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Joe Scarborough: “John McCain is NOT a Conservative!”

Neil Cavuto on John McCain: “You Have No Convictions”

John McCain & The Keating 5

Time to remind the voters about John McCain and the Keating 5

SB 1070 Sponsor Endorses Andrew Thomas, Criticizes Horne’s Amnesty Plan

SB 1070 Sponsor Russell Pearce Endorses Andrew Thomas For AZ Attorney General
Criticizes Opponent For Amnesty Plan

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. JUNE 29, 2010.  Much like Senator Russell Pearce, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas is known for his tough on crime policies and dedication to stopping illegal immigration.  Today, Senator Pearce endorsed Andrew Thomas in his race for Arizona Attorney General.
“I am enthusiastically endorsing Andrew Thomas for Attorney General,” Senator Pearce said.  “He was one of the first to endorse Senate Bill 1070 and actually worked with me on it.  His opponent, Tom Horne, has publicly supported giving amnesty to illegal immigrants who graduate from high school and pass a test.  Andrew Thomas opposes amnesty.  And he’s worked closely with Sheriff Arpaio and me to support many effective crackdowns on illegal immigration.  To secure our borders please vote for my friend Andy Thomas for Attorney General.”
Thomas has also been endorsed by notable Arizona law enforcement leaders including Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Graham County Sheriff P.J. Allred, Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh, Mohave County Attorney Matthew Smith, Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Arizona Police Association and former Arizona Attorney General and NRA President Bob Corbin.  Former Arizona State Senator Jonathan Paton and Arizona Right to Life have endorsed Thomas as well.
During Thomas’ time in office, crime rates plummeted.  The 19 percent drop is more than twice the national rate of decline, in despite of an 11 percent increase in the county’s population during that time.  The illegal immigrant population has dropped by anywhere from 18 percent (Dept. of Homeland Security estimate) to 30 percent (Center for Immigration Studies estimate). Like the fall in crime rates, this dramatic decline in illegal immigration is far greater than the average in the rest of the nation.
Thomas has a track record of successfully defending illegal immigration crackdowns in our courts, including his successful efforts to prosecute illegal immigrants for conspiring to violate the state’s human-smuggling law and to defend Prop 200’s voter ID requirements and the employer-sanctions law, which he defended along with the Attorney General’s Office.
If elected Attorney General Thomas has pledged to expand that office’s prosecutions of illegal immigrants under the state’s human smuggling laws. The office is not currently pursuing such prosecutions.
Thomas is married with four children.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.  Prior to serving as Maricopa County Attorney, Thomas served as an assistant attorney general for Arizona, deputy counsel and criminal justice policy advisor to the Governor, special assistant to the Director of the Arizona Department of Corrections, and a deputy county attorney.
For more information about Andrew Thomas, please go to  To schedule an interview please contact Jason Rose.

Paid for by Thomas for AG

Quayle wants to raise the Retirement Age…I think NOT!!!

Ben Quayle wants you to work harder and longer to get to your retirement.  What gives?  This guy has only worked hard for his bowling handicap. Based on pictures he posts on his campaign Facebook page he LOVES to bowl.

Enough of that.  Back to reality. Sorry Ben, but it just doesn’t wash with me to reduce the deficit on the backs of us hardworking citizens.  It clearly shows you are out of touch with the regular guy out there.

You graduated from law school in 2002 and finally after several attempts passed the Bar in Arizona in 2009. So quit lying saying you’ve been practicing law in Arizona since you’ve moved here.  


And, congressional seats CANNOT be bought here using DC money from cronies of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

We weren’t raised with a silver spoon in our mouth and I don’t believe we want a silver spoon representing us in CD 3.

Go back to taking care of your dad’s assets.

Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry Endorses John Huppenthal For Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction

PHOENIX, AZ.  JUNE 28, 2010.  State Senator John Huppenthal’s bid for State Superintendent of Public Instruction has been endorsed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Last week, the Chamber named Huppenthal “Senator of the Year”.

“As a legislator, John Huppenthal has a long record of fighting for education reforms that increase choice and empower parents.  We look forward to working with Sen. Huppenthal when he brings his reform agenda to the Arizona Department of Education,” Glenn Hamer, President and CEO of the Chamber said.

Senator Huppenthal played a key role in helping create school choice for parents. In 1995 his legislation took the caps off charter schools. This legislation moved Arizona to first in the nation in school choice (ALEC rankings). In addition, Congressman Trent Franks named Senator Huppenthal one of three legislators most responsible for creating and expanding tuition tax credits in Arizona.

Huppenthal’s legislative reform efforts resulted in the creation of the Career Ladder program for teachers, improved measures of academic progress, and higher graduation standards. Huppenthal also worked closely with the disabled community to improve opportunities for children with special challenges, including creating a model summer school for children with autism, increasing resources for the blind and deaf, expanding textbook formats to accommodate children with disabilities and reducing mandates on teachers.

In 2010, Senator Huppenthal sponsored and helped pass major education reform legislation. Known as the “Truth in Advertising” bill, SB 1286 improves accountability by requiring the Arizona Department of Education to rate the performance of schools with easily understood letter grades (A, B, C, D or F). The grades will be based upon overall performance and academic gains over time. The “Truth in Advertising” law is modeled after similar reforms in Florida which significantly improved academic achievement.

Huppenthal attended high school in Tucson. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Arizona University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

John is a devoted husband and father. He and his wife Jennifer have two daughters, Brooke and Morgan. John and Jennifer are active in their children’s education, and participate in community and church groups.

John Huppenthal has been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, 2006 GOP Nominee for Governor Len Munsil and many other conservative leaders across Arizona.

He is the current Chairman of the Arizona State Senate’s Education Committee.  For more information please go to

JD Hayworth’s Straight Talk on John McCain’s Negative Attacks

Here are several videos in which JD Hayworth counters John McCain’s negative attacks.

If the mainstream media will not do their fact checking, the campaign will be glad to do it for them.

Real Clear Politics: McCain over Hayworth by 23 points

The latest, and most comprehensive of all published polls in this race, make clear that Senator John McCain has taken a commanding lead over the closest other candidate, JD Hayworth.  If the election were held today, John McCain would be the determined winner over JD with a 52% to 29% voter breakdown, 14%  for Another Candidate and 5% undecided.  The calls for Jim Deakin to drop out are clearly a last ditch strategy but, according to this poll, even that would not give Hayworth a winning margin.  

US Senate Primary Ballot Test

McCain 52%, Hayworth 29%, Another Candidate 14%, Undecided 5%

The poll likely does not show the full impact of the revealing JD “huckster” ad, as it was conducted on the day the story became news on cable stations and was then picked up by many media outlets.

Conducted by the Republican data group, Magellan Strategies, it reached out to 1139 likely voters across the state.  Very indicative of the outcome of the election are the negative numbers for both candidates.

It is quite revealing that the number of folks who have an unfavorable rating of Senator McCain is 1% less than the number of folks with a postive image of Hayworth.

Senate Candidate Image Ratings:

John McCain:   Favorable 60%, Unfavorable 37% 

JD Hayworth:    Favorable 38%, Unfavorable 50%

Magellan gives McCain good marks for his statewide voter image as an incumbent in this era of anti-incumbency while labeling Hayworth as “upside down” in his favorability ratings; having a far larger number of folks with a unfavorable image than a positive image of any candidate is not a good thing in the final leg of a primary race.

Senator McCain is most strong among women who give him a 36 point advantage.  Hayworth does not lead in any group polled in any category.

Brewer v. Obama….

Today “wise” men from the east will make a visit to our lovely state.  With them, they will bring gifts of malarkey, double-speak, and duplicitous intentions.  You have to wonder what the east cost elitists with their full-blown cases of Potomac Fever must think of our homegrown Governor.  With her determined demeanor, boot-straps style and not a bit of entitlement to be found, she has a proven record of accomplishing what others cannot. Janice K. Brewer makes up in grit and integrity what she might lack in pretentious polish and I’ll take that any day!   

The very real cost of our porous border affects Arizona unlike any other state.  It is right that Governor Brewer is taking on the challenge.  She is definitely up to it! 

The Republic columnist, Laurie Roberts, who says she doesn’t necessarily like SB 1070 appreciates Governor Brewer advocating for the state and has this to say about the meeting:

Maybe Obama’s staffers will be bringing a pile of gold today when they meet with Brewer, to satisfy their debt. If not, was I governor I might be inclined to toss in one more gift for Obama’s staffers to deliver to the White House . . . a summons.

Not a bad idea!  They bring us their gifts, we give them ours.

McCain Explained: Subliminally

McCain Explained
It’s in the Logo


And it’s hidden in his ads:

If you listen carefully, over and over, to McCain’s radio ads slamming JD Hayworth — after all he’s made dang sure you can’t avoid them — eventually you become aware of a subliminal message.

Complex filter software can reverse the embedding process bringing the subliminal message into sharp focus. This software program is called the “Political Operative Output Propaganda Obfuscation Undertext Translator” or POOPOUT. Getting the POOPOUT of two recent McCain radio ads resulted in the short audio clip below.

But first a caveat: This is NOT what the ads actually sound like, just what a listener with a working POOPOUT filter might hear: Click here to listen.