Today, I Continue That Effort With President-Elect Obama’s Staff, Focusing On Health Care Reform.” (Richard Carmona, “Reform Requires A Transformation,” Family Practice News, 1/1/09)

In March 2010, Giffords Cited Carmona In Announcing Support For ObamaCare, Quoting Carmona: “We Need To Move Toward A Health Care System, Not The Sick Care System That We Have Today. This Legislation Moves Us Closer To That. This Bill Is Not Perfect. But These Are Complex Issues And We Must Move Forward.” “Carmona served as the 17th surgeon general of the United States under President George W. Bush. Last year, he participated in series of health care town halls that the congresswoman held in Tucson, Sierra Vista and Green Valley. ‘The issue facing our country is how do we get the best care for the most people at the least cost,’ Carmona said. ‘We spend more for health care than any other nation on Earth, but the metrics of our results don’t reflect that. We need to move toward a health care system, not the sick care system that we have today. This legislation moves us closer to that. This bill is not perfect. But these are complex issues and we must move forward. And then I hope we can sit down with level heads and make it even better for the benefit of the American people.’” (“U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Announces Support For Historic Health Insurance Reform Legislation,” Congresswoman Giffords Press Release, 3/20/10)


No Taxation by Misrepresentation!

From 1763-1775, the rallying cry in the colonies was:  No Taxation without Representation!

In 2012, our rallying cry should now be:  No Taxation by Misrepresentation!

Not only did PPACA (Obamacare) pass Congress without any mention of the word “tax”, its defenders have emphatically denied that the law’s “mandates” represent taxation.  Had the funding for the bill been presented as a tax increase, it would almost certainly have failed.

Incredibly, Chief Justice Roberts accepted the Government’s argument that the “mandate” is after all just a tax (wink, wink), and consequently the Government has the Constitutional authorization it needs to fund PPACA through taxation.  Thus the SCOTUS majority effectively rewrote the bill, “deeming” it to say something that it does not, and then declaring as Constitutional a bill that does not even exist!  I would have never believed such a thing could happen in the Supreme Court.

As noted by John Eastman, a Constitutional scholar:

  • A Constitutional tax bill must originate in the House.  The reason is that the Framers wanted tax increases to be launched only by those who would most immediately be facing re-election.  But PPACA originated in the Senate.  Strike 1.
  • A Constitutional tax must be an income, excise, or direct tax, and there are rules that must be followed for each.  Clearly the PPACA tax is neither an income nor an excise tax, so it must be a direct tax.  But Constitutionally, a direct tax must be apportioned by population.  The PPACA tax is not apportioned by population.  Strike 2.
  • Even without these explicit violations of the Constitution, by the rule of reason and good faith, Congress can vote for taxation only via legislation that explicitly calls that taxation by its proper name — a tax — in full view of the voters. Congress and PPACA did not do that. Strike 3.

How could any Justice, let alone the Chief Justice, ignore all this?  By voting as Roberts and the majority did, our own Supreme Court has aided and abetted a massive fraud on the American people.   This should be the stuff of novels, not real life.

Normally, one can seek redress for fraud through the courts.  Where does one go when the highest court in the land aids, abets, and virtually commits the fraud?

For the minority opinion, Justice Kennedy wrote:

… to say that the Individual Mandate merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it. Judicial tax-writing is particularly troubling.

Right on. The entire law should have been rejected and offered back to Congress either for the trash bin or for editing and a re-vote by elected representatives in full view of We-the-People.  Has Roberts no shame at all?

Many Conservatives are so disappointed in Roberts that they are frantically concocting explanations and rationalizations for his astounding malfeasance.

One wretched contrivance argues that Roberts’ real motive was, somehow, to protect the integrity, balance, and honor of SCOTUS itself.  Really?  How does aiding and abetting a gargantuan national fraud do that?

Another rationalization argues that Roberts is cleverly giving Conservatives a “Remember-the-Alamo” loss that will so anger and energize Americans that they will throw Obama and his neo-Marxist, redistributionist entourage right out of Washington.  But if SCOTUS is politically gaming its rulings to that extent, how can we count on SCOTUS in the future?  If there is any government branch that should play it straight, surely it is SCOTUS.

The bottom line is that SCOTUS has ruled PPACA to be Constitutional by deeming the bill to be something that it is not.  The SCOTUS decision is an Orwellian absurdity and a stain on SCOTUS that will remain until long after we’re all gone.

Memo to Chief Justice Roberts: Et tu Brute?  With this betrayal and breach of the Framers’ final bulwark of protection for Constitutionally limited government, all we have have left is the ballot box.  In November, we must win a new President and Congress, and we must exercise eternal diligence thereafter.  The Left will never quit, and neither should we.

Pass the word:  No Taxation by Misrepresentation!

Barack Obama – Just Another Broken Promise

Hillary Clinton: Shame on You Barack Obama!

Day 24 – Congressman Flake Not Responding to Debate Challenge

Congressman Flake Refuses to Answer Wil Cardon’s Debate Challenge

Phoenix, Arizona – 24 days ago, Wil Cardon’s campaign sent a letter to Congressman Flake challenging him to a head-to-head debate.


Wil Cardon believes debates are the best way for voters to understand the distinct differences in the candidates and to make the best decision in August. But, apparently the Flake campaign doesn’t agree. Spokesman Andrew Wilder called Wil’s debate challenge “predictable, clunky P.R. stunts”. (Dan Nowicki, “Cardon Wants to Debate Flake One-on-One,” The Arizona Republic, 6/6/12,

In the past several months, there have been numerous candidates forums across the state. Wil has participated in many of them. Congressman Flake, however, has ducked many of them, sending a surrogate to read a letter instead. Now that the race has become so competitive, Wil wants a head-to-head debate with Congressman Flake. Unlike a candidates forum, this kind of debate allows for the two principal candidates to interact with each other – it’s an important difference that allows voters to contrast the candidates.

Arizonans deserve to know all they can about the candidates to make the best decision in August. But, it seems Congressman Flake disagrees.


Vernon Parker Takes to TV in First Ad on Obamacare

Tempe, AZ – Today the Vernon Parker campaign announced it will launch its first television ad for the campaign. The spot will air locally on Cox cable and will begin airing on Monday, July 2nd.

View the ad:

Ad copy:

VP: Obamacare. It was a travesty. An abomination. A big government takeover of health care. We did not want it. We could not afford it. It should not have happened. Now the Supreme Court has spoken, Congress needs to clean up the mess. No more raids on Medicare. Let doctors, nurses and health care professionals make the medical decisions not big government. The way it should be.

I’m Vernon Parker and I approved this message.

Parker, 52, is a rising star in the Republican Party. He is current councilman and former mayor of Paradise Valley. Raised by his grandmother in a severely underprivileged neighborhood, Parker was able to escape his environment through love, education, and hard work.

For more information about Parker or his campaign, visit


Gabriela Saucedo Mercer Delivers Statement on Affordable Health Care Act Supreme Court Decision

– The Supreme Court has provided an opportunity for the people  of The United States to be included in the debate on the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA). Now that the Court has ruled the individual mandate, though unconstitutional under the Commerce Clause, can be upheld under the enumerated power of Congress to tax, it is time for Congress to perform as promised in 2010 for the complete repeal of ACA. With repeal, there will be an opportunity then for Americans to join the debate they were denied in 2009 on how to best reform our healthcare system which has been plagued by bureaucracy and fraud for decades.

President Obama is on record with the claim that the ACA was not a tax, but his lawyers defended the act as a tax during arguments. This historic decision has increased the scope and reach of the power of the Federal government to tax and regulate behavior. Small businesses and the middle class will suffer financially under the biggest permanent tax increase in our nation’s history. If the ACA continues to be implemented, it will only expedite the destruction of free market principles and freedom of health care choices for all Americans.

I am optimistic because the Court’s decision has by default given the decision back to Congress and We the People. We are blessed to live in a Constitutional Federal Republic and a government that is of the people, by the people and for the people. Through this next critical election, we can send a message to Washington by electing representatives to Congress who will bring the power back to the people and stop the encroachment of government.


Congressman Flake Votes to Hold Attorney General Holder in Contempt of Congress

Washington, D.C. – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today issued the following statement on his vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress:

“This was not a vote I took lightly,” said Flake. “Our system of government is one of checks and balances, so when an Executive Branch official fails to comply with those checks, balancing measures need to be taken. I hope that going forward, the investigation into the Fast and Furious scandal can continue with cooperation from the Department of Justice, and that those who are responsible for the operation of this program will be held accountable.”


Rep. Paul Gosar and House Hold Holder in Contempt

Washington, D.C.—Today, U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S (R-AZ) released the following statement regarding the full vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to hold U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. This vote is the result of continuous delays by Holder and the Department of Justice to release subpoenaed documents from the reckless Operation Fast and Furious.

Gosar said today, “Mr. Holder’s actions have shown his contempt for our constitutional rights, our border, Arizonans and all Americans and today Congress did its job by holding him in contempt. It is my hope today’s vote to sends a strong message to Attorney General Holder, President Obama and future bureaucrats that no one is above the law. After months of stonewalling, excuses and half truths Mr. Holder has run out of time and second chances.”

“The people of Arizona and throughout the United States and Mexico will be living with the consequences of Fast and Furious for years to come. Many have rightfully lost confidence in Attorney General Holder. Today’s vote further supports my Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res.490) in Mr. Holder which has the support of 114 members of Congress who each co-sponsored the measure.”

As the only member from Arizona on the committee for Oversight and Government Reform, Congressman Gosar has been a leading advocate for the victims of this horrible operation by demanding answers and justice. Gosar is the lead sponsor of H. Res. 490, a Resolution of No Confidence in the Attorney General which currently has 114 cosponsors.

Leah Campos Schandlbauer, CD09 Candidate, on Today’s Healthcare Ruling

PHOENIX — Leah Campos Schandlbauer, Republican candidate for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District today released the following statement about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:
“Five decades of inside-the-beltway healthcare planning have been unable to stop the runaway costs that continue to plague families and bankrupt the federal government.  Today’s Supreme Court ruling further bureacratizes our healthcare system while foisting a huge tax increase on the American people, despite President Obama’s promises to the contrary.

“Politicians who favor government control of healthcare say current problems reflect a failure of the market, but we haven’t had a truly free market for insurance and care in more than half a century. It’s impossible to effectively serve the diverse healthcare needs of more than 300 million Americans with a Washington-centric plan. I am glad that the Supreme Court placed a limit on the federal government’s meddling in healthcare via the commerce clause, but sad to see Obamacare stand under a dubious tax rationale.  It will now be up to Congress to repeal the law. The only way to truly decrease healthcare costs is by the efficiency and discipline imposed by a truly free market. I will work toward re-establish the healthcare market with the following steps:

1. Repeal Obamacare
2. Equalize the tax treatment of insurance plans purchased by individuals and businesses
3. Allow for the purchase of insurance plans across state lines
4. Limit Medicare’s dominance of the healthcare sector by giving individuals under the age of 55 the option to use their Medicare funds to purchase insurance from commercial providers
“The first step to re-establishing a genuine marketplace for health services is to stop federal meddling in healthcare.”
# # #
About Leah:
For more than 10 years, Leah Campos Schandlbauer served worldwide as an operations officer for the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. A lifelong conservative and strong believer in the principles of economic liberty and limited government, Leah decided to pursue a different type of public service when she chose to run for Congress in Arizona’s newly-created 9th District. Leah is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in political science. She also attended Rhodes Junior High School in Mesa and Chandler’s Seton Catholic High School, where she ran track and played basketball. Leah and her husband, Alfred, a Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State, have four children. 

For more information, visit:


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