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July 2010

Archives for July 2010

AAARC Endorsements include Janet Contreras in CD 4

I’m not sure I understand the Arizona African-American Republican Committee’s (AAARC’s) reasoning behind all their endorsements. It’s an interesting mix from RINO to conservative depending on the race. They also didn’t make endorsements in every single race. Be that as it may, I am happy that they chose to endorse Janet Contreras over Jose Penalosa in CD 4.

Governor – Janice K. Brewer
Sec. of State – Ken Bennett
State Treasurer – Barbara Leff
Supt. Pub. Inst. – Margaret Dugan
Mine Inspector – Joe Hart
CORPORATION COMMISSION – Brenda Burns and Barry Wong

John McCain

CD 2 – Trent Franks
CD 3 – Vernon Parker
CD 4 – Janet Contreras
CD 5 – David Schweikert
CD 6 – Jeff Flake

Bill Montgomery

Michael Jeanes

DIST 8 – Michele Reagan
DIST 10 – Linda Gray
DIST 11 – Rich Davis
DIST 12 – Eve Nunez
DIST 18 – Russell Pearce
DIST 30 – Marian McClure

DIST 4 – Judy Burges- Jack Harper
DIST 8 – Michael Blaire-John Kavanaugh
DIST 11- Shawnna Bolick-Kate McGee
DIST 19 – Kirk Adams-Justin Olson

AAARC Endorsements Primary 2010

24 Days til Election, Early Ballots Mailed, Now is the Time to Help JD

JD Logo

24 Days Until the Election
We Need Your Voice

The time is NOW!  Early voting has started and JD needs your voice of support to help get out the vote.

Polls can’t measure “intensity” and the momentum is on our side.

Legions of supporters have asked, “what can I do?”

The answer is simple – Come into one of our two offices, pick up the phone and get out the vote for JD.

Phoenix Office
Location:  3129 E. Cactus Rd
Phoenix, AZ, 85032
Days: Monday – Saturday
Time:  9:00 am – 8:00pm

Tucson Office
698 E. Wetmore Rd Ste 400
Tucson AZ, 85705
Days: Monday – Saturday
Time: 9:00 am -6:00 pm

The clock is ticking….We need your help and support now more than ever!

Just let us know when you will be in and we will have a seat waiting for you.

Thank you for your continued support
Becky Hopkins

For more information, please visit http://www.JDforSenate.com

Paid for by JD HAYWORTH 2010, Inc.

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The Fairy Tale is Over, JD is Simply Unelectable

The ability of any American to run for office, and even get elected, can be attested to by looking at the South Carolina Democratic Senatorial Primary.  Alvin Greene, a no name, no money, no experience, no web site, no yard signs, nobody won the primary and will be the Democratic candidate for Senator in November.  Nothing to know, nothing to dislike is one theory of his victory.  Of course, he will face Jim DeMint…so his chances are less than slim but he did win the primary.  

Those kinds of stories are rare and even less likely when the candidate is a previously defeated, scandal plagued, infomercial huckster. Plenty to know, plenty to…well, I think you get my drift.  But, this is America!  Any citizen, meeting the age and other requirements who is not a felon can run for office.   Getting elected…now, that is another story.

Children believe in stories of magic and amazing outcomes, they are called fairy tales.  Throw some magic beans out the window and  POOF!  A goose that lays golden eggs is in your future!  Desire to go to the ball and VOILA!  A fairy godmother appears and little mice sew you a beautiful gown and a pumpkin becomes a carriage!  Make the story full of villains and evil, cast a bad guy and a hero, throw in a sweet damsel to the mix.  Oh, how sweet.  How wonderful.  How not true…or even close.

In the real world, facts cannot be dismissed with soaring rhetoric and highly charged words.  Eventually, the truth will be seen and reality must set in.  Data is what it is, cold and hard but true.  Wishing on a star will not make your poll numbers increase.  And, I’m sorry Virginia but…

Speaking of poll numbers….the results are in and according to the Hayworth campaign, the big poll that really matters…Rasmussen, says JD is toast.  Really dry, burnt toast.

Arizona Senate – Republican Primary

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample McCain (R) Hayworth (R) Spread
RCP Average 6/22 – 7/21 56.7 27.3 McCain +29.4
Rasmussen Reports 7/21 – 7/21 595 LV 54 34 McCain +20
Behavior Research Center 6/30 – 7/11 LV 64 19 McCain +45
Magellan Strategies (R) 6/22 – 6/22 1139 LV 52 29 McCain +23


This poll has been out for a few days now.  And while I was very excited, not surprised but excited, to see it …I didn’t want to rub it in.  Really.  I thought, maybe JD will get it and decide to “spend more time with his family”.  Maybe those around him who value his “style” will realize how damaging this campaign is to his future and maybe theirs, too.   Being a two-time loser hurts badly and basically eliminates any chance of a future race.  LOSER is a title no one wants to be stuck with.  Voter confidence in the candidate’s ability to win is essential…this is not how to get there.  The talk now is not “if” JD will lose but just how badly he will lose.  Falling personal stock is not good for one’s future earning ability.

But, apparently the delusional mindset of Team Hayworth persists.  After the debates, JD’s TV and radio ads, the man-horse marriage thing, the no war declaration on Germany fiasco, the birther episode, his “buyer beware”  video, and after everyone had a really good opportunity to be reminded of why JD achieved the nickname of “Foghorn Leghorn” and got to see his “bully” act live via the debates….we have a measure of the public response.

SO…here it is.  What Rachel Alexander, of Team Hayworth, called a “realistic” poll.  For the third straight time, a poll shows Senator McCain ahead of JD by 20+ points.  With early ballots in mailboxes and election day just a few weeks away, it is time to admit it.  This one will not end “happily ever after” for Team Hayworth, it is time to say…THE END.   

Arizona 1070: Is it all about cheap labor or the social costs of *Illegal* Immigration?

Perhaps to the bankers and global policy makers, the merging of the hemispheric economies is just another step forward in their grand design for a globally managed Uberstate.  Who knows.  My last posting provided some evidence that could be the case, after all, the FTAA and the Summit of the Americas do exist and have a well developed framework.

But is there another agenda at work here?  Is something akin to the relationship between Israel and Palestine over territory evolving here?  The tactics we’re seeing in Arizona now, bear an uncanny resemblance to scenes all too familiar from other regions of the globe in terms of tactics,  rhetoric and reaction.  No, there is no full scale violence [yet], but there is a hot cauldron at a rolling boil in the American Southwest.  The elements look familiar.

To those of you who say, “… its a single issue … what about ___”  I ask you to name one major facet of public policy in Arizona, or one major facet of the state’s budget that doesn’t in some way touch on the subject of the border or illegal immigration.  Then, as I briefly wrote about in my last blog, there is the hemispheric aspect of a European Union model for the Americas.  And tonight, there is the issue of a Hispanic Homeland – Aztlan.

These following quotes and links are from a widely read party organ of the Aztlan movement in Southern California.   Spend some time on their site.  You’ll feel the Marxism and anger, and the distortions of what you may think you know.  You will look through the lens they see Borders and Immigration.  Pay attention.

There was an outrage in Arizona at the death of rancher Rob Krentz.  But look at the quote below, then open another tab via the following link.  You decide.

[the ]”death near Douglas, Arizona of a rancher named Rob Krentz by an unknown assailant or assailants has been blown out of proportion…”


Here is something that is part of the Raza curriculum [you maybe be paying for this in a Charter School near you].  Notice again the disturbingly familiar distortions of history that echo in other strife torn corners of the globe.

Today, no informed Mexican, on either side of the present border, recognizes the legitimacy of this “shotgun treaty” and considers the entire US Southwest (Aztlan) to be stolen land.


The U.S. Department of Education funneled nearly $8 million in taxpayer grants to the group for a nationwide charter schools initiative.

Its called The National Council of The Race.

Do you have such a lobby?  And don’t think for a minute that major politicians from both parties haven’t paid their respects to this group.  Bush addressed them and Obama is courting them … and Juan McCain is fully on-board with their agenda for Amnesty.  Don’t you doubt it for a minute.

My last posting provided the “International Perspective” on the Southwestern Border of the United States.  This brief collage provides perhaps another agenda for La Reconquista de Aztlan.  Watch the video and decide.


But you will ultimately have to decide to look at the evidence [and there’s a mountain more], or simply say “… all they want is an opportunity” and vote with your eyes closed.

Dolores Huerta endorses Rodney Glassman

This just in to Sonoran Alliance from camp Glassman:

Dear Friend,

As Arizona’s new immigration law goes into effect and early voting begins, I am reminded of why Arizona needs Rodney Glassman as its next U.S Senator. While I have been a staunch opponent of Arizona’s new law, there is one thing that the Governor of Arizona, the State legislature, and I all agree on: John McCain has failed the people of Arizona and our nation when it comes to passing Federal immigration reform. Rodney Glassman is the new kind of leader Arizona needs to go back to Washington, D.C. and work on behalf of all Arizonans to get things done.

Rodney is not a candidate just for Latinos, the environment, women, working families or the business community. Rodney is the next generation of Arizona leadership because he understands the best way to bring people together is to provide everyone with a seat the table. I am proud that he has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Education Association, the AFL-CIO Arizona, and even the Arizona Republic, Arizona’s largest newspaper. Most important, though, I would like him to be supported by you.

Please join me today in supporting Rodney’s campaign. Rodney will move Arizona and our nation forward on a path of progress — click here to donate $50, $100, all the way up to $4,800 so that Arizona will be represented by a senator who puts service of the people over service to self or a narrow special interests.

Se Puede,

Dolores Huerta

Co-Founder of United Farm Workers

P.S. The Rodney Glassman for U.S. Senate campaign is quickly gaining ground. We need your help to build an even more successful campaign.

Arizona Border Tea Party Rally

We are excited to Announce:

United We Stand For Americans and The Patriot Caucus will be hosting our first Arizona Border Tea Party Rally as the “United Border Coalition

The United Border Coalition Tea Party will be held on the AZ border on August 15th 2010 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. The rally location to be disclosed on UWSFA.org and The Patriot Caucus over the next few days.

This Tea Party Rally is to show support for Arizona, and it’s rights to enforce the Immigration Laws that the Federal Government won’t!
SB1070 is a common sense law passed by the Arizona legislature that enables the state to enforce federal law on illegal immigration

We are asking everyone to help advertise this AZ rally though email, Facebook, Twitter and other online social medias.

You can also help by donating $10.00 at United Border Coalition.com

Lets help Arizona win the fight to protect it’s borders and enforce it’s laws.

Thank you for your support in advance.

Follow the link below for more details.

Please RSVP as Attending if you will watch the live broadcast on http://uwsfa.org/

Please send all inquiries to:

Sen. McCain: LAFB chosen as preferred site for F-35

Gov. Jan Brewer and Sen. John McCain announce the F-35 to LAFB

On Thursday officials announced the long-awaited and much hoped for decision that Luke Air Force Base was the preferred site for the F-35 Joint Srike Fighter  as a replacement for the F-16 fighter.  Sen. John McCain and Governor Jan Brewer held a press conference today in response to that announcement.  Both the Governor and the Senator have worked to keep Luke open and understand the vital economic role it plays, not only in the west valley but the state as a whole. 

Gov. Brewer and Sen. McCain singled out State Senator John Nelson, LD-12, as being particularly instrumental in keeping Luke open and bringing the F-35 to our state.  West valley mayors Cavanaugh of Goodyear, Schoaf of Litchfield Park, and Scruggs of Glendale along with County Supervisor Max Wilson were in attendance and also were  commended for their efforts. 

The F-35 was met with some resistance due to the noise issues it may bring in comparison to older models of the F-16.   However, in answer to a reporter’s question to that effect, Sen. McCain made the point that the F-35 is not any louder than the newer, upgraded engines of the currently flown F-16.

The economic impact of Luke is over $2.7 billion annually and 8,000 jobs statewide as a direct result of the operations at LAFB. The new F-35 is expected to bring in another $2 million-plus dollars in jobs for construction and development. 

An environmental impact study will be completed with final award to be announced in 2011.

JD Hayworth Releases New Ad: John McCain made illegal immigration problem worse

Here is J.D. Hayworth’s latest advertisement in his run for the U.S. Senate. The ad highlights the record of his opponent, John McCain, who has failed to secure the border and to add insult to injury, has voted to make taxpayers pay for benefits to illegal aliens.

McCain/Kyl Border Security Plan OR How to Secure Our Borders and NOT add to the deficit!

Arizona’s two Senators took the fight for our nation’s security and sovereignty to the floor of the Senate Thursday, and did it with true conservative values.  While the House passed a very similar plan, it was paid for by $200 million in cuts and added further debt of over $500 million.  Senators McCain & Kyl, however, have a plan that insures no new deficit funding by using remaining stimulus funds and an additional $100 million frozen by Sec. Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano.  The McCain/Kyl plan is designed to provide increased funding to the tune of $701 million for manpower, technology, and other resources to the border.


The legislation we introduced today will provide additional resources to help gain control of our border, without impacting our nation’s deficit,” McCain and Kyl said in a joint statement Thursday. “It is our hope that Democratic majority will swiftly work with us to ensure passage of this bill.”


The Dems attempted to load up the Afghanistan War funding bill with border security funding, all tied to increasing the deficit, and leaving hundreds of millions of unencumbered stimulus dollars available.  Republicans, led by McCain and Kyl, stripped that bill of the border funding and the McCain/Kyl bill was quickly introduced as the alternative.   

Among the items funded will be:

  • 1200 Border Patrol Agents
  • 500 additional Customs and Border Protection officers at ports of entry
  • 3 new Border Enforcement Bases
  • 2 Unmanned Aircraft
  • The FBI & DEA will have additional investigation and surveillance of drug and human traffickers.

Janet, Joe & JD – Next Wednesday!

Make sure you RSVP for this event. With Sheriff Joe and JD Hayworth in the house, you know it’s gonna be a great event!

Janet Contreras Fundraiser

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