2010 Gubernatorial Candidates: A First Look

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 11, 2009
CONTACT: Michael O’Neill, PhD2010 Gubernatorial Candidates: A First Look

Arizona small businesses were asked about their support for various possible candidates for Governor of Arizona. Each group was only asked the possible primary candidates for their own party.

Among the 69% of Arizona small businesses who are Republicans, Governor-apparent Jan Brewer would appear to be the default choice. Fifty-eight percent (58%) indicated support for nominating her for an elected term as governor. This proportion dwarfed that given to any other potential candidate: Andrew Thomas (13%), Tom Horne (11%), Hugh Hallman (9%), Mary Peters (8%), Dean Martin (1%). This suggests to us at this point that the nomination is Jan Brewers’ to lose.

Among Democrats, more than three-fourths (77%) of Arizona small businesses expressed a preferences for Terry Goddard over Mayor Phil Gordon (23%). While 2010 is a long way off, this strikes us as a formidable starting point for Goddard.


  1. Antifederalist says

    Wow….2009 JUST started and we’re already talking about a race in late 2010….hard to believe, but that’s about right. The genesis of races start about 2 years ahead of time.

    IMHO, right now, if Brewer had to run against Goddard, she’d get smoked. So would Thomas and Horne. Who the heck are Hallman and Peters? Dean would be my choice, but I was in on his first campaign against the lecherous Horne, so, I’m biased. Funny that Horne shows up higher in the polls than Dean does. I bet Tom doesn’t want to go up against Dean again. 😉

    Anyway, if Brewer wants to win, she’s gonna have to be 100% consistently conservative in her decisions. If she gives the true, small-government conservatives anything to hold against her, they’ll stay home come election day. Best of luck, Jan. I’m pulling for you to stay to the right. The state needs a leader like that.

  2. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    Conservatives never stay home. They consistently choose the lesser of two evils. Brewer will be the GOP nominee, no matter what. Conservatives don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. Sure, someone from the far right will make noise about running in order to try to pressure Brewer to “act conservative” but it just won’t matter. Incumbency, no matter how you got there, is just too powerful a force. JD will take rightful exception to this rule, but I am sticking with it. Oh, and as will Bob Melvin and Steve Pierce. But still a good rule.

  3. Veritas Vincit says

    Let’s just say first, Veritas likes Dean … however, his political career may be just about over. Good-bye Mr. Martin.

    Phil Gorden … that’s got to be a joke right?

    A.G. Goof-ball?? You can’t be serious? Without his teflon coated Napolatino shield, he’s toast.

    Horne? Lightweight
    Thomas? Lightweight with heavy baggage
    Peters? Been inside the Beltway too long

    Brewer is the odd’s on next Governor in 2010 unless … (and you thought Veritas was letting you off with a hallpass) … unless the Republican’s remain true to their history and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    [which they could do by introducing yet another Immigration Amnesty Scheme which as I’m writing is being drafted by the gentleman from LD5 presently.]

  4. Why don’t you run Joe the Plumber?

  5. Pearce for President says

    Wonder what John Munger thinks about his name not being floated. Everyone knows he is planning to run..until then he has “Imagine Arizona” to hide behind….

  6. LiberalWatcher says

    John Munger is a decent guy and the fact he is missing from this poll tell us that this is a rigged deal.
    I’d consider John in a heartbeat over I can’t miss a photo op Dean M. – who now does not have much to soap box since Janet went to D.C.
    Andy Thomas won’t run because he cannot afford to resign to run and give up his day job – frankly, I’d fear he’d be a lousy gov.
    Jan Brewer is on probation, like the rest of the Republican legislature – just because you all think you have voices here on these blogs, the reality is the voters are somewhere else in their mindsets.
    I’d say if Brewer keeps trial ballooning things like tax increases, she will find herself with a voter decrease flatter than George Bush had on exit.

  7. Hugh Hallman is the current mayor of Tempe, Arizona.

  8. Tim Holeman says

    Would the legal voting residents of my state support a real outspoken straight forward governor? One without ANY political ties, that would be dedicated to the people not the party or PAC. I would look too the people that have given up on the system, and has not voted or not represented by “their” party anymore.

    Could such a person succeed?

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