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June 2006

Archives for June 2006

Russ Jones – In Trouble?

A conservative pro-life candidate may be in trouble in Yuma due to a petition challenge by the Democratic party.Russell Jones According to the Arizona Republic and the Yuma Daily Sun Democrats claim that 143 of Jones’ signatures are invalid. A hearing will be held on Monday, July 3rd to determine if there are grounds to check the 315 signatures to find 108 invalid signatures.

Should this occur and the Democrats succeed in removing Jones from the Primary ballot, Republicans in Yuma County will need to put a write-in campaign in place to ensure Russ Jones gets through the Primary Election in September and moves forward to the General Election in November. This should not be too monumental a task and Russ Jones is an easy name to remember and to write in. Just think if the Republicans has to write in a name like Rumplestilskin?

Don’t get too pumped up on Espresso

As I noted in a comment on the previous post, “Espresso in Tucson,” I don’t question Greg Patterson’s pro-life credentials although his realization of the issue probably came after his 1984 work on the Kolbe campaign. (Heck, at the time, I was oblivious to the life issue and politics as I was training to run nuclear reactors in the navy.)

After EspressoPundit’s posting, “What’s Up Doc?” I felt inclined to respond to Greg with my own insight on Southern Arizona politics. (For those who don’t realize this, I was a conservative candidate in 1994 and 1996 in the then legislative district 13. Yes, I got beat.) Here’s my response to Greg:

I hate to say it but a lot of the social conservatives will probably walk out on Huffman. The only thing that may save him is if Patti scares the hell out of them and/or Steve moves in the direction of social conservatives on some issue. Once upon a time, even Kolbe voted against taxpayer-funded abortion policy.

I am one who holds out hope for a conversion experience in elected officials. I can name two sitting elected officials who have come to realize how important the life issue is and how unreasonable, how nasty and how greed-driven the pro-abortion side can be. Pro-Lifers must continue to be firm in their position (not compromising) but demonstrate love and compassion in how they deal with those who are still blind, lost or indifferent.

I’ve personally endorsed Randy Graf and I hope he wins. But, if he doesn’t, I’ll be firm but compassionate with the victor in demonstrating that the pro-life position is the higher ground.

Espresso in Tucson.

     The usually correct Greg of the popular Espresso Pundit blog (see What’s Up Doc? under June 29) missed the point in a recent story about the CD8 race in Southern Arizona. Responding to a comment posted on a Tucson area blog Greg said it was “wishful thinking” that the pro-life community may not work very hard for Huffman if he is the Republican nominee. Greg it is not wishful thinking, it is a Fact.

     Let’s back up for a second and ask why is someone a pro-life activist. The most common reason it to defend the worth of human life. There are no rewards here on earth for this thankless task. Abortions mostly happen in the secret confines of some non-descript “woman’s clinic.” The rest of the word wonders what all the fuss is about because they rarely see the true nature of abortion. When they do it is very easy to turn away and brand the pro-lifers holding a sign as fringe crackpots. The primary motivation for someone who advocates for the dignity of a human life smaller than a quarter is none other than the belief in the soul and some interest in serving the other kingdom, the one not of this world. I can most emphatically assure Greg that when push comes to shove pro-lifers do not care if a Republican or Democrat goes to Washington from CD8. In the end those are worldly concerns and if a pro-lifer gets that wrapped up in this life it is time to take a break and reflect on the true word and meaning in life. And that meaning has nothing to do with whether Steve Huffman or Gabby Giffords goes to DC. Another issue is that not all pro-life supporters in the Tucson area are Republicans. A few crucial activists are Democrats and will certainly not care about supporting an abortion on demand Republican. 

     Another flaw in espresso’s post is his statement that if Huffman is the nominee “he will have all the grassroots support that he can handle.” The mistake here is that Greg is responding to a point that was never made. No one said that Huffman would not have grassroots support, only that not much would come from the pro-life community. You can tell when someone is flustered when they respond to phantom comments. 

     While on the point of grassroots support there are two candidates in CD8 who do have a lot of “boots on the ground.” There are Graf and Hellon. Randy owns the border issues crowd and social conservatives. Mike has an amazing list of long time party veterans in his camp. The list is impressive: a sitting county supervisor, a current state senator and several former legislators and a long list of Republican activist. No, they do not have as much money as the Huffman crowd but they have a lot more experience running and winning a campaign then Click or Diamond. It is a truly impressive lineup. In a normal year it would be enough to put a candidate over the top. 

     Undoubtedly some of Randy’s crowd will fall in line and support the Republican nominee in November. Some may not. There is a greater chance that more of his supporters would fall in line behind Hellon rather than Huffman. The real question if Huffman wins in September is not what Republican pro-lifers will do. It is what Hellon supporters will do. Steve should be very careful to not directly attack Mike. This may be hard for Steve to do with all his money and with rumors that Mike is polling ahead of Steve. 

     I am glad that espresso walked for Kolbe in ’84. He is welcome to come down to Southern Arizona again and walk for Huffman in ’06. He had better hurry because there is a reasonable chance that Steve might not win the primary. No matter who walks for whom it should be very clear that it is axiomatic that pro-lifers (from whatever party) will not break a sweat for Huffman. 

     Huffman stooge Kolbe is out there saying that Graf cannot win because he is too conservative. The truth is Huffman cannot win because he is too moderate. Gabby will eat Steve alive. A solid Democrat almost always beats a wishy-washy Republican. She has even more money than Steve and a much stronger presence on the campaign trail. 

      The pro-lifers will be out campaigning for the Republican Gubernatorial candidate, whichever one wins. Don has claimed conversion and pro-lifers love and live for conversion. They are faith bound to accept and encourage conversion on the issue of life. There will also be a host of other pro-life candidates to work for in September and October so they will be quite busy if they want to spend the fall working on politics. 

Legislative District 6 Gone Wild

Mild-mannered legislative district 6 has broken out in political warfare. That’s because Carl Seel and Clancy Jayne are going after each other even before their names appear on the ballot.

Carl Seel has mounted a challenge to the number of signatures Clancy Jayne filed with the Secretary of State’s office. Seel claims that some 250+ signatures are invalid. Jayne filed a total of 556 signatures with a required minimum of 421. That leaves a total of 135 to be disqualified. Hmmm…  250>135 I guess that means Clancy’s gone.

However, Clancy Jayne is also challenging Carl Seel’s signatures. Let’s see, Carl Seel filed 1260 signatures. That means there must be 839 invalid signatures. Something tells me that ain’t gonna happen and from the looks of it, Clancy is up to defending his big problem by going on the offense against Seel. What makes this somewhat credible is that Jayne has hired Scott Williams, the attorney hired by John Allen in 2004 who was successful in disposing of RINO Deb Gullet. And that ain’t cheap. Either one of these guys is going to scream uncle or its going to get nasty.

Then there’s the challenge to the Senate candidate, Ted Carpenter, who really is a mild-mannered guy. Same requirements apply but Ted filed 759 signatures. (Only 338 invalid signatures to be disqualified.)

In this challenge, Carpenter is being challenged by an Anthem resident named Kay Klebba. A quick Google search reveals she is a mother and amateur writer who attends Fellowship Church of Anthem. The Secretary of State’s website also reveals that Klebba has never contributed to a political candidate. What little information is available leads one to believe what is Klebba’s motive in challenging Carpenter? Clancy and Carl can’t stand one another so it’s clear the motive in that race.

Personally, my favorite candidates are not even involved in the feuding. Pamela Gorman, one of my favorite legislators is sure to win this seat and continue doing the great work in the State Senate. I hope to see her go beyond the legislature and effect change as a strong conservative at other levels and for that she has my personal endorsement.

In the House race, the two strongest candidates are Sam Crump and Doug Clark who I believe will win the Primary and excel as top conservative champions in the legislature.

I’m not a Liberal; I’m just protecting you from the Conservatives.

     Living in Southern Arizona and being a conservative Republican can sometimes be frustrating.  The Democrats don’t bother me.  They behave as I would expect; unlimited compassion with unlimited spending needs.

     The true distratction is the elected Republicans that try to mask their liberalism by claiming they are advocating for Southern Arizona’s fair share.  Their favorite phrase is “the State of Maricopa.”  By this they imply that the Legislature is controlled by members from the greater Phoenix area and if it were not for the Tucson caucus Phoenix would rob us blind in the middle of the night.

     All Demagogues have to have something to hate and Phoenix is that object for the left of center Republicans from Pima County.  The most skillful of these is Toni Hellon.  She has told the lie about protecting us from Phoenix for so long that I think she actually now believes her own deception.

     The truth is she is doing no such thing.  We don’t need protection from people who want to fix education by giving the less fortunate a chance to go to a better school, lower our taxes, protect unborn life by having reasonable restrictions on abortion, keep medical professionals from fleeing the state because of out of control trial lawyers, and any number of other common sense approaches to governing.  Even in the Wizard of Oz the truth finally comes out.  The brave person who pulled back the curtain and exposed the fraud in our version of the story is Al Melvin.  Al found out about Toni’s voting record and decided to do something about it.  He didn’t just talk or fuss he decided to run against the liberal from 26.  Some urged Al to run for the house where there was going to be an open seat and not to challenge the grande dame of the Senate.  Al was fearless and challenge her he has.

     Al’s campaign finds an electorate eager for change due to the conservative nature of the residents of District 26.  The march is slow because Al is opening up a new trail but behind him is an army waiting to take back their freedoms from the frauds of 26.  Besides the army behind him Al has good company in David Jorgenson, who is running for the house seat.  David is also cutting a new path.  His journey is made a little easier by the decades of connections he has made living in the area and a crowded four way race.

     No, Toni and uber liberal Pete are not protecting us from Phoenix.  The legislators from Maricopa and elsewhere are protecting us from higher taxes, bigger government, abortion on demand, failing schools, doctor shortages, and loosing our freedom to possess firearms.

Woods finally leaves Republican Party.

     Grant Woods came out in support of the Democratic challenger to J.D. Hayworth.  At the event Grant criticized Hayworth and is purported to have endorsed the Democratic candidate is Congressional District 8 as well.  

     Grant, we won’t miss ya.  For those of you who don’t remember Woods was not man enough to marry the woman he was shacking up with until he ran for AG.  At that time Arizona had a law against cohabitation and Grant would have looked pretty stupid wanting to be AG while breaking the law.  It is a small thing but a good insight to his view of life.  You don’t marry the woman you are living with because you want to pledge your life to her before God and man.  You do it when it suits your political ambitions.  

     Enjoy the other side Grant.  You were always one of them any way.  

Republican moderate champions financial boondoggle.

     Steve Huffman got what he wanted this legislative session. The Rio Dinero project will suck more money away from the state budget to fund… well who knows what it’s actually funding. Certainly not the revitalization of Downtown Tucson. The place looks about the same as it did before the first several million was wasted. Undeterred, Huffman got his cohorts to waste another $600 million. I thought we were short on funds for education in this state! Huffman’s pal in the house, Hershberger, is always whining that we are not spending enough on social services. Well Pete why did you vote to waste $600,000,000? That money surely could have gone to something more useful.

     The really amazing part is that Huffman’s district does not even come close to downtown Tucson. It really does not contain much if any of Tucson proper. Huffman lives up in a swanky part of Oro Valley. If he had actually been doing his job he would have secured funding for something useful like a bridge over the CDO wash at La Cholla Blvd. 

     But politics makes strange bedfellows and he obviously pleased the right people based on his fundraising. I am just sorry that people in his district have to drove all around the Northwest when it rains just so Steve could run for Congress. 

     Why downtown Tucson? Why not revitalize Southeastern La Paz County? Why not build a new rural heath center in Hyder? There is nothing special about downtown Tucson. Like most downtowns, no one want to live there and after hours it turns into a ghost town. They are essential having to pay people to live where they otherwise do not want to live. Sounds like a waste to me. 

     Steve if you get to Congress what is next for Southern Arizona? A new civic center in Albuquerque? 

Hershberger’s web site outdated and misleading.

   pete 3.gif  Pete Hershberger is running for his final term.  How this guy ever stayed in office is beyond me.

     The Issues part of his campaign web site has a section titled “Guns.”  Not many legislators put this in their issue section but Pete needs to explain his F rating from the state NRA affiliate while serving in a conservative district filled with firearms enthusiasts

     His first sentence “I support our 2nd Amendment rights.” is clearly false.  Pete does no such thing.  He overwhelmingly votes against the rights of freedom loving, law abiding Arizonans to defend themselves.  Pete mentions a bill from 2002 on his site.  Hello!  It’s now 2006, four years later.  Pete’s record in the last four years has been openly hostile to the right to keep bear arms. 

     Happily there are some well-qualified Republican candidates running this year.  They are David Jorgenson, Carol Somers, and Lisa Lovallo.  They would all be a great improvement over Pete’s anti-gun bias. 


Here is a list of the pro-freedom bills in the past two years that Pete opposed.  Most of them went on to be signed by Governor Napolitano. 

HB 2409 Concealed Carry reciprocity.  Pete voted against it on 2-21-05. 

HB 2325  Reforms the concealed carry process so it is less onerous on citizens. Pete voted against it on 3-9-05 and 4-20-05. Signed by Governor on 4-25-05. 

HB 2074 Simplifies the concealed carry permit process and increases reciprocity with other states. Pete voted against it on 2-7-06 and 4-12-06. Signed by Governor on 4-17-06. 

HB 2649 Firearms Possession and Storage. Pete voted against it on 3-16-06. Signed by Governor on 5-19-06. 

HB 2076 Weapons Storage in Public Places. Pete voted against it on 3-9-06 and 5-25-06. Requires temporary secure storage of firearms for places that prohibit weapons. Signed by Governor on 6-6-06. 

Bill’s secret weapon.

     To say that Bill Montgomery is a stealth candidate is not a stretch of the imagination.  His new campaign manager, Stephanie Johnson, is even less know.  If you think this lowers Bill’s chance for Victory in November you would be wrong.  Stephanie is a very intelligent, committed, and most importantly focused person.  Her appointment by Bill is a very positive move.

     With Janet’s high approval rating it is easy to loose sight of how close her and Terry’s victories were in 2002.  After a grueling three way Republican primary for AG the GOP candidate was not able to pull off a win, yet Terry only got 52% of the vote.  Bill faces no primary challenger and will emerge on September 13th with the whole party behind him.  He will be on the ballot with Senator Kyl and the Republicans will show up in force for that crucial race. 

     With all the attention on the Governorship, the U.S. Senate Race, and CD 5 and 8 the Democrats will not have a lot of funding left over to poor into the AG’s race.  That is where the determination and keen focus of Stephanie will come into play.  For information about Bill’s campaign see www.montgomery4ag.com

Huffman tries to make hay.

     Steve Huffman has been quoted in the Tucson Citizen as saying he’d be “mad as heck” if his kid was volunteering for Randy Graf.  (What a brave policy statement.)  Maybe Steve should focus on the number of primary voters that will be mad as heck that he voted to continue taxpayer funded abortions (SB1325) and for unborn babies to suffer during the abortion procedure (HB2254.)

     Huffman did a good job of avoiding taking a stand on the other life issues by not voting on SB1052 (4-13-05), HB2776 (3-7-06), and HB2666 (4-12-06.)  Steve are you planning on missing that many votes if you go to Washington? 

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