200 show up for Tempe Tax Protest yesterday

Read the Capitol Times article here
(of course the Repugnant didn’t bother covering it, although they devoted plenty of space to left wingers protesting budget cuts at the Capitol – who were probably paid or received class credit to be there, and a Sheriff Arpaio protest, which will probably attract fewer than 20 protesters). No wonder no one reads the Repulsive anymore.


  1. Did anyone mistakenly cut off the microphone while Sen. Harper was speaking?

  2. Is “Porkulus” a new nickname for Jim Weiers?

  3. Did I miss something? What does this post have anything to do with homosexuality?

  4. And only because I like to point out how every one of your posts reduces the credibility of SA- the numbers for the protest were 3,000 anti to 200 supporters.
    A few more than 20.

  5. Chewie Shofir says


    Hmmm, this post went up BEFORE the Arpaio protest. Also, if you’ve noticed, the protests downtown against Arpaio have numbered about 5-10 protesters on average. We still don’t trust the mainstream media when it comes to numbers. If they’re reporting that 3000 showed up for an anti-Arpaio protest today, that means somewhere less than 3000 actually showed up.


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