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Oh, that liberal media

With all the distortions, lies and mistakes journalists make, you’d think they be somewhat humble.   Instead, journalists love to wax philosophically about their higher calling and how any bias is simply their search for the truth.  Editor & Publisher prints a hilarious email from the Seattle Times editor (h/t

I ask you all to leave your personal politics at the front door for one simple reason: A good newsroom is a sacred and magical place in which we can and should test every assumption, challenge each other’s thinking, ask the fundamental questions those in power hope we will overlook.

If we wore our politics on our sleeves in here, I have no doubt that in this and in most other mainstream newsrooms in America, the majority of those sleeves would be of the same color: blue. Survey after survey over the years have demonstrated that most of the people who go into this business tend to vote Democratic, at least in national elections. That is not particularly surprising, given how people make career decisions and that social service and activism is a primary driver for many journalists.

Talk about a load of self-important hooey.  Well, at least he is honest about the newsroom being overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat. 

Back to those distortions, lies and mistakes.  The American Thinker compiled a long list of media misteps.  Two themes are the mistakes almost always hurt Republicans, and the New York Times and CNN sure mess it up a lot.  My favorites:

  • CNN, Operation Tailwind, CNN NewsStand (1998).  Lying/fabricating.  The televised special claimed that the U.S. military used nerve gas in a mission to kill American defectors in Laos during the Vietnam War, but the story had no factual support.  CNN later retracted the story.
  • CNN and Eason Jordan (2003).  Admitted bias, slanting the news.  Eason Jordan, CNN’s news chief, admitted that CNN withheld reporting on Saddam Hussein’s atrocities so as to continue getting favored treatment from Saddam.
  • Mark Halperin, ABC News (2004).  Admitted bias.  He wrote a memo to news staff telling them to hold George Bush to a stricter standard than John Kerry:  “Kerry distorts, takes out of context, and makes] mistakes all the time, but these are not central to his efforts to win.  We have a responsibility to hold both sides accountable to the public interest, but that doesn’t mean we reflexively and artificially hold both sides ‘equally’ accountable when the facts don’t warrant that.”

Read them all.  Its like a trip down memory lane.  The only fault I see is the author forgot to include the New York Times headline declaring the phony documents about George Bush’s national guard service as “Fake but Accurate.”  In other words, damn the facts, if liberals believe it, it must be true!

Of course, Fox News is not mentioned, despite the protestations from liberals about it being “Faux News.”

A perfect example of “fake but accurate” is the debate over FISA.  This simple program allows U.S. intelligence agencies to listen in on conversations where one of the parties is a foreign terrorist.  The media has twisted it into “domestic spying”, giving the misleading impression that the government is listening in on your conversation with granny.  Of course, unless you or granny is a terrorist, you have nothing to worry about.

The Captain reprints a fascinating interview with the National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell.  He explains how the media may be partially responsible for deaths of Americans.

Q. So you’re saying that the reporting and the debate in Congress means that some Americans are going to die?

A. That’s what I mean. Because we have made [FISA] so public. We used to do these things very differently, but for whatever reason, you know, it’s a democratic process and sunshine’s a good thing. We need to have the debate. The reason that the FISA law was passed in 1978 was an arrangement was worked out between the Congress and the administration, we did not want to allow this community to conduct surveillance, electronic surveillance, of Americans for foreign intelligence unless you had a warrant, so that was required. So there was no warrant required for a foreign target in a foreign land. And so we are trying to get back to what was the intention of ’78. Now because of the claim, counterclaim, mistrust, suspicion, the only way you could make any progress was to have this debate in an open way.

By “for whatever reason” he means the media hatred of Bush that drove them to “report” sensitive information, even over the objections of far-left Congressman Jack Murtha.  That touched off a firestorm in the leftwing fever swamps of the netroots, and unfortunately for America, those fever swamps now run the Democrat Party.  The result has been that Democrats now oppose an important intelligence program that they once supported.  That partisan battle that has hurt American intelligence gathering.

And Now Here’s Something We Hope You’ll Really Enjoy

I just ran across this blog and thought it deserved a good referral. It’s called The Arizona Report and whoever runs it has a great sense of humor and is an equal opportunity pokester.

Please add this one to your daily visit or for some of you, your hourly visits. 

The good old days.

A few GOP malcontents made hay out of Randy Pullen’s “blue finger” press conference. While reading a story about Tim Bee we came across this gem – Garrick Taylor shows how it’s done.

Southern Arizonans will be thrilled to lean that Garrick may be applying his talents to the Tim Bee committee. Oh boy! I hope the results turn out better than they did for the campaign that Garrick was trying to help with that winning press conference back in ’06.

Renzi Officially Out

Congressman Rick Renzi

Earlier this year (April 27th), one of our Sonoran Alliance bloggers painted a picture of the Road Ahead in Congressional District 1. That post was entirely based on the knowledge that things were actually worse than they appeared for Congressman Rick Renzi.

Today,  the Arizona Republic  ran the story announcing that Congressman Rick Renzi will not seek re-election in 2008.

With Renzi now out of the picture, expect things to really heat up as a number of prominent Republicans and Democratic names are tossed out as potential successors.

Just remember, we introduced the potential names first on Sonoran Alliance.

On a tangent, Look for some of the problems associated with Renzi (and Hayworth’s) ties to  Washington’s lobbyists to figure into the CD5 race with Jim Ogsbury. Voter sentiment toward lobbyist will certainly figure into who wins the CD5 Republican Primary race.


WASHINGTON — Congressional Democratic leaders are aggressively strategizing a new offensive against the Bush administration’s management of the Iraq war as more and more anti-war lawmakers publicly acknowledge successes ahead of a key White House progress report. Aware of the trouble Iraqi progress could mean for Democrats at home…

…[Democrat] House Whip James Clyburn recently said if the surge were successful, it would be “a real problem for us”…a revised set of talking points is being worked up by Democrats.

For most of us, the war on terror is fight for the survival of western civilization and all the advances in the human condition it has made.  For others, its an ugly power grab.

If liberals hated the terrorists seeking to kill us as much as they hated George Bush, this thing could be over by now.

Romney campaign update.

We have not heard many details about Josh Romney’s recent visit to Arizona. It must have gone fairly well since Mitt’s newest campaign program, Rally for Romney, includes Arizona. They events are scheduled for sometime in late September.

Romney has already been fundraising in the state for a while but it must be going fairly well to include 2 Arizona locations in the Rally for Romney. Or was it the recent beating McCain has taken in the local press (Tribune and Business Journal?) Oh, and don’t forget the Mayor of Coolidge.

Results from the New Hampshire primary.

Slate has a great take on the ever-earlier primaries. They even joke about our own Senator McCain. (I wonder if they hate him as much at Sunnocks and Giblin?)

Goddard stonewalling Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation of him for bribery and corruption ignored by media

This article below came out in the Yellow Sheet yesterday discussing how Sheriff Arpaio has released a press release twice that the mainstream media has failed to pick up, frustrated that AG Terry Goddard is thwarting his investigation of bribery in the Petersen payment while Goddard was investigating Petersen as Treasurer. Goddard is refusing to allow investigators to interview anyone at the AG’s office without his attorney present, even though this contradicts Goddard’s own position in the past on this matter, which he has written about in the Arizona bar magazine. When Goddard is investigating defendants, a separate set of rules applies and they don’t get to hide behind their attorneys like everyone at the AG’s office gets to do through Goddard. By having his attorney present every time an AG employee is interviewed, Goddard can control the investigation.

Arpaio released the press release a second time because not a single news source carried it the first time. This is reprehensible. How long is the mainstream media going to continue to circle the wagons for their guy? Maybe at some point they’ll pretend like they’re doing their job and cover these stories. How many shakedowns of Republican politicians by Terry the Terrible have to take place before the mainstream media begrudgingly starts covering them? Federal attorney general Alberto Gonzales is in the newspapers practically every day regarding the investigation into why he fired 9 U.S. Attorneys (even though he was perfectly within his legal right to do so). Why does Goddard get a free pass in the mainstream media regarding his attempts to impede an investigation of a million dollar allegation of bribery? Because he’s a partisan liberal Democrat who carries out their agenda, however corruptly.

Arpaio sends second release about Goddard ‘stonewalling’

ARTICLE POSTED 8.22.2007 | 2:44 PM

“First of all, that’s a week old,” said AG spokeswoman Andrea Esquer, when questioned today about Arpaio’s claim that Goddard’s attorney Ed Novak has been “stonewalling” the investigation into the Petersen payment to Goddard in June 2006.

Arpaio provided the sequel to the press release this morning and expressed exasperation no papers picked up the story the first time around (and rebutted a Republic polling article that crowns Napolitano as the most popular Arizona politician). Arpaio says Novak’s demands that he receive advanced notice of the questioning of any current and former AG employees that could be contacted in the investigation is hampering his inquiry. Esquer said the accusation came as news to the AG because the office has been “fully cooperating,” and there is nothing unusual about having a lawyer present during questioning.

County Attorney Thomas’ spokesman Barnett Lotstein said it is not about right to counsel and added Novak is counsel to Goddard, not his employees. “You can have your lawyer present when you’re being talked to, but you can’t have your lawyer present when some witness that your lawyer doesn’t represent is being talked to,” said Lotstein, who believes the Novak policy is likely to keep AG employees’ mouths shut about the Goddard/Petersen affair. A court battle over the issue is not wanted, but could be necessary, he said.

Jim Belanger, president-elect of the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, said the “government often tries to take the position that one lawyer can’t represent the entity and the individuals, but it’s really a conflict determination that the lawyer and the client have to go through.” Employers and employees involved in a criminal investigation could very well have differing interests, but there is “certainly nothing inappropriate” about the AG’s counsel informing employees that they can be represented during if they want to during questioning, Belanger said. Novak and Maricopa County Attorney Special Crimes Bureau Chief Vicki Kratovil have been exchanging letters on the debate.

Supersize Me

There’s no surprise that the pro-goverment Arizona Republic has endorsed the tax hiking Proposition 1 and the budget busting Proposition 3 in the September 11th Phoenix elections.  What is surprising is the Republic supports Prop. 2, yet another raise for the mayor and city council.

In 2005, the mayor received a 73% raise, with his salary going from $65,000 to $93,000.  The city council got a 57% raise, with their pay going from $35,000 to $61,000.  Now they want another 6% raise, billed as a “cost of living” increase.  That 6% is almost double the inflation rate, so it is a raise, not a cost of living increase.

And the Republic unquestionly cheerleads for it. 

Holy Cow

The Texas Rangers scored 30 runs in one game last night, with 25 runs happening in the last 4 innings, including two grand slams!  Thats the most runs in a game since 1897.

Check out the ESPN highlights.