When the Club Speaks…

EspressoPundit has an excellent post and analysis on today’s endorsement by The Club for Growth of David Schweikert.

In case you missed the Club’s press release here it is in brief:

Washington – Today, the Club for Growth PAC endorsed former Maricopa County Treasurer and State Representative David Schweikert in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District race.

In the State Legislature, Schweikert was a taxpayer hero. As the majority whip, he was instrumental in passing across-the-board income tax cuts and corporate income tax cuts. On spending, Schweikert has been a strong supporter of a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights amendment and voted against his own leadership on various budget measures when he objected to excessive spending. Schweikert is also devoted to free trade, tort reform, and free-market reform of entitlement programs. David Schweikert is clearly the most pro-growth candidate in the field.

In contrast, the Democratic incumbent Harry Mitchell has voted with Nancy Pelosi 89% of the time, including such anti-growth measures as the tax-hiking, government-expanding SCHIP program and a $6.5 billion tax hike on oil and gas companies. A pork supporter, he voted for only 1 of 50 anti-pork amendments represented in the Club for Growth’s 2007 RePORK Card. He also voted for the card check bill, which would allow labor unions to bypass secret ballot elections, and to maintain onerous Davis-Bacon wage requirements.

“It is clear that David Schweikert is a tireless defender of taxpayers who will continue to fight for taxpayers in the U.S. Congress,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. “Arizona taxpayers deserve a congressman who fights for their hard-earned money, not someone who supports tax hikes, government expansion, and spending taxpayer dollars on aquariums, concert halls, fish laboratories, grape genetics research, and a mule and packers museum.”


  1. Something is fishy here with the Club for Growth endorsement. Yes, Ogsbury lobbied on behalf of Arizona interests, but he was also part of the early days of the Republican revolution when Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston was actually cutting the budgets at the bureaucracies (and for a few beautiful days actually closing down ‘non-essential’ government offices.) Ogsbury has experience at the national level and a record of fiscal conservatism. I will report back to this space after I get a better understanding of whether the Schweikert endorsement is attributable to a fair, objective process or, given the speed of this endorsement, a backroom deal.

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