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Bundgaard Adds Secretary of State to Endorsement List


Former State Senator Scott Bundgaard continues to add to an impressive list of endorsees, now adding Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett to a list that includes County Attorney Andrew Thomas and County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“I am grateful to Secretary Bennett for his support and endorsement.” said Bundgaard, adding “It has really been heartwarming to see the support and enthusiasm that our campaign message has generated.  Voters are fed up with a broken government that overtaxes, overspends, and wants more and more control over our lives.”

Bundgaard is running for the Senate seat that will be vacated by term-limited Senator Jack Harper.

‘Tapped Out’ – Citizens Voice Anger at Jeff Flake Townhall

Here is the latest video from the townhall that occurred in the San Tan Valley region of congressional district 6 (Johnson Ranch) on Monday, August 31st. Congressman Jeff Flake conducted the townhall to hear from his constituents on a variety of issues but the overriding theme was that Americans are tapped out and angry with everything the federal government is doing.

This video is symptomatic of the raw voter anger occurring everywhere. This gentleman had never spoken publicly before and claimed to represent the view of a few of his co-workers. As you can see his passion drove his well articulated words.

Latest Arizona Poll Shows Significant Voter Unrest

Sonoran Alliance was able to obtain the results of a just released statewide issues poll commissioned by a local businessman and philanthropist Wil Cardon. The universe, consisting of 602 likely voters sampled across the state, indicates that voter attitude is not happy with the direction of the state and elected officials. Here are a few of the questions and respective answers from that poll:

  1. Do you feel things in Arizona are going in the right direction or are they seriously on the wrong track?
    Right direction – 109 – 18.11%
    Wrong track – 345 – 57.31%
    Unsure – 147 – 24.42%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  2. In general, please tell me if you have a favorable or unfavorable impression of the Arizona State Legislature.
    Favorable – 122 – 20.27%
    Unfavorable – 365 – 60.63%
    No opinion/DK – 115 – 19.10%
    Refused – 0 – 0.00%
  3. Thinking about Arizona State leadership for just a moment, tell me which of the following types of candidates you would tend to favor. Candidates who have run businesses, have real world experience and who have never held political office before, or people who have extensive experience in state government?
    Run businesses – 419 – 69.60%
    Served in state government – 183 – 30.40%
  4. When it comes to the top issues you would like to see Arizona State government address which of the following do you think is most important:
    K-12 education funding – 168 – 27.91%
    University funding – 6 – 1.00%
    State budget deficit – 129 – 21.43%
    Illegal immigration – 160 – 26.58%
    Tax reduction – 20 – 3.32%
    Transportation – 1 – 0.17%
    Health Care – 55 – 9.14%
    Growth/Development – 18 – 2.99%
    Crime/Public safety – 18 – 2.99%
    Protecting the environment – 9 – 1.50%
    Other – 7 – 1.16%
    Refused – 11 – 1.83%
  5. Are you registered to vote as a Republican, Democrat, Independent or No party, or something else?
    Republican – 238 – 39.53%
    Democrat – 199 – 33.06%
    Independent or no party – 139 – 23.09%
    Something else – 3 – 0.50%
    Refused – 23 – 3.82%
  6. The fourth would strengthen and expand Arizona’s term limits laws. At present, elected officials often run for other political offices after their terms expire. They do this because they like the perks of office, or may have no other job to return to. Plus, having held one office, they can more easily win another. However, a new ballot measure would require that politicians wait at least two years before seeking another elected office in order to give more citizens a better chance at serving the public, rather than career politicians. In general, do you think that this is a good idea, or a bad one?
    Good idea – 346 – 57.48%
    Bad idea – 174 – 28.90%
    Unsure – 80 – 13.29%
    Refused – 2 – 0.33%
  7. The next involves complaints that paying state income taxes is too complicated and too costly. The solution, some say, is a flat tax that would have a single income tax rate that is easy to understand. It would still permit deductions for home mortgages and charitable contributions. Such a reform would be revenue neutral for the State of Arizona. In general do you think this is a good idea, or a bad one?
    Good idea – 325 – 53.99%
    Bad idea – 156 – 25.91%
    Unsure – 119 – 19.77%
    Refused – 2 – 0.33%
  8. The last one involves a temporary one cent sales tax increase proposed by Governor Brewer . It would last for 3 years to help close the state budget deficit and would cost the average home owner about $486 per year.The money would be used to fund state services rather than make further cuts in these areas. Would you tend to favor or oppose such a proposal?
    Favor – 295 – 49.00%
    Oppose – 261 – 43.36%
    Unsure – 45 – 7.48%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  9. Governor Jan Brewer will be up for re-election in November, 2010. If the election were held today please tell me if you would vote for her, or if you would vote for someone else?
    Brewer – 110 – 18.27%
    Someone else – 276 – 45.85%
    Unsure/undecided – 215 – 35.71%
    Refused – 1 – 0.17%
  10. Now, staying on the topic of the race for governor, if our current governor was not a candidate, what type of candidate would you vote for if that election were held today? They are:
    A state treasurer – 30 – 5.83%
    A former George W. Bush transportation secretary – 6 – 1.17%
    A conservative African American mayor of a prominent Arizona city – 26 – 5.05%
    A former Republican Party state chairman who is a practicing attorney – 11 – 2.14%
    An incumbent Attorney General – 60 – 11.65%
    A former state senate president and secretary of state – 19 – 3.69%
    A successful businessman with a young family – 138 – 26.80%
    Undecided – 218 – 42.33%
    Refused – 7 – 1.36%
  11. And when it comes to voting for Congress next year are you inclined to vote for the Republican, Democrat or are you not sure?
    Republican – 194 – 32.23%
    Democrat – 160 – 26.58%
    Unsure – 240 – 39.87%
    Refused – 8 – 1.33%

Of the 602 voters sampled:

  1. Age:
    18-34 – 18 – 2.99%
    35-44 – 28  – 4.65%
    45-54  – 81 – 13.46%
    55-64 – 145 – 24.09%
    65 and older – 307 – 51.00%
    Refused – 23  – 3.82%
  2. County residence:
    Maricopa – 362 – 60.13%
    Pima – 90 – 14.95%
    Other North: (Mohave Coconino Apache Navajo Yavapai Gila Greenlee) – 87 – 14.45%
    Other South: (Pinal Graham Cochise Santa Cruz Yuma LaPaz) – 63 – 10.47%
  3. Sex:
    Male – 291 – 48.34%
    Female – 311 – 51.66%

Here is the press release issued by Rose & Allyn Public Relations

Arizona Right to Life Holds Successful Conference

Here’s a great photo slide show of the Arizona Right to Life Annual Conference that occurred this last Friday and Saturday. As you can see, there were many prominent pro-life leaders present including Janet Folger, Joseph Scheidler, Dr. Carolyn Gerster, Alan Sears, John Jakubczyk and Bishop Thomas Olmsted.

Several elected officials and candidates also attended including, State Treasurer Dean Martin, Senators John Huppenthal and Jack Harper, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Representative John Kavanaugh, congressional candidates, Bradley Beauchamp and David Schweikert and Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate, Margaret Dugan. Many elected officials and candidates make the effort to attend the annual conference to demonstrate their support for Arizona Right to Life and the principle of the sanctity of life.

Finally, a special congratulations to Jennifer Wright who was instrumental in putting the conference together.

Find more photos like this on Arizona Right to Life

Diversity Lane: Looking Back at Summer Camp

diversity lane

“V” is reading Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s A World Split Apart. He challenges you to read it too.  This cartoon will make more sense as the rest of the series is posted this week.

This parting quote I suppose contains the truth behind the Progressive Liberals inability to see the error in their world view – no matter how hard they shout, no matter how many names they call others in the name of diversity.

Truth is seldom pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. 


– Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1978 at Harvard University

Late Friday Night Entertainment with Steven Crowder

This is so true!

Obama’s 1984

This is great! Hat tip to Desert Freedom and Project Impass.

Now here’s the pertinent new story side of this:

“Bill would give president emergency control of Internet”

This is being run on CNET News and the most troubling aspect of the article is not this quote:

The new version would allow the president to “declare a cybersecurity emergency” relating to “non-governmental” computer networks and do what’s necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the proposal include a federal certification program for “cybersecurity professionals,” and a requirement that certain computer systems and networks in the private sector be managed by people who have been awarded that license.

It really is that a draft of this bill has been kept hidden for months by Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller. Makes you wonder what else they’re not telling us.

Now I’m not some wild-eyed conspiracy theory nut but when things like this start leaking out, you start wondering.

Maybe we can expect the federal government to start requiring us to register to use our computers online? Just another tax/fee you’ll be required to pay.

PR: Senator John Huppenthal Vindicated; Arizona Democratic Party Attack Tactics Defeated

PHOENIX – State Senator John Huppenthal was vindicated yesterday afternoon of false accusations brought against him by the Arizona Democratic Party regarding a campaign sign.

Huppenthal, who was the target of a massive Arizona Democratic Party effort to defeat him in 2008, had been accused by the Arizona Democratic Party of misdemeanor charges of theft and tampering with a political sign.

However, Judge Daniel Washburn issued a ruling yesterday afternoon that found Huppenthal had been granted permission by the property owner to move the campaign sign in question, and that Huppenthal was innocent of the charges against him.

Senator Huppenthal released the following statement:

“I’m pleased with the decision announced today. The Democratic Party filed this complaint because, after $150,000 worth of negative advertising, they couldn’t win at the ballot box. The voters saw through the Democratic Party’s political gamesmanship during the 2008 election, and I have every confidence they’ll do so now.

Helping people is my life’s work. Our state faces tremendous difficulties right now. I remain committed to working as hard as I can with my fellow Arizonans to overcome these challenges and position our great state for better times ahead.”

Senator Huppenthal, the current Senate Education Chairman, is one of Arizona’s leading authorities on education issues. In addition to being the current Senate Education Chairman, Huppenthal has served for 17 consecutive years on the State House and State Senate education committees.

Huppenthal’s reputation for making policy based on the best research available is well established. A September 2008 editorial in The Arizona Republic stated:

“…Huppenthal is a veteran of the Legislature, having chaired five committees and being as knowledgeable about the bill-making process as any of his colleagues. He’s a pragmatic conservative who bases his positions on exhaustive research and works across party lines to get worthwhile bills passed.

Huppenthal insists that legislation be based on best practices from around the country, and he’s prone to arcane dissertations based on stacks of studies he has compiled as he delves into state and district problems. It’s not sexy stuff but it’s necessary to guide a legislative process too often led astray by raw politics and emotion.”   (Read editional here.)

A February 2008 article by reporter Luige del Puerto in the Arizona Capitol Times stated:

“Don’t start Sen. John Huppenthal with reports and studies. A staff member says he probably knows more about them than most, and that’s probably an understatement. Indeed, when the Chandler lawmaker makes a point on the floor it is certain to be backed up by research, and not just any kind of research, but the best research available. To converse with Huppenthal is to immerse in figures, percentages, growth rates and performance ratings. He treats studies the way others probably regard meditation, a way to find peace amid the noise and haste.”

During Senator Huppenthal’s legislative career he successfully developed and passed over 200 bills – the most of any legislator in Arizona history.

Senator Huppenthal played a key role in helping create school choice for parents. In 1995, as Senate Education Chairman, his legislation took the caps off charter schools. This legislation moved Arizona to first in the nation in school choice (ALEC rankings).

Senator Huppenthal has opened a committee to explore the 2010 Superintendent of Public Instruction race. Incumbent Superintendent Tom Horne cannot run for re-election due to term limits.

Arizona’s most popular elected offical, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, have both announced their endorsement of Huppenthal, and that they will work hard to help elect Huppenthal, should Huppenthal decide to run.

For additional information, please call Senator John Huppenthal at (480) 330-3215 or visit



That was the farewell “sign-off” from Sean Shepherd, the Libertarian Liasion from the local mostly-GOP social club Politics on the Rocks.  It was probably supposed to be “hip” and “cool”, the sort of thing you send to your “bff” because “ttfn” seems a bit too girly.  To understand why this trite sendoff bothers us so much, you’d have to see the whole exchange.  It starts with Politics on the Rocks sending out a reminder that Arizona Right to Life is having a conference this weekend, so that’s nice.  But Shepherd seems rather immune to the value of human life, its importance, or even its significance to the Libertarian Party with which he plans on networking.  “Do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else” is a pretty good philosophy, but most Libertarians have figured out that dismembering a baby and tossing it in the garbage bin certainly does hurt it.  Many have also come to understand the damage done to the mother as a result of these procedures.  Shepherd hasn’t figured this out, so his mocking “I think I just threw up a little in my mouth… 😉 ttyl!”  reply leaves us more than a little disturbed.

We get it Sean, its a movie quote, from a Ben Stiller movie too, “Dodgeball!”, so you’re keeping up with the classics.  And we get that you aren’t much for the pro-life cause or forwarding on information regarding pro-life conferences to your friends.

But we don’t get your oh-so casual disregard for the topic.  And we don’t appreciate that it is so casually turned into a joke and then dismissed.

Pro-lifers, and yes Sean that includes a lot of Libertarians, value human life, and believe that the wholesale slaughter of nearly 50 million Americans since the Roe v Wade decision is a stain on the soul of this country.  Its not a joke, or a line from a Ben Stiller movie.  To educate yourself, start with this You Tube video from Congressman Trent Franks.

Then, maybe try attending the conference and learning more about the subject.  Then, and only then, should you try and “talk to us later!”

Washington Weasels With Senator Snuggle Bunny

by Gayle Plato

On Ronald Reagan’s 95th birthday, February 6, 2006, Senator John McCain sent a letter to “the freshman” Senator Barack Obama.  John McCain’s point was clear: he did not appreciate Senator Obama’s lack of commitment and weaseling. Obama had agreed to work with Senator McCain and others on a bipartisan project. Obama then backed out.  Mr. McCain stated,

I’m embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won’t make the same mistake again.”

McCain is one of the greatest American heroes living.  His spirit did not break when the North Vietnamese broke his bones.  Senator McCain owes this country nothing more, and I am honored every day  that he is an Arizonan voice of Liberty.  But my good Senator, I am worried when I hear you discuss President Obama. This is the same Barack Obama you sternly dressed down; he is not a defender of Liberty as most conservatives would define it. Does our great Senator and American hero now show signs of political Stockholm Syndrome?

Senator McCain must escape the Washington D.C. lock-down as power grabbing doesn’t hold in Arizona. Sun City residents scoffed at the references to President Obama, the defender of the Constitution; the public’s anger is self-evident. Senator McCain spoke well of health care reform and focused on a need for quality and competition. How is it that the good Senator denies reality and the truth he saw in 2006? How can he say Obama believes and upholds the values of the United States Constitution when we’ve more Czars than Cabinet members? Checks and Balances-GOVT 101! The examples are endless.

Was is just coincidence that Mr. McCain wrote the letter to Freshman Obama on Reagan’s birthday? Ronald Reagan, Senator McCain’s great mentor: how would President Reagan feel about Senator McCain’s blatant snuggles and hugs with POTUS?  He IS the enemy at the gate, and we need our great hero to stand firm. I want the John McCain of his three year-old letter, not the Snuggle Bunny warm fuzzy found at this last town hall.

Bipartisanship makes sense when all members at the table are fair and balanced. President Obama’s beer chats are just photo ops.  He is not reaching across any table other than to overturn it, while the drunken talkers are dropped under it. Senator McCain, do not negotiate. Kill the bill and squeeze the weasels. Make them climb over the table, across the Capitol, and through the rubble left in the center of the floor. Make the left-over liberals come to you. You’ve earned it.

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