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Harry and Gabby – in bed with the Communist Party

The Phoenix Business Journal reports today that Harry Mitchell and Gabby Giffords are likely to be targeted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for supporting H.R. 800 which the PBJ describes thusly:

The Employee Free Choice Act allows for union organizing in a workplace if a majority of workers sign union cards and not by a secret-ballot election.
Sponsors of the bill include more than 200 Democratic House members, including freshman members Mitchell and Gabby Giffords of Tucson, as well as Raul Grijalva of Tucson and Ed Pastor of Phoenix.  (full article here )

What is interesting about this bill is that it has also been endorsed by the Communist Party USA:

A State of the Union in the interests of working people would be far different. It would highlight the Employee Free Choice Act, with 225 co-sponsors, which restores workers’ right to organize into unions free from employer intimidation and coercion. (full article here )


So, after running as MODERATES, Harry and Gabby are showing their true colors: Communist sympathizers.

Time to sell that SUV.

According to a Reuters story linked on Drudge, Arizona has joined the liberal meccas of California, Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico in a pact to limit “greenhouse gasses.” According to the article “the other state … passed greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.” Please help me here, when did the Arizona Legislature sign up to cow-tow to politically correct pseudo-science?

Is the past prelude?

In October 1964 a young college student wrote that Senator Barry Goldwater, who was the Republican nominee for President, was an “incompetent” flip-flopper who pandered to “extremists.”  Was it an activist Democrat pining for Lyndon Johnson?  Nope.  It was Rudy Giuliani.

The story in today’s New York Post is titled Student Rudy’s Lefty Days and is likely to only be one of the first in a long series of articles which will begin to disect Giuliani.

This will begin to drive his numbers down among conservatives, and he will have to react in order to prove his bonafides within the Republican primary field.  The one thing Rudy has going for him is that there is not a viable stand-out conservative in the race.

Higher Taxes on the Horizon?

Register.gif  The latest word from the Capitol is that two lobbyists have formed a group, TIME, to push the legislature to put a referendum on the ballot asking voters to raise the statewide sales tax by at least a half cent to pay for new road construction. Nor are these run-of-the-mill lobbyists either. They are uber-lobbyists Marty Schultz, who has never met a major project he didn’t think was worthy of using your tax dollars to “invest in”; and Chuck Coughlin, who lobbies for the Associated General Contractors whose members would, coincidentally of course, stand to get paid mucho dinero to build all of these new roads.

West Washington’s Senate Eyes tell us that the process began when the lobbyists approached Senate Transportation Chairman Ron Gould with their tax hike scheme. Any guesses how short that meeting must have been? Everyone knows that higher taxes are a non-starter in Gould’s committee. Hopefully, Senator Gould’s Republican colleagues in the Legislature will have the same kind of backbone and say “No!” to increasing taxes. The last thing Arizona Republicans need right now is to be seen as the party of higher taxes. On the other hand, it would provide conservatives with great ammunition in the ’08 primaries against some of their more liberal colleagues.

If the lobbyists do get their way, West Washington would like to recommend a campaign slogan for the effort. How about “Finish the Freeways!”? Seems to have worked well enough last time (to the tune of $4 BILLION)… Say, now that we think about it, when will those freeways be done?

It’s gonna heat up. Immigration “reform” – Democrat style

Hat tip to Stacey at AZ Congress Watch for getting the scoop on a statement released by Congressman John Shadegg yesterday.

You can read Shadegg’s entire statement here 

This sets up a pretty interesting dynamic within the Arizona delegation.  Shadegg is well-known for his consistent stand against illegal immigration.  His A- grade is the highest lifetime score of Arizona delegation members (even higher than J.D. Hayworth) at Numbers USA (Hayworth’s lifetime grade was C+ ) and when Shadegg was Republican Policy Chairman in the House he was credited with provided a forum for hard-line anti-immigration members (Tancredo, Steve King and John Hostettler) to discuss their reasoning with Judiciary Chairman Sensenbrenner and Republican leadership in the House.  The House immigration bill that passed in late 2005 was reportedly a direct result of those discussions.

Now, with Democrats in control, there is a sense that Conservatives are going to be left out in the cold.  It is becoming more and more clear that a “comprehensive” immigration bill is headed to passage.  The Senate, under Republican leadership, passed such a bill last year, and now that Democrats run the House, it is highly likely that such a bill will pass overwhelmingly on that side of the Capital.

Shadegg’s statement calling on the White House to reject the Kennedy bill gives conservatives some ammo to reach out to Senators and Congressmen to rally them to reject an automatic pathway to citizenship. 

The inside game on this is pretty interesting as reported by the Washington Times in a story yesterday and another one today.  and  Senator Sam Brownback was a co-sponsor of the Senate bill last year, but now appears to be distancing himself from Kennedy and McCain as he mulls a presidential run.  As reported in the story today:

But Senate aides said yesterday that Mr. Brownback has skipped or canceled meetings at which he was invited to discuss the bill with Mr. Kennedy and Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican and co-author of the bill.
    “He’s chosen not to be involved and canceled meeting after meeting,” said one Senate staffer with knowledge of negotiations. “He’s chosen to distance himself from a bill that he was an original co-sponsor of because of presidential politics.”

Closer to home, Senator Kyl, who will serve as Sen. McCain’s Arizona Chairman for his presidential run, opposed the Senate bill.  On the House side, Flake is well-known for his support of the Kennedy-McCain bill and Franks, Renzi and Shadegg oppose.  And, Shadegg serves as one of McCain’s campaign whips in the House. Shadegg blasting the Senate bill that McCain is a part of crafting will likely make delegation meetings a little more interesting.

This is only the beginning of what will be a very heated debate for the next few months, and one in which we conservatives are likely on the losing end.

Try this photo.

brett_mecum.jpg     Eyes on West Washington where did you get your blogging degree?

Pullen Continues To Build His Team

Several folks down on 24th Street have confirmed that new State GOP Chairman Randy Pullen has hired a new communications director.  His name is Brett Mecum (different spelling and no relation, thanks for asking!) and he hails from New York State.  A quick Google on our new party spokesman reveals a long political resume that began when he was the youngest Committeeman in New York State and included stints working for Rep. Bill Paxon, Mayor Rudi Giuliani, Governor George Pataki,, Rep. Rick Lazio, Mayor John Spencer, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  There is some other stuff on there too but suffice it to say that our new staffer has been a busy guy for the last decade or so.  West Washington also has it on good authority that in spite of Governor Napolitano’s preferences, Mecum will actually be engaging her on the issues and will even put his name on press releases that hold her accountable for her policies and politics.  What we can’t find is a picture of the new guy, so until we know different, here’s hoping our new spokesman doesn’t have a face made for radio!

Good News.

Mr H.jpg     Word over at Hot AZ It Gets is that Rob Haney is at home and recovering. We hope that he continues to get better.

Hot AZ It Gets certainly got the scoop on us but can’t they find a better picture of Mr. H?

BTW – I have been taking an online course in HTML. Can you tell?

Modern day Conscience of a Conservative

When Phil Gramm served in the U.S. Senate, he carried the banner of Conservatism.  He picked up where Sen. Barry Goldwater had left off.  Two incidents capture the wit and philosophy of Senator Phil Gramm.  During a hearing with an Asst. Secretary of Education, Gramm was making the point that he thought parents were better at making education choices than bureaucrats because as a parent, he loved his children.  This bureaucrat went on to say, “Senator, I assure you that we love your children as much as you do.”  To which Senator Gramm simply asked, “What are their names?”  It was a priceless moment in exposing the problem of big government nannyism.

The second incident was during the fight over Hillary-care, in which Gramm famously said that it would pass “over my cold, dead, political body.”  Thus, throwing down the gauntlet that he would expend every ounce of political capital he had to defeat the greatest government intrusion in our lifetime. And he succeeded.

Now, after being out of the limelight for many years, Senator Gramm is weighing in on the challenges that face our nation today.  In today’s Wall Street Journal he writes:

I believe the man we need to meet the mortal need today is here. He is experienced, but has not lost his common sense or his ability to be outraged. His conservatism is not the result of a studied philosophy, but of common sense and personal observation. His name is John McCain. He might not be the right president for all times, but he is the right president for these times.

That is a pretty solid endorsement which is going to carry a lot of weight with conservatives.  Read the whole thing, it’s worth it.

A moment to pause.

We have news that Rob Haney has suffered a heart attack late Monday and is in the hospital. We are asking for prayers for Rob and Marne and their family.