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Symington courts crucial voting block on McCain’s behalf.

ufo.jpg     One of our contributors saw the addition of Symington as a co-chair to the McCain campaign as the addition of a has-been.

We now realize that it was a shrewd move by the Senator to go after the UFO crowd. I bet Rudy and Mitt are kicking them selves right now. We have heard that quite a few citizens believe in space aliens but we do not have specific data on how it breaks down by party. Anyone have a source for those numbers?

The Sanjaya Conspiracy


Having worked in the political world on numerous elections, I’ve seen several types of technologies used to the benefit or the detriment of candidates and committees.

One such tool I’ve had access to is an autodialer. This is an automated phone technology that can employ thousands of phone calls in rapid fire in a very short period of time. Almost anyone can rent the use of this service at a relatively low cost to bombard households to move voters and influence elections. Presently, most companies that provide this service are idle awaiting the next election cycle when they can jack up the price.

Step in American Idol and a renegade group called

Because American Idol does not block repeat calls, it would be easy to program up one of these autodialers with the phone number of the worst singer and dump tens of thousands of calls in for that idol wannabe.

This could explain the loss of several good singers – the last being Stephanie Edwards – and the continuance of Sanjaya Malakar.

The solution: One call per phone number. That will stop the nonsense of an autodialer possibly sabotaging the good singers.

Incidentally, our favorite is our own home grown Arizonan, Jordin Sparks. Go Jordin!

Press Release: Pullen Praises Flake

For Immediate Release – March 22, 2007
Contact: Brett Mecum
Phone: 602.957.7770
Cell: 602.448.9883

State GOP Critical of “Pork Spending” Extension – Pullen praises Flake for standing against runway spending

Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and Congressman Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) were both critical today of a move by congressional Democrats to extend the earmark request deadline by six weeks.

“The tax and spend Democrat house leadership gave six more weeks to dream up more earmarks – but when was the last time Congress gave taxpayers six more weeks to pay their tax bill,” asked Pullen.  Rather than going on yet another spending spree, Democrats should walk the talk on fiscal responsibility that they continuously preached before the November elections.” 

Pullen continued, “While the Democrats in Congress continue to spend like drunken sailors, we in Arizona are fortunate to have leaders like Jeff Flake who has been a steadfast supporter of earmark reform.  I applaud Jeff’s efforts and know that he will continue to fight against irresponsible spending in Washington.”

Congressman Flake said, “Despite what they said during the last campaign cycle, it doesn’t look like pork barrel projects are going to end with the Democrats in charge.  It’s just business as usual.” 

On Wednesday, Appropriations Chairman Dave Obey (D-Wisconsin) extended the date U.S. House members must submit their requests for special projects by six weeks to April 27th.

For more information contact Brett Mecum at 602.957.7770 or at

McCain’s Double-Talk Express

I have to wonder if Senator McCain envisioned the widespread use of the web for political speech when he sought to pass the First Amendment quashing Bi-Partisan Campaign Finance Reform Act (McCain-Feingold).

In through the back door.


     Yesterday was the ground breaking ceremony for the controversial Oro Valley Marketplace. The project was delayed when a $23,000,000 tax rebate approved by the town council was sent to the voters. The initiative in favor of the rebate passed overwhelmingly after a massive public relations campaign paid for by the Phoenix based developer Vestar.

     Oro Valley Marketplace was touted as a high quality project but the developer was careful not to commit to which stores would or would not be involved. Many local residents were surprised when it was finally announced that a Wal-Mart Supercenter would be going in at the site.

     Most people that I have talked with were hoping for something a little higher end but they are not ready to jump out of any windows.

     Some people are getting near the edge and have set up several web sites. One of them can be found at Let Oro Valley Excel. There you will find a link to Oro Valley First. The page encourages support for local businesses but quickly devolves into classic Wal-Mart bashing.

     (I was surprised to learn that Wal-Mart lowers the value of surrounding residential properties. I wonder what the million dollar homes in Tucson National would sell for if there was not a Wal-Mart located in the vicinity. Rich people must be delighted that they only have to pay $1.4 instead of $1.6 for their winter golf house just because there is a large retailer down the street.)

     The Oro Valley First has a place where you can register and pledge not to shop at the Wal-Mart or even any stores at the Oro Valley Marketplace. I wonder what will happen with all those names and addresses in the future. At the bottom of the Oro Valley First page it says Vistoso Media, which seems to be connected to Salette Latas.

     Salette and her husband Jeff (former Democrat candidate for congress) live in the exclusive gated community of The Estates at High Mesa. (Not exactly the Wal-Mart crowd.) Salette has announced that she is running for a seat on the Oro Valley Town Council. Would I be cynical if I wondered if some of those names and addresses from the pledge to stop Wal-Mart from coming to Oro Valley ended up on a mailing list for Salette’s campaign? It would be a good fit since she seems to be making the Wal-Mart store one of her issues.

     Oro Valley is overwhelmingly Republican but due to the non-partisan nature of the vote by mail election it would be very possible for someone like Salette to end up on the council. She may do well by tapping into the community angst about Wal-Mart and the planned Crematorium.

     This is a classic battle of the hate Wal-Mart crowed vs. the business / development crowd. I wonder if Vestar will poor a little more money into Oro Valley so that we don’t end up with a partisan Democrat on the council now that they have given her a great issue on which to run.

Maybe He Can Be McCain’s Secretary of Defense and Get to the Bottom of This

Governor Symington 

As mentioned in a previous post, former Governor Fife Symington has signed on as a co-chair for McCain’s Arizona campaign. But that’s not all the former Guv is doing these days.

From an interview last night on Anderson Cooper 360

Symington: “If you had been here 10 years ago, standing out there looking up there at the lights and the view, you would have been astounded. You would have been amazed.”
Tuchman: “Governor Symington is referring to what is now known as the Phoenix lights, an object videotaped by many and seen by thousands over several nights in the Arizona sky in 1997. … The former governor, a Vietnam Air Force veteran, had never publicly acknowledged seeing it until now.
Symington: “And I suspect that, unless the Defense Department proves us otherwise, it was probably one form of an alien spacecraft.”
Tuchman: “So why didn’t he say anything then? Partly because he didn’t want people to panic.”
Symington: “I think as a public figure you have to be very careful about what you say because people can have pretty emotional reactions. And I said my goal wasn’t to try to stir the pot.”
More Symington: “The lights were really brilliant. And it was just fascinating. I mean, it was enormous. It just felt otherworldly. You know, in your gut, you could just tell it was otherworldly.”
Tuchman: “Symington will be talking about this in an updated film about UFOs called ‘Out of the Blue.’ He is also talking with an organization that wants UFO information more out in the open. … Governor Symington says he did tell his family, friends and staff about what he saw early on.”
Symington: “I still, behind the scenes, tried to investigate it, but I got nowhere”

Has-Beens for McCain

John McCain has announced his home state campaign co-chairs.  And what a group it is! Consisting of the powerhouse crowd, hangers-on and wannabees, it is an impressive list, indeed.

Leading the pack of co-chairs is former Gov. Jane Hull.  She is remembered as much for her sucker-punch to McCain’s 2000 presidential bid, as for her flame-colored hair.  Her endorsement of George W. Bush was not warmly received by AZ’s senior senator in his previous race for the White House. This New York Times article details her view of the ill-tempered McCain:
McCain Having to Prove Himself Even in Arizona

Nice to see they’ve mended those fences.

Arizona’s other US Senator, Jon Kyl is serving as state campaign chairman.

The majority of the state Republican congressional delegation is in his corner.  Only Trent Franks has broken ranks with his endorsement of California Congressman, Duncan Hunter. But, Reps. Jeff Flake, Rick Renzi and John Shadegg have all dutifully signed on as co-chairs. There are cabinet and diplomatic appointments, federal judgeships and McCain’s vacant senate seat up for grabs if he wins the big prize.

The West end of the party is represented with former Attorney General Grant Woods, former Secretary of State Betsey Bayless. Another former Governor Fife Symington and two former Reps. Jim Kolbe and Matt Salmon have also hopped aboard.  Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Lisa Graham Keegan is another co-chair.

Oops! Nearly forgot the list of former state GOP party chairmen, Mike Hellon, Burt Kruglick, Mike Minnaugh and John Munger. What happened to Bob Fannin?

The list is resplendent with “formers.”
Final count: 2 former governors, 5 former party chairmen, 2 former congressman (We’re counting Salmon in two columns both as a congressman and chairman), 2 former Secretaries of State (counting Hull twice) and 1 former Superintendent of Public Instruction.

To be fair, there is a sprinkling of current Arizona office holders: Others supporting the McCain  presidential candidacy are Secretary of State Jan Brewer, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne, State Senate President Tim Bee, Arizona Corporation Commissioners Mike Gleason, Jeff Hatch-Miller, Kris Mayes, Bill Mundell and Gary Pierce and Arizona Mine Inspector (and former state legislator) Joe Hart. Yep. An impressive list, indeed.

The Message.

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Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter

Here’s a press release from the Maricopa County Republican Party regarding Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter’s recent visit:


For immediate release                        
March 20, 2007     
Frosty Taylor, Communications

Hunter Gets Warm Reception at Arizona Luncheon

Duncan Hunter’s speech to Maricopa County Republican’s at the Union Hills Country Club in Sun City this weekend was interrupted several times with claps of approval from over 325 people attending the sold-out event.

Addressing the Iraq War, the 26 year California congressman and presidential 2008 candidate, praised the US military and commented, “Liberals are already declaring defeat (in Iraq) but they didn’t inform the US Marines.

“It is in our best interest to expand freedom.  Free nations are our allies and friends,” noting El Salvadoran troops are serving beside US troops in Iraq.
He highly praised Arizona Congressman Trent Franks saying that Franks is fighting everyday in Washington, DC for the American armed services.

Hunter, who has served as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee for six years and now its Ranking Member, also cautioned that the US must maintain its industrial base noting too many businesses are heading off-shore. He pointed out we only have one company left in this country capable of delivering heavy armor for our military.
Hunter cautioned that the US has a bad trade agreement with China and that China is breaking the rules.  Hunter said if elected President, his motto would be, “Trust, but verify our trade deals.”

Regarding illegals crossing our borders, he pointed out San Diego has experienced a great reduction of armed gangs and drug smuggling by building a fence at the Mexican border.   Expressing strong support for a border fence he said, “We must know who’s coming in and what they are bringing with them.”  He promised to finish the border fence from California to Texas, if elected.

He said the fence could be built with the money it costs the nation in one year to incarcerate illegals who have been arrested for crimes in this country. He noted there are 600 unsolved murders in Laredo, TX alone.

He has introduced a bill with 91 co-signers to obtain a pardon for two Texas border agents who have been sentenced to 10-12 years in prison for shooting an illegal who was fleeing from them.  The case has drawn national attention critical of President George Bush for not issuing a pardon for the two law enforcement agents.

When asked about the North American Union, he replied, “The North American Union should be when California and Mexico stand with us in Iraq.  They didn’t. I don’t support anything that takes away from the sovereignty of the United States.”  

Hunter said a straw poll that was taken at the Maricopa County Republican meeting in January which showed him as the favorite presidential candidate helped push him into national forefront.

MCRC Chairman Lyle Tuttle said he was extremely pleased that Hunter returned to Arizona to make the Saturday presentation. Hunter was in Arizona a few weeks ago to speak to the Trunk and Tusk dinner.

Blogoshere 1, Talton 0

     Patterson finally gets his wish.

     It sounds like Talton never liked the Valley of the Sun that much. I did not read Jon’s columns very ofter because they made absolutely no sense to me.

     Really, if you do not like the desert there are 49 other states. I love it here and think it is an awesome place to live (and raise a 5th generation child.)

     Talton finishes out his sad career at the Republic by taking a swipe at Tucson. His final sentence “the one thing Tucson will never again be is what so many long for: a small town.” I am not sure I agree but I am sure that there are a lot of small towns around Tucson (Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, Vail, etc.) where lots of people seem to be very happily living and raising families. Maybe that is too mundane a concept for an enlightened figure like Jon.