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April 2012

Archives for April 2012

Defunding Planned Parenthood

The Legislature once again demonstrated why Arizona has become one of the most pro-life states in the country. On Wednesday, the Senate passed HB 2800, sponsored by Rep. Justin Olson. This bill prohibits federal dollars that pass through the state for family planning from going to abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood. Click here to see how your Senator voted. The bill now awaits Gov. Brewer’s signature.To no one’s surprise, of course, Planned Parenthood continues to attack the bill in two ways:

  1. They claim they do not use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions. Yet one taxpayer dollar that goes to Planned Parenthood for anything frees up another dollar to fund their abortion operation. Any funding to Planned Parenthood supports abortions.
  2. Despite being Arizona’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood claims this bill will deny women access to other medical procedures including cancer screenings and women’s health services. Once again, this is not true. The bill does not reduce the funding by one penny – it simply prioritizes the funding to healthcare providers who can provide more comprehensive services. There are plenty of options for women to access care in Arizona.

National Day of Prayer

Since our nation’s beginning, every leader has recognized the important role prayer plays in safeguarding our future.The National Day of Prayer is this Thursday, May 3. This year’s theme verse is Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the Nation Whose God is the Lord.”

Our friends at BridgeBuilders are hosting a prayer event at the state Capitol that day. Check out other prayer events across the state at the National Day of Prayer website.

Take time on Thursday to lift Arizona and America up in prayer. Attend an event. Pray with your family, especially your children. Pray for wisdom and protection for our leaders at all levels of government. Ask for the church to stand up this election season and that the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and religious liberty are protected and respected in our nation.

The National Movement

The Susan B. Anthony List has been working with state organizations across the country to defund Planned Parenthood. This year, Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Oklahoma are considering legislation similar to Arizona’s HB 2800. We’re grateful to have been able to work with SBA List to see HB 2800 pass in Arizona.In 2011, eight states successfully defunded Planned Parenthood of more than $61.7 million.

Rushing Toward Adjournment

After a slow week at the Capitol, news comes late this week that the Legislature and Governor may have reached an agreement on the state budget. That means adjournment could happen early next week. Three key CAP-supported bills still need final votes in both houses: SB 1365 to protect the rights of conscience for individuals in employment, HB 2774 to clarify the property tax exemption for churches, and HB 2622 to expand and refine Arizona’s empowerment scholarship account program. Vetoed by Gov. Brewer a few weeks ago, the “ESA” bill has been modified to meet Gov. Brewer’s concerns. Stay up to date with CAP’s bill tracker.

Finding a Solution

The state Senate gave final approval to HB 2625, which exempts religiously affiliated employers from being forced to violate their religious beliefs by covering abortion-inducing drugs and contraceptives in their insurance plans.The bill passed by a 19-9 vote and now heads to Gov. Brewer’s desk. Click here to see how your Senator voted.

While there is still work to be done to protect the religious conscience rights of all employers, this bill is an important step in the right direction.

Gov. Brewer Needs to Hear from You!

Now that these two important bills are heading to the Governor, she needs to hear from you that you support HB 2800 and HB 2625!

Click here to send Gov. Brewer a message online.

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint Endorses Jeff Flake for US Senate

Jeff Flake

“When it comes to fighting wasteful Washington spending and parochial politics, nobody has done more to advance the cause of freedom than Jeff Flake. Nobody.” 

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake, a conservative candidate for the United States Senate, today received the endorsement of U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and the Senate Conservative Fund (SCF), which he founded. In a letter to SCF members, DeMint wrote:

“When it comes to fighting wasteful Washington spending and parochial politics, nobody has done more to advance the cause of freedom than Jeff Flake. Nobody.

“Jeff Flake has fought a lonely battle against earmarks for years, even when it meant standing up to members of his own party who refused to stop pork barrel spending. Without his leadership, House Republicans would not have adopted the earmark moratorium last year.

“Jeff Flake has also authored legislation to devolve the federal highway program back to the states where it belongs. His plan would empower states to build moreroads with less money by removing union wage mandates and unnecessary federal red tape.”

“Senator DeMint is one of the most recognized national conservative leaders and has been a reformer in the U.S. Senate,” said Jeff Flake. “I am grateful to have his support in this race and I look forward to joining his efforts in the Senate to support economic freedom and limited government.”

The SCF is dedicated to electing strong conservative leaders to the United States Senate who have the courage to fight for the timeless conservative principles of limited government, strong national defense, and traditional family values.

Click here to see DeMint’s letter: http://senateconservatives.com/site/post/1431/jeff-flake-for-u-s-senate

Jeff Flake has also received the endorsements of several leading conservative organizations and leaders, including Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Arizona Right to Life, the Club for Growth PAC, FreedomWorks PAC, the National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund, Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife, Governor Bobby Jindal, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Senators Pat Toomey and Mike Lee.

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at www.JeffFlake.com.


South Sudan: Exposing the Hypocrisy of the Rhetoric of Racism in the War of Blood for Freedom

While the racism industry continues to employ the language of racism against Republicans and Conservatives, they ignore Sudan President Bashir’s encouraging of the use of ‘slaves” and ‘descendents of slaves” to dehumanize the people of the new nation of South Sudan.

While wealthy Al Sharpton and Bill Maher use their privileged mass media access to claim Americans are racists, as they both live in their own expensive homes with abundant food, clean water, dress themselves from closets full of the best garments and shoes, both roll around town in expensive cars, rallying to infuriate other well-fed Americans who dress in the latest fashions as they stride about on clean city streets engineered to keep rubbish and sewage away from their pristine, expensive new shoes, living healthily in urban and suburban communities that years before exterminated the plagues of malaria and yellow fever which once killed Americans of all colors by the thousands in cities like Philadelphia and Washington, DC., and accessorized with sophisticated multi-functional cell phones at their ears, the war-scarred people of South Sudan who lost two million of their loved ones to a twenty-year vicious civil war are being threatened with revenge rage to be reduced from free men to slaves, in every absolute definition and nuance of the word. A recent commentary in the Sudan Tribune provides a translation guide:

President Bashir’s Dictionary by Magdi El Gizouli

“April 24, 2012 — Following the lead of President Bashir the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) started using the term hashara, a pun on haraka (movement), when referring to the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). President Bashir also suggested tadmeer (destruction) instead of tahreer (liberation) but only hashara caught on. The resemblance with inyenzi (cockroaches), the term used by Hutu extremists to depict their Tutsi enemies in the run up to the 1994 Rwanda massacres, cannot be missed. The President inaugurated the public use of hashara in his victory speech to a company of Sudanese troops in al-Kurmuk, once the stronghold of the SPLM-North in the Blue Nile, on 6 November 2011, granting the observer a glimpse into the combat obscenities of the SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) …

… President Bashir popularized the term in two mobilisation speeches …When the President rose to speak he was welcomed with the cheer kul al-guwa juba juwa – all the force into Juba, a recycle of the battle cry of the rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) kul al-guwa al-khartoum juwa – all the force into Khartoum, followed by al-shaab yureed tahreer al-janub – the people want the liberation of South [Sudan]. The President said the SAF would proceed to crush the hasharat (pl.) in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile but made no mention of the declaration two days earlier that his plan was now to topple the SPLM regime in Juba …

Emboldened by the President’s sanction individual patriots rehabilitated the words abd (slave) and farkh (a descendant of slaves) for use in the public domain when referring to the South Sudanese. The racial slurs are in themselves not novel; they constitute elements of the ideological baggage of Sudan’s ruling class. Novel however is their unashamed public employment. I came across a salvo of such insults in the comments section of a Youtube recording of a South Sudan Television interview with Barnaba Marial Benjamin, the country’s Minister of Information…”

As bitter-clinging to denial about defeat as Britain was in 1812 against the new breakaway nation America, the historically slaving Khartoum government in order to stay in power, to deflect from their epic fail of greedy, cronyism mis-governing that they lost a third of a country, is unleashing the same sort of marginalizing, mob-enraging, racism-based rhetoric employed by agitators like Al Sharpton and echoed by Bill Maher to enflame Sudanese to rise against a people a number of them actually once owned as slaves, consider to be slaves and descendents of slaves, stoking elitist fury against the black, mostly rural, poor, but uppity South Sudanese who refused to accept the Official Narrative, a narrative spread unquestioningly by all the world’s media, that they didn’t “deserve” to be independent, that they “don’t possess the ability” to self-govern, they didn’t “know what was good” for them, a people who were “stupidly voting against their own interests,” that Khartoum told the world was a “failed state” before it became a state.

The racism cacophony blaring out of the sophisticated and state of the art mass American media mouthpieces resounds with that tail wagging the rest of the word: “phony.” Out of the strange artificial bubble of narcissist American self-gazing, when The Official Narrative is compared against the reality of the world beyond our borders, it sounds not like truth it pretends to be, but like the screech of well-manicured, glitter-glued fake fingernails across a chalkboard.

Who of the racism-mongers wants to mention much less explain why South Sudan declared a national holiday to celebrate Republican George W. Bush’s re-election? While the celebrities were crying “no blood for oil” in Iraq, President Bush came to the aid of the South Sudanese in their darkest hours of war and destruction, when no one would help them, while Khartoum was bombing them, paying and sheltering their useful proxy warlord Joseph Kony to live in a mansion in the South Sudanese city of Juba while his LRA slaughtered South Sudanese villages and kidnapped South Sudanese children … while American racism-mongers were too busy calling the Republican George W. Bush a racist to notice or care about Bush interceding in a murderous civil war. A war waged against 8.9 million Africans who refused to be slaves, an under genocide-sieged Black African population greater than the African-descended portions of the populations of New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Houston, and Sanford, Florida combined.

Al Sharpton and Bill Maher use their media positions to accuse oppression and racism against ordinary and decent Americans all day long, ignoring the long years of unheralded and cooperative efforts of thousands upon thousands of conscientious Americans of all political persuasions to help the South Sudanese.  They then go home to eat nice meals, watch themselves on TV to relax, then sleep secure in soft beds in nice homes.

In the morning,  mainstream Americans who gave years of their time and their money to help a people they didn’t even know, but felt compassion for,  wake up slandered,  while the hungry citizens of South Sudan today wake up off their thin mattresses and tattered mats to explosions and flames, death raining down from the sky, more unwanted gifts from their emboldened former government which either killed them outright, starved them slowly or enslaved them, leaving a country with the world’s highest percentages of widows and orphans. The racism industry has nothing to say about that, the media simply doesn’t report it… it interferes with the self-focused, divisive narrative. In the cynical and claustrophobic world of the racism-mongers, America is worse.

The South Sudanese can’t afford right now to pay anyone to like them, so the professional racism and oppression organizers who could mobilize international pressure to help them, apparently aren’t interested.

Author’s note: The South Sudanese Diaspora community in Arizona is significant enough to have Phoenix designated as one of the few international voting polling centers for the 2011 Referendum for South Sudan Independence.

Luis Acle Announces for US Senate

Luis Acle seeks the Republican nomination for US Senate from Arizona 2012 with his “Solutions not Talk” campaign.

Luis AcleYuma resident, Luis Acle is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat now held by Sen. Jon Kyl, who is not running for re-election. Luis Acle wants to demonstrate that a Republican Latino can appeal to all types of voters who prefer real “solutions not just talk” while reaching out to traditional values minority voters to look to the Republican party where they can be received with open arms.

Luis Acle moved to Yuma over ten years ago to work on industrial development and property management in the border region. As a teacher, school board member and as an international consultant and volunteer, he also sought to improve infrastructure in Arizona. In 2011, he served on the county’s, Reapportionment Advisory Commission and he is currently a member of the Yuma city’s Water and Sewer Commission.

Voters get frustrated with candidates that simplify the issues “We need jobs” or “We must secure the border” but they offer no Solutions, just Talk. “I want to be your voice with real solutions to the Nation’s problems that reflect our values, not just sound bites and empty rhetoric”, Luis Acle stated emphatically.

Luis Acle is confident voters will value specific, tangible and workable solutions above party connections or political correctness and wants to persuade voters in the coming weeks that his solutions are the proper fit for Arizona and the United States, in this critical election cycle. He will meet with voters to present creative solutions for the most pressing problems such as, chronic unemployment, long term national energy policy, achievable immigration and public education reform. Thirty-second sound bites won’t do: real solutions need more time to attract bi-partisan support.

The strength of Luis Acle’s solutions comes from his analytical training as a physical scientist with a Stanford MBA, plus public policy experience. Although, not a Washington insider, he understands how to function in DC to attract bipartisan support, said campaign spokesperson, Howard DeLaCruz-Bancroft.

Luis Acle said that while Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, vital issues such as long term growth, national security, energy policy or immigration were not resolved. Even unemployment, despite promises that it would never exceed 8% didn’t materialize, especially here in Arizona.

Luis Acle’s prior involvement in the public sector includes an assignment in every decade since graduate school. In the 70’s, he was invited to join the staff of the Assistant Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, eventually becoming Finance Manager. He was appointed White House Associate Director of Public Liaison during the Reagan Administration. Luis Acle was also an advisor to the Immigration and Naturalization Commissioner. In the following decade, he was elected, with over 150,000 votes and served as President of the School Board in the San Diego Unified School District for three terms.

Luis Acle invites all voters to join his “Solutions not Talk” campaign by downloading and signing his Petition, to obtain the nearly 7,000 signatures to get on the ballot. Contact us at www.luis4ussenate.com, at Luis4USSenate@gmail.com or call (928) 550-2881 to register or re-register, to sign the Petition or get help with registration and remember to please vote for Luis Acle in the U.S. Senate Republican Primary.


Is Wil Cardon Outsourcing His Friends?

PHOENIX – Wil Cardon, Arizona’s millionaire self-funding Senate candidate purports to have created hundreds of jobs. Perhaps he’s being modest in not counting the 5,398 fans that he has on Facebook.

Love it or hate it, Facebook recently changed its look. One the changes in the new Timeline feature allows people to view the “page insights.” Wil Cardon’s Facebook page insights reveal something interesting: the city where most of his page fans reside.

For Jeff Flake it’s Phoenix. Richard Carmona it’s Tucson. And for Wil Cardon it’s Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Bangladesh? That’s weird.

See for yourself: https://www.facebook.com/wilcardonforussenate/likes

With a quick search on Google, it’s easy to find websites like “buylikes.com” and “buyfacebooklikesfans.com” that promise to increase friends, fans and likes, all for a fee. Of course, it may be impossible to know for certain if this is what Wil Cardon has done.

“Money can’t buy love but it can buy you likes,” said Andrew Wilder, Communications Director for the Flake campaign. “Perhaps his campaign simply resonates more in Dhaka than with the voters of Arizona.”

A screenshot of Cardon’s page, taken April 26, 2012, is attached.


VIDEO: Congressman Jeff Flake Loves His Lobbyist Perks

Phoenix, Arizona – Congressman Jeff Flake has traveled the world and enjoyed lavish vacations thanks to his Washington special interests and lobbyist buddies. On Tuesday Wil Cardon, Mesa businessman and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, unveiled his latest web video detailing Congressman Flake’s posh worldwide travel paid for by Washington lobbyists and special interest groups.

Cardon has also launched a new website, www.DCFlake.com, which will house all things related to Congressman Flake’s dismal record in Congress. While most of Congressman Flake’s record has been fighting for amnesty, pushing cap and trade legislation, enjoying taxpayer perks and living the high life with his insider D.C. status, it is clear to Arizona that Congressman Flake has Potomac Fever!


Jeff Flake says he’s watching out for Arizona families, but in Washington he is beholden to lobbyist and special interests.

For documentation and to try to get an explanation, call Congressman Flake at 602.845.0333.


Arizona Lawmakers and Tea Party Members Stand in Solidarity in Support of SB-1070

The following press conference took place Wednesday, April 25th in Phoenix with members of several Tea Parties, Arizona lawmakers and candidates. (Thanks to Right Wing Housewife for her video!)

AG Tom Horne Statement on Supreme Court SB 1070 Hearing

Today’s hearing went well. The Obama Administration took the outrageous step of suing one of the 50 states for trying to enforce federal law. Arizona has been hit disproportionately hard by illegal immigration and the state had no choice but to pass SB 1070 to protect our own citizens.

I have read the transcript of today’s SB 1070 hearing in the US Supreme Court. Section 2, the most important of the 4 sections of SB1070 which are being challenged, appears to have the support of Liberal as well as Conservative Justices, and mainly with a large unanimous vote. Section 2 requires Police Officers to engage in a lawful arrest or stop, and to have reasonable suspicion, to inquire with ICE about whether the person is in this country legally. Even two of the most Liberal Justices, Sotamayor and Breyer, asked questions indicating they may vote to hold that section of the law Constitutional.

The lawyer for Arizona pointed out that a Phoenix Police officer had been shot by a suspect who had been accused of attempted murder in El Salvador, had been pulled over three times before encountering this police officer, but had never had his immigration status checked. That was due to the City of Phoenix policies that would be illegal under Section 2. Had inquiry been made before he encountered the Phoenix officer, that officer would not have been shot.

The comments of several Justices were very encouraging. Justice Scalia noted that under SB 1070, “Arizona is not trying to kick out anybody that the federal government has not already said do not belong here.” A number of the other provisions at issue are state copies of Federal laws where the Obama Administration claims that states cannot enforce identical laws in parallel. Justice Scalia added the analogy that federal law prohibits bank robbery, and stated, “Can it be made a state crime to rob those banks? I think it is.” And Chief Justice Roberts noted that the federal role in enforcing immigration law is not harmed by SB 1070 since “all it does is notify the Federal Government, here’s someone who is here illegally, here’s someone who is removable.”

Most troubling is the Federal Government’s argument that SB 1070 is unconstitutional because Arizona interferes with the Federal monopoly on foreign relations. Arizona has not opened any embassies. It has passed a law that foreign countries disagree with. If a Federal Judge can invalidate a state law on the grounds that other countries disagree with it (and it therefore interferes with the Federal monopoly on foreign relations) America’s sovereignty will be severely compromised. Justice Scalia asked the Obama Administration lawyer if “we have to enforce our laws in a manner that will please Mexico… (that) sounded like what you were saying.”

Finally, I was gratified to see that even the Obama administration lawyer agreed with Chief Justice Roberts’ contention that this case has nothing to do with ethnic and racial profiling. SB 1070 has never allowed racial profiling, and that is a persistent myth that should end today.


Job Creators Cheer Referral of Proposition 116

Small Business Job Creation Act rolls back job-killing equipment and machinery tax

PHOENIX, Ariz., April 25, 2012 — The Arizona Secretary of State today received transmission from the Arizona Legislature of a crucial ballot referendum designed to spur new job creation and economic development. The state constitutional amendment, called the Small Business Job Creation Act, is positioned to be on Arizona’s November 6, 2012 General Election ballot as Proposition 116.

“Arizona’s small business job creators have heard loud and clear from their state legislators that help is on the way to rollback the job-killing equipment and machinery tax,” said Farrell Quinlan, state director for the National Federation of Independent Business who drafted the referendum with Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs and other lawmakers.

“The heavy tax burden we place on small business’ equipment and machinery is self-defeating and anti-growth because it punishes the very investment in job creation that Arizona needs to fuel our economic recovery,” Quinlan said.

The Proposition 116 referendum, enumerated Senate Concurrent Resolution 1012 in its legislative form, seeks to amend the Arizona Constitution to reset the personal property tax exemption for new equipment and machinery purchases to an amount equal to the earnings of 50 Arizona workers, approximately $2.4 million. The current constitutional exemption is $50,000 indexed to inflation since 1996 or $68,079 in Tax Year 2012.

“We are very encouraged about Proposition 116’s ultimate success at the ballot box due to the unanimous bipartisan support it received from legislators. It’s a real testament to the soundness of this public policy proposal that every Republican and Democrat lawmaker voted for it. Proposition 116 proves the adage that good policy makes for good politics,” Quinlan concluded.

The unanimous legislative support for SCR 1012 is a rare example of bipartisan consensus from the contentious and often bitterly partisan 50th Arizona Legislature. The Arizona Senate passed the legislation 30-0 on February 16, 2012 and the Arizona House of Representatives passed it 51-0 with eight absent and one vacancy on April 23, 2012.

Proposition 116 must garner 50 percent plus one vote of those voting on the measure this November to amend the state constitution. If passed, the new provisions will affect personal property purchased in 2013 and thereafter while personal property already on the tax rolls will remain unaffected.

According to state law, the Secretary of State will make official the designation of the Small Business Job Creation Act referendum as Proposition 116 after the petition filing deadline passes for citizen initiatives on July 5, 2012. The Secretary of State is required to assign numbers to propositions in the order the measures are filed with their office. SCR 1012 was the third referendum filed for the 2012 ballot following the two measures sent by the Legislature in 2011 that will be designated Proposition 114 and Proposition 115 respectively in accordance with statute.

NFIB has already begun organizing a campaign committee to support the passage of Proposition 116. Those interested in joining that effort should contact NFIB’s Arizona office at (602) 263-7690 or send an email to farrell.quinlan@nfib.org.

# # #

NFIB is the nation’s leading small business association with 350,000 members nationwide and 7,500 in Arizona and has offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals.  Founded in 1943 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, NFIB gives small and independent business owners a voice in shaping the public policy issues that affect their business. NFIB’s powerful network of grassroots activists send their views directly to state and federal lawmakers through our unique member-only ballot, thus playing a critical role in supporting America’s free enterprise system. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. More information is available online at www.NFIB.com/newsroom.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate

“Flake understands the consequences of federal inaction and what law enforcement needs to do to deal to with it.” 

PHOENIX – Jeff Flake, a conservative candidate for the United States Senate, today announced the endorsement of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

“Maricopa County, like other counties, is paying a high price for the federal government’s failure to secure the border and to stem the flow of violent crime and illegal drugs into this country,” said Montgomery. “Jeff Flake understands the consequences of federal inaction and what law enforcement needs to do to deal to with it. I support Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate because he will fight to hold the federal government accountable for its responsibilities and see that law enforcement in Maricopa County — and across Arizona — has the tools it needs to protect its residents.”

“Bill Montgomery is a stalwart against the many challenges we face and is highly respected in our community as a result,” said Flake. “I am honored to receive his endorsement and will value his counsel in holding the federal Government to account for the safety of Arizona’s citizens.”

For more information on Jeff Flake and why he’s running for the U.S. Senate, please visit his website at www.JeffFlake.com.


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