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Mayors Scott Smith and Jay Tibshraeny Endorse Salmon for Congress

CONTACT: Adam Deguire

Mesa and Chandler leaders praise Salmon’s record of supporting East Valley cities

 EAST VALLEY – Former Congressman and candidate for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District Matt Salmon proudly announced today that his campaign received the endorsements from two more prominent East Valley Leaders:

Mayor Scott Smith – City of Mesa
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny – City of Chandler

 Mesa Mayor Scott Smith stated, “Matt has a proven track record of supporting East Valley cities and understands firsthand how overbearing federal regulations and policies have a direct effect on local government. This district is home to the region’s most dynamic economic engines such as Gateway Airport, Falcon Field, and Boeing and Matt understands how municipal and federal governments can work together to create jobs and economic opportunity for Arizona citizens. I am proud to join Matt’s team.”

Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny added, “Matt Salmon has shown time and time again he has the principles and courage to get the job done in Washington. Matt was an integral member of a Republican-majority Congress that balanced a federal budget for the first time in over a generation, and I know he’ll lead the fight to do it again. The problems that our nation faces are daunting and Matt’s experience in Congress will allow him to hit the ground running and get to work on finding the solutions.”

“I am honored to have the support from two of the East Valley’s most innovative and respected leaders in my bid to return to Congress,” said Salmon. “I know how critical it is to have strong working relationships with our local leaders and I plan to work closely with all municipal leaders in my district. Mayors Smith and Tibshraeny have made the tough decisions necessary to balance their city budgets, while maintaining the critical services their constituents require. I pledge to make the same tough decisions back in Washington in order to get our country’s financial house back in order.”

With a population of over 430,000 residents, the city of Mesa is currently the 3rd largest city in Arizona and the 38th largest in the nation, encompassing the majority of congressional district six. Mesa is home to the Apache Helicopter production facilities in addition to the former Air Force Research Labs at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Chandler is currently the 4th largest city in Arizona and is home to the Intel Corporation, Microchip Technology and Freescale Semiconductor.

Mayors Smith and Tibshraeny join East Valley mayors Gail Barney (Queen Creek), Hugh Hallman (Tempe) and John Insalaco (Apache Junction) in supporting Salmon for Congress.

About Mayor Scott Smith
As a first-time political candidate, Scott Smith was elected Mayor of Mesa, Arizona in May of 2008. As a strong proponent of regional solutions, Mayor Smith serves in key roles on many local, state and national boards and committees. Most recently, Smith was elected as the Second Vice President of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM). He will become the organization’s president in 2013 and the first Arizona mayor to serve as president of the organization. Mayor Smith earned a degree in Accounting from BYU, and MBA and JD degrees from Arizona State. He and his wife Kim have been married for more than 30 years and have three children and three grandchildren.

About Mayor Jay Tibshraeny
Mayor Jay Tibshraeny began his unprecedented 5th term as Chandler’s Mayor in January 2011 after serving eight years in the Arizona State Senate from 2003-2011. He originally served as a member of the City Council from 1986 to 2002 as Councilmember, Vice Mayor and as Mayor. He was first elected Chandler Mayor in 1994, and served in that capacity for four consecutive terms through 2002. Mayor Tibshraeny is a small businessman and a citrus grower. He completed 12 years in the Chandler Public School System and holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Arizona State University. He and his wife Karen have one daughter, Lauren.

About Matt Salmon
Matt Salmon was first elected to the United States Congress in 1994 and served until 2000, honoring his term limit pledge. A proud conservative, Salmon was rated in the top five among all 535 members of the House and Senate by Citizen’s Against Government Waste for all six years he was in office. He is a lifetime member of the NRA with an A+ rating and also earned a 100% rating by the National Right to Life. He was also the proud recipient of the American Cancer Society’s “Top National Elected Official” award.

Matt Salmon has received endorsements from Arizona Congressman Trent Franks, former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, South Dakota Senator John Thune, Mesa Vice-Mayor Scott Sommers, Mesa Councilmembers Dave Richins, Dennis Kavanaugh and Christopher Glover, and Chandler Councilmembers Rick Heumann and Jack Sellers.


Arizona Conservative Rally – November 12, 2011

Rep. Flake Releases Statement on UN Decision to Grant Palestinian Authority Full UNESCO Membership

CONTACT: Genevieve Frye Rozansky

Mesa, Arizona – Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today released the following statement on the United Nations decision to give the Palestinian Authority full membership to UNESCO, the UN cultural agency:

“It defies logic that UNESCO is willing to give up 22-percent of its funding for a largely symbolic effort that will only further complicate the Middle East peace talks,” said Flake. “Genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only come through direct negotiations between the two parties, not through fiat.”


Rep Schweikert to Obama: Halt Taxpayer-Funded Book Purchases

CONTACT: Rachel Semmel


Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ), a member of the House Financial Services Committee, sent a letter to President Obama. The letter cites some concerns Rep. Schweikert has over the use of taxpayer dollars spent to purchase copies of President Obama’s books. A copy of the letter is attached:

In a letter to the White House, Rep. Schweikert calls on President Obama and his Administration to cease purchasing copies of his books using taxpayer money, and asks for him to remit any royalty payments he may have received to the Treasury Department.

“At a time of record deficits and a heightened need to cut government spending, it is clear that spending taxpayer money in this manner is inappropriate,” said Rep. Schweikert.

A copy of the letter is below:

October 31, 2011

President Barack Obama
The White House
Washington, DC 

Dear Mr. President: 

The Associated Press recently reported that the State Department purchased more than $70,000 worth of your books to stock libraries and distribute as Christmas presents. 

Copies of Dreams from My Father, The Audacity of Hope, and Of Thee I Sing were handed out from U.S. Embassies worldwide to, as your Administration has claimed, ‘help broker talks on important foreign-policy matters.’ 

At a time of record deficits and a heightened need to cut government spending, it is clear that spending taxpayer money in this manner is inappropriate. 

Furthermore, as with any book deal, there is no doubt some level of royalties paid to you for each copy purchased by the government. Receiving royalties from government purchases of your book is exactly the type of out-of-touch Washington behavior that the American people are weary of and will no longer tolerate. 

We request that you instruct all agencies to no longer purchase copies of your books and remit a payment to the Treasury Department for any royalties received as a result of these sales. 

Whether this has been done in the past or not, it should be stopped immediately. Doing so will help to restore the integrity of the Office of the Presidency and assure taxpayers that the government cannot be exploited for the personal gain of elected officials. 

Thank you for your attention and response to this critical matter. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Rep. David Schweikert


Democrats Have an Odd Way of “Boycotting” Committee Meetings

CONTACT: Mike Philipsen

Democratic Leadership dismisses Committee, then obsesses with every move

(Phoenix, State Capitol) —-Democrats in the House and Senate have dismissed the Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting as a “divisive partisan game”, but as Republican Committee members perform their Constitutional duty, the Democrats are the ones playing games.

The Joint Legislative Committee on Redistricting was formed under the Legislature’s comment authority in the Arizona Constitution. It is a bipartisan committee comprised of four Republicans and two Democrats. Just minutes before its first hearing on October 21, Democratic leadership announced it wouldn’t take part in the Committee. That “boycott” has taken a strange turn.

“Their chairs are empty, but they’re sure taking part,” says Senator Steve Pierce, a Republican from Prescott. “They are launching attacks on those testifying, they are going on Twitter to make accusations. They’re the partisan ones in this.”

In the six days of hearings, the Committee has listened to dozens of citizens who have been let down by the Independent Redistricting Commission. The Joint Committee will collect the information from these citizens and present a report to the IRC, as detailed in the Arizona Constitution.



Supervisors continue to fire more lawyers from defending Andrew Thomas

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Supervisors trying to fix outcome of Bar trial against Thomas by repeatedly firing his attorneys
State Bar has spent $426,984 on political witchhunt against Thomas that they have dragged out for over a year, yet Thomas is not allowed equivalent legal representation

From an article in the Arizona RepublicOnce again, the county is refusing to pay all of Thomas’ attorneys, effectively firing two of them midhearing.

The county is legally obligated to provide legal counsel for county officials and employees in litigation that arises from their work.

The county controls the purse strings and has repeatedly fired attorneys retained by Thomas, Aubuchon and Arpaio, citing cost or misconduct as reasons.


– Ernest Calderon, who was vocal in Thomas’ defense, was fired from Thomas’ legal team by the county sometime between March and June 2010.

– Kris Kobach, who helped write Arizona’s immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, and was consulting with the Sheriff’s Office, was fired by interim County Attorney Rick Romley in June 2010. At that time, county officials were also trying to figure out how Washington, D.C., attorney Robert Driscoll, who represented Arpaio in a racketeering suit against county officials and judges, was paid $155,000 from a fund reserved for racketeering investigations. Driscoll testified in the ethics hearing Thursday.

– The law firm of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart PC. which represented Thomas in his state Bar hearings and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in numerous matters, was fired by the county in September 2010 after being accused of billing irregularities. The firm is still owed $1.1 million, but the county wants auditors to examine $5 million in billings first.

– Mark Goldman and the law firm of Wilenchik & Bartness PC, which represented Aubuchon, were fired in October 2010, with the accusation that their billings were exorbitant. The county paid them more than $263,000 before the state Bar complaint was filed.
In February 2010, the county agreed to pay for Aubuchon’s and Thomas’ defenses but set a low cap of $100,000 for each. Aubuchon’s attorneys announced that they would work pro bono rather than abide by the cost restriction.

Thomas’ team had neared the $100,000 limit by this June, and Wilson, the former lead attorney, threatened to withdraw when the county balked at paying more money. The county, working through County Attorney Bill Montgomery, agreed to renegotiate, and Wilson and his team stayed on.

“Bar counsel has had five lawyers working full time,” Wilson said. “And they had a year-plus head start on us.”

Those attorneys are paid by the state Bar, which is a quasi-governmental body supported by attorneys’ membership dues.

According to Bar spokesman Rick DeBruhl, the costs of the investigation, the hearing panelists and the attorneys amounted to $426,984 as of September.

Thomas has been represented by a team of four attorneys since before the hearing began.

But Don Wilson, Thomas’ lead attorney, said he was notified last week that the county would not pay for “multiple attorneys at depositions and hearings.”

Wilson declined to give details other than that. According to an Oct. 20 memo from the county’s risk-management department, Thomas was allowed only two attorneys at a time at depositions or hearings.

Maricopa County officials would not answer any questions about the decision not to pay all his attorneys.

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More endorsements for Wes Gullett

CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

Congressmen Jeff Flake and Paul Gosar endorse Wes Gullett

PHOENIX – Arizona Congressmen Jeff Flake and Paul Gosar have endorsed Wes Gullett for Mayor of Phoenix, adding to a broad-based coalition that now includes all Republican members of Arizona’s congressional delegation.

“I am proud to endorse Wes Gullett for Mayor,” Flake said. “Taxpayers deserve a government they can afford. Wes will control spending and bring fiscal sanity to Phoenix City Hall.”

“The leadership of Phoenix is critical to the vitality of our entire state. That’s why I’m endorsing Wes Gullett for Phoenix Mayor,” Gosar said. “Wes has a detailed Seven Point Jobs Plan that will help attract new businesses and industries to our state. At a time when so many are struggling, Wes understands that it’s critical to get people back to work and keep government spending under control.”

“I’m honored to have the endorsements of Congressmen Flake and Gosar,” Gullett said. “I look forward to partnering with them to bring high-quality jobs to the entire region, which will help Phoenix.”

For a full list of endorsements, go to


Two Ways to Help Team Frederick


We are in the last stretch before Election Day! We need YOUR HELP to push us over the finish line! Here are the details of two opportunities that you can do to help!

1. Neighborhood Walk! Tomorrow, Saturday October 29th, we will meet at the Bagel Gourmet at 9:30 AM to go out into neighborhoods to talk with voters. The weather is expected to be fantastic, and this is a great opportunity to get a couple hours of exercise in while talking to voters and gaining their support.

2. Phone Calls! We have had many volunteers make phone calls on the campaign and the feedback we get is always the same: people are very receptive to hearing about a candidate! You can join us in these efforts in two different ways. The first way is the Phone Bank we’re doing Monday-Thursday from 5:30-8:00 pm at 3501 N 24th St. here in Phoenix. The second way is to make calls from home! Simply email us and we will send you a list and a script. These calls can be made from anywhere and will only take about 2 hours.

These opportunities will both take only 2 hours of your time and will help elect desperately needed New Leadership to Phoenix! Please help Eric out by volunteering for one of these opportunities!

Worldnetdaily weighs in on State Bar prosecution of Andrew Thomas

A m e r i c a n  P o s t – G a z e t t e

Distributed by C O M M O N  S E N S E , in Arizona

Friday, October 28, 2011

Case against power brokers rebounds on county prosecutor 
Even harshest critics call bar association case ‘gross overcharging’

Posted: October 28, 2011
By Dave Tombers
© 2011 WND 

The antics of President Obama’s Department of Justice are legion,from its insistence on employing only far-left attorneys, its threat to prosecute the CIA, its scandalous “Fast and Furious” gun delivery system to Mexican drug cartels, its battle to overrule residents of a city who wanted to dispense with party affiliations on ballots, its refusal to prosecute the nightstick-wielding New Black Panther Party members, its lawsuit against Arizona for trying to enforce federal immigration law, and on and on.

It is in this atmosphere that a case has developed in Arizona that is blasting a former prosecutor and two associates for their attempts to follow the book and apply the law to actions by the systems power brokers as well as others.

It is so egregious that it has even the former prosecutor’s harshest critics are saying that the overreaching “gives credence to [Andrew] Thomas’ claim that he is the victim of a witch hunt.”

In 2009, left to right, are Supervisors Don Stapley, Fulton Brock and Max Wilson, Cardinals officials Steve Ryan and Luis Zendejas, and Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox

That was from columnist Robert Robb, who has made made no display of supporting Thomas.

“I have written scathingly about the gross abuse of power by former County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio,” he said. “Thomas and Arpaio proclaimed that there was a giant conspiracy involving the county board of supervisors, senior county management and several judges in which the judges agreed to protect county officials against criminal probes in exchange for the county constructing a new office building for the judges.”

He said there was no evidence to support the racketeering and criminal complaints brought against Superior Court Judge Gary Donahue.

But he said the complaint brought by the Arizona Bar Association against Thomas includes “gross overcharging,” which he called a “serious disservice.”

Thomas, while not as famous as his county’s sheriff, the law-and-order Joe Arpaio, still was noted for his tough stances on enforcing immigration laws.

But now a trial is under way there in Maricopa County on charges by the bar association, which is seeking to sanction or disbar Thomas and assistants Lisa Aubechon and Rachel Alexander.

Attorney Don Wilson is defending Thomas, and summed up the dispute:

“Clearly this matter is politically charged,” he told WND. “My client dared to challenge the judiciary and powerful politicians.”

He continued, “Mr. Thomas was warned by his senior advisers that doing so could undermine his career, but he believed no one should be above the law, and that the electorate had entrusted him with the duty to enforce the law, even at the expense of his own interests.

“He believed then, and continues to believe, that he was doing the right thing.”

The case alleging misbehavior, however, was unsuccessful, and now the bar association has responded with an apparently politically charged 82-page complaint that so outraged the Maricopa County Republican Association that its members passed a resolution to denounce it.

That resolution reads in part:

“WHEREAS, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have been leaders in the fight to crack down on illegal immigration, taking on activist judges who tried to thwart Proposition 100 (no bail for illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes), and investigating corruption at the county level;

“WHEREAS, in a politically motivated move due to its opposition to Arpaio’s and Thomas’s policies, the State Bar of Arizona, which is under the control of liberal attorneys and criminal defense attorneys, is attempting to take the license to practice law from Andrew Thomas, one of his former prosecutors Lisa Aubuchon, and discipline a third former prosecutor, Rachel Alexander;

“WHEREAS, even a columnist for the liberal Arizona Republic, Robert Robb, has denounced the bar’s investigation, writing about the bar’s investigation, ‘Many of the alleged ethical violations are grounded in the claim that Thomas acted in bad faith for political retaliation. I doubt the evidence will clearly establish that.’

“WHEREAS, the state bar of Arizona has a history of refusing to take action against those who agree with their political philosophy;

“NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee that it demand the state bar drop the baseless and politically motivated investigation into Andrew Thomas, Lisa Aubuchon and Rachel Alexander.”

The bar association complaint describes Thomas, Aubechon, and Alexander in some areas as “incompetent,” and in other areas as “dishonest.”

A reading of the complaint reveals it seems largely focused on Thomas and his relationship with Maricopa County Board Supervisor Don Stapley.

In 2006 Stapley tried to rein in Thomas’ ability to hire outside counsel for the county, saying that Thomas based his “appointments upon who was favorable to him, not necessarily who was best qualified to represent the county.”

According to the complaint, the board (under Stapley), wanted to oversee attorney selection and even hire outside counsel for the board itself. Thomas let them know on numerous occasions that this was illegal.

The complaint quotes Thomas as saying, “Board members are immune from suit when they rely in good faith upon opinions of the county attorney, but no such immunity would apply and they may be personally liable for actions on advice of other counsel.”

In other words, the citizens of Maricopa County elected Thomas to be the county attorney, and Stapley’s actions gave the appearance of circumventing the wishes of the voters, said analysts.

The Arizona Bar Association took Thomas’ admonition of the county board to be a conflict of interest.

A third party decision-maker, Colorado Supreme Court employee John Gleason, was appointed by Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Rebecca Berch White to the case, and said in his complaint Thomas placed his own interests – that of wanting to retain control over hiring outside attorneys – over the interests of the county board, who wanted to hire attorneys on their own.

Thomas is then accused of using the office of the county attorney to investigate Stapley for criminal wrongdoing. In fact, a grand jury brought more than 100 charges against Stapley, ranging from failing to file financial disclosures, to accepting expensive gifts such as three-week long Hawaiian vacations and expensive ski trips for Stapley and his family.

The allegations arose that Stapley raised political contributions to run for president of the National Association of Counties, even though he was running unopposed.

The cash he raised was alleged to have been used to pay for personal luxuries instead.

But several judges who handled various steps of the case threw out charges, even though outside investigators had cited the “merit” of the counts. And bar association officials said the one-year statute of limitations had expired on dozens of charges.

Ultimately, none of the counts went to trial and Stapley testified before the bar that the investigation “ruined his life.”

Thomas also was accused of making public statements about the county board, including that a number of complaints were due to the “unusual chairmanship” of Stapley.

That generated the accusation that he was revealing information about his client.

The assistants were embroiled in the fight because they had filed various paperwork along the path of the cases.

Alexander played a small role in a racketeering case against the board and several judges that, before it was dropped, contained allegations concerning the use of $347 million of taxpayer funds to fund a court tower in the midst of an economic downturn.

The tower featured penthouse quarters for judges and raised eyebrows as it was done at a time when county employees were being laid off.

According to Thomas’ attorney, ” He [Thomas] believed (and still does) that his investigation was being hindered by the defendants in the RICO case.”

Thomas was forced to turn that case over to the U.S. Justice Department, as the county board stripped him of resources he needed to continue the investigation.

The DOJ, which also is suing the state to prevent it from enforcing immigration laws, has since refused to investigate.

Alexander also maintains a conservative blog called theIntellectual Conservative, prompting supporters to say that’s why she is now facing accusations.

The trial over the bar association’s allegations started in September and is expected to last into November. Thomas and Aubechon face disbarment, while Alexander may have her license suspended.

The American Thinker wrote an Oct. 12 that, “Arpaio’s and Thomas’ attempt to end local corruption has come at a price: the State Bar of Arizona (SBA) has begun prosecuting Thomas and two of his deputies in a move that reeks of political retaliation.”

And a article says the charges are “politically motivated” by the “Maricopa Machine.”

The “machine that knows how to protect itself by having all of the criminal charges against Stapley assigned to judges that ultimately dismissed them.”

The actions by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and now the Arizona Bar Association have alarmed many, including Thomas’ political opponents.

Ernest Calderon, a Democrat and former president of the ABA offered to review six charges against Thomas.

His assessment? “I do not believe that any of the complaints have merit.”

And what happened after that assessment. His pending renewal to a post in the ABA House of Delegates foundered.

In its statement, the Arizona Bar Association said it already has spent more than $280,000 on the prosecution. And spokesman Rick DeBruhl told WND there was no political involvement.

He said there are Democrats, Republicans and independents on the board.

But Prof. Geoffrey Hazard, who helped write the bar association rules, also concluded the allegations have “no merit,” and he said the bar association itself has acted unprofessionally.

Hazard noted that the chief bar association counsel had cited a Rule 53 – but then quoted only part of the rule.

He said the part of the rule omitted gives Thomas, Aubechon, and Alexander legal justification for withholding information in the case.

Whatever the outcome of the bar association process, the Maricopa County Republicans have decided:

“We, the members of the Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee, demand that the state bar refrain from any future politically motivated investigations of attorneys due to its inherent left wing bias.”

Read more:Case against power brokers rebounds on county prosecutor

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DeeDee Garcia Blase – Self Absorbed Racist Liberal Latina

DeeDee Garcia Blase & Jerry Lewis

By Javier Manjarres

America’s favorite phony Republican Belinda ‘Dee Dee’ Blase, the founder of the so-called “Somos Republicans” group, is once again trying to draw attention to herself and her disingenuous slant that favors amnesty for illegal aliens as a self identified Republican.

Dee Dee seems to have a very unhealthy and almost creepy crush of sorts on Senator Marco Rubio, as she continues to beat the drum that Rubio should support the Dream Act and amnesty because his family supposedly benefited from amnesty.

Blase and her ilk supports amnesty for  illegal aliens, and now they are attempting to have Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce recalled because he was the chief architect of the infamous ‘Arizona immigration bill’ that caused riots by illegal aliens and activists back in 2010.

This recall drive perhaps is legitimate, but the problem for Dee Dee now is that has formally changed her voter registration status from Republican to Independent.

She recently was a guest on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s comedy I mean talk show on MSNBC-

“Joining me now is Dee Dee Blase, she’s a co-founder of Somos Republicans, a Hispanic Republican group dedicated to increasing the Latino Republican voting bloc. But she recently left the party, becoming an independent …” (MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” 10/19/11)

So now that Blase is ‘out of the closet’ so to speak about her true political views, should she continue to campaign against Pearce, Rubio, or whomever as a member of Somos Republicans even though she is no longer a registered Republican?  We’re not the least surprised by Blase’s ongoing theatrics, she’s been pulling these stunts for as long as she has moved in political circles- Blase is considered a pariah by many that have encountered her, and it’s likely that she doesn’t have a real Republican bone in her body.

Blase also has been involved with her little ‘Tequila Party’ organization that she started, a race-baiting organization whose only purpose is to draw scorn and ridicule from actual Republicans and then charge Republicans with bigotry and racism for doing so- we reported on this bogus group not long ago-

In fact, the ‘Tequila Party” was previously identified by the publication The Week as being comprised of many disenchanted individuals who are “considering severing their ties to the Democratic Party and forming an independent, grassroots group called the “Tequila Party, most likely because their conveniently identified flash mob has much more radical aims than establishment Democrats.

Here’s some more dubious activity from this group- it wasn’t that long ago when the “Tequila Party” was bragging how “Latino voters demonstrated their power in Nevada by putting Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid over the top in a close race against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle.”  But wait- I thought Blase and Somos Republicans were Republicans??  Did they not support Angle in 2010?  How about John McCain in 2008, did she support him, or was he too extreme for her tastes as well?

 As we’ve said before, Blase is almost certainly a Democrat plant that is being utilized by some leftist organization to deceive and divide the Republican party. It was only a matter of time before she cracked and showed her true colors.  Now that she’s left the GOP and become an Independent, will actual Republicans attempt to stop her unauthorized use of the Republican trade name through her organization?

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