Chamber backs Candidate with questionable character!

This has been circulating for awhile and it’s interesting no one is talking about it. So let’s talk.

Eric Ulis was charged with a domestic violence charge and had to attend Domestic Violence Diversion classes.  The last time I recall a candidate involved in a domestic violence dispute, that candidate/legislator had to resign his post in LD 11.

It’s amazing to me that Republicans in LD 8 would stand for a candidate that A) was a democratic nominee for the Washington State AND California State legislatures/assemblies respectively, B) was endorsed as that democratic nominee by the Washington State Labor Council/AFL-CIO, Teamsters, Service Employees Council, to name a few, and the big one for me C) has twice had domestic problems, once in Sacramento and in the City of Phoenix.

What is the Arizona business community thinking when they include him in the infamous 12 in 10 fundraiser, that included democrats, for this guy and the Arizona Chamber endorsed him!  Belly up to the bar, Chamber, and admit you made a mistake.






  1. johny d. goodes says

    From the records shown, it looks like the case was dismissed.

  2. Reality Check says


    It was dismissed because he attended Domestic Violence Diversion classes.

  3. He wouldn’t be the first LD 8 legislative candidate arrested for domestic violence.

  4. notaconspiracy says

    Didn’t Carolyn Allen take a baseball bat to someone. She’s scary!

  5. nightcrawler says

    I wonder if the author of this post is the same LD8 candidate who requested that all the LD8 candidates agree to a clean and fair election without mudslinging while filling up buckets of muck behind closed doors.

    True, Ulis will need to explain himself. This also speaks volumes of the mudslinger who is equally suspect of character issues.

    Popeye obviously has a grudge with LD8.

  6. Tucson Tech says

    Speaking of cold hard facts and papers that seem to support the law enforcement and judicial perspective, I need to take issue with the poster’s mention of the LD11 legislator. I don’t think he “had” to resign his seat. And he was more than “involved” in it, but it’s a story in itself.

    Classic example of sophistry: build your opponent into something he’s not (strawman) then whack him with a stick or light a match.

  7. What about the allegations Mrs. Pearce filed against her husband Russell Pearce when she sought divorce relief? Should we ignor that as well? Just asking. TR

  8. Nordine Crub says

    I knew it…I knew a shoe was about to drop.

    But I do have some questions. Can someone tell me why the City of Phoenix police was involved when the dispute took place in Scottsdale and why the ticket was written on an Arizona Traffic ticket. It just seems kind of weird to me. Is there a lawyer in the house?

    Also isn’t “Nightcrawler” a big Michelle Reagan/Wish List defender. It is obvious Michelle’s supporters would want to deflect attention from Michelle’s support for Eric Ulis. I don’t see this as mudslinging if it is true. Am I off base?

  9. Mark Wiess says

    The complaint does seem a little odd. A criminal damage charge usually means that something was broken. I don’t see an obvious correlation between breaking something and domestic violence. If he touched someone, that would be assault. So the fact that he didn’t get charged with assault, we can assume that he did not raise his hand, so to speak, against a woman, which Mark DeSimone was charged with.

    Also, when there is a domestic violence charge, there is usually a written police report where the victim is interviewed. This report does not seem to have a victim on it. So I would doubt there is much to this charge. Maybe he yelled at somebody and broke plate.

    Russell Pearce was never charged with domestic violence, that assertion came in a sworn affidavit that his wife signed twenty years ago. They are still together, so whatever their differences at the time, they seem to have worked it out. But the lesson to all should be that an allegation is not a conviction.

    As for Ulis’s past, that is clearly a red flag, but that should not be the only factor. I don’t know a thing about him, and I don’t live in his district, but all I know is that my political hero is Ronald Reagan, and I certainly forgive him for some of his past indiscretions. People can change. People can see the error of their ways. I constantly try to convince my Democratic friends to switch parties, and I have been able to get some to re-register as Republicans.

    I have heard that Sam Crump was a liberal town councilman and mayor in California and ran for the legislature there on a not so conservative platform in Northern California. He certainly is not considered liberal now.

    So has Ulis changed like Reagan and Crump. That is something only time will tell. But it sounds like too many of you would write off Reagan. Ouch!!!

  10. Tucson Tech says

    We’re voters here, not friends, counselors, or priests. We don’t give people chances with our money, and we don’t give people chances with our lawmaking. There are a great many qualified people in any given district who would make great legislators. A few of them are willing, sometimes there are none. There are a great many who are willing but unqualified, that group is plentiful.

    On the other hand, there are some good candidates who have been totally shafted by the media, or some blogger, engaging in a misinterpretation of some document or relationship in their past.

    The headline above says “questionable” so go ahead and ask questions but please stick around for the answer.

  11. This guy needs to drop out of the race, the chamber needs to pull its endorsement.

    Don’t know if he did it, but no matter what it sounds like he needs to get his house in order.

    If nothing for the good of the party, can you imagine liberal LD 8 general election voters that would walk away from a wife beater, not to mention it sounds like he has real personal problems to deal with.

  12. Based on the headline, I thought they were talking about Huppenthal.

  13. So, as long as she doesn’t leave you, it’s okay to beat your wife?

  14. nightcrawler says


    You are the one deflecting the question at hand. Clearly, based on prior posts regarding a specific LD8 candidate and a smearing of Ulis you have an agenda and since you won’t deny the authorship of this post, it must be true.

    I do in fact support Michele Reagan and make no apology for it. She is a fine Representative and will make a fine Senator.
    This has nothing to do with her, I wasn’t aware she endorsed Ulis until you mentioned it, so nice try.

    As far as the Wish List goes, I support many staunch Pro-Life candidates. To me, abortion is a not a political issue and where a candidate stands of this subject has no bearing at all on whether or not I will support them.

  15. Lawyer in the house says

    The traffic ticket and complaint form is standardized, you can use it for either.

    Criminal damage in the domestic violence arena involves damage to property in a marital or similar context.

    Example would be married couple fighting, husband breaks something or damages something that does not belong to him, the charge would be criminal damage.

    But to accept diversion in Scottsdale, you must plead guilty to the charges.

  16. Somebody Once Told Me says

    The Phoenix Chamber also made a questionable endorsement of LD7 candidate Heather Carter, who is also endorsed by the extremely liberal AEA Union. Why would the business community endorse a union lackey and proponent of tax increases and increased government spending? Blatantly irresponsible…

  17. ConservAZ says

    Reality Check: Are you planning a story about Ugenit’s tax lien or foreclosure as well? Arizona’s budget situation doesn’t call for strategic default.

  18. Reality Check says

    ConservAZ, didn’t know about it. Do tell.

  19. ConservAZ says

    According to the Maricopa County Recorders website, Francesco “Frank” Ugenti has an outstanding lien on a property and another home went into foreclosure. Perhaps these were just business mistakes made by a young couple – that story is common in Arizona – but you have to question whether this is the experience Arizona needs.

  20. @JimBob – I was thinking the same thing.

    The argument that we should somehow look the other way on Pearce because it’s an old issue and that he and the wife are still together, but that we should take Ulis to the woodshed makes no sense.

  21. Jefferson Smith says

    Aside from the police stuff which can look very troubling when, in actuality, it might not turn out to be such a big deal when we learn the circumstances…

    What I’m interested in is getting a concise explanation from the candidate, Eric Ulis, as to why he was so attractive to the AFL-CIO and SEIU in Washington State when he ran as a Democrat in 1996 and the California Education Association (the major leagues of teacher union goondom) when he ran as a Democrat there in 2002. And my follow up question: why the change? What changed in his core beliefs in how the world works that compelled him to embrace the label “conservative” now? I’m honestly interested in his ideological journey.

    Sadly, his website bio doesn’t even address his evolution from an SEIU-friendly candidate to a chamber of commerce champion of free enterprise.

    “About Eric: Eric will be ready from day one as your new State Representative from Legislative District 8 (Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Rio Verde). Eric, 44, is the Founder & CEO of an Arizona small business that creates television and Internet programming. His previous business experience entailed a successful marketing and consulting business and working as a NASD licensed Series 7 and Series 66 Registered Investment Advisor. Eric attended the University of Utah and Arizona State University. As a Republican candidate for the Arizona State House of Representatives and businessman, Eric understands that success requires hard work, innovation, and accountability. To that end, Eric will focus on growing Arizona’s economy, creating new private sector jobs, tackling the state’s budget deficit, improving education, and protecting taxpayers. Eric is a Republican Precinct Committeeman, member of the Chamber of Commerce, and member of the Kiwanis Club. As animal lovers, Eric and his family also volunteer as a foster home for animals in-need from the Maricopa County Animal Shelter. Eric, his wife, three kids and pets, own a home in North Scottsdale’s Troon Village neighborhood.”

    He likes animals. Nice. But wouldn’t some discussion of his passion for his new-found conservatism be in order? Aren’t converts (which he must be considered based on his seriously liberal political past) usually very passionate about their new faith and seek out opportunities to tell their story of redemption?

    Domestic violence? Maybe.

    Cognitive dissonance? Absolutely.

  22. Elmer Bringleson says

    Thank you Mr. Smith for your Clearly laying out everything everyone seems to know about Eric into a couple of paragraphs. If you are lurking out there Eric we really would like to know more.

    A friend of mine was at the ASU admissions this AM and found out that Eric did in fact “attend” ASU. He applied for one class in Spring Quarter 2006. It was a political science course. No information on whether he attended class or got a grade.—–but he did sign up for course.

    We all know that one course in political Science does not a political scientist make.

    I am rather curious to know about Eric’s work as a “NASD licensed Series 7 and Series 66 Registered Investment Advisor”.

  23. Double Decaf Latte says

    WOW – What a coincidence, I have a nephew who is thinking of going into that business and I wonder how likely it would be that he could get a job like that without a college degree.

    I’ve advised him to stay in school and get his degree. What would someone who was in that field would advise him to do. Eric would you have any advice for this young man?

  24. ConservAZ:

    You are making some outlandish comments about Ms.Ugenti. She is a big part of the tea party movement in Scottsdale.

    There is no way she or her husband let their house go in to foreclosure or other properties too as you claim, because I have heard Michelle talk about the importance of personal fiscal responsibility and know she would never do the things you allege.

    DSW or Reality Check we should make ConservAZ produce some proof of these claims.

  25. Conservative 2 the Bone says

    Conservative 2 the Core:
    Go on and click on Recorded Docs. It’s public record and it’s all there. Not hard to look up.

    Michelle Ugenti says she likes Chris Salvino in the CD5 Primary. That is reason enough to question her character and her judgement!

  26. Actually the red flag in this article which everyone seems to be missing is the Chamber’s endorsement!

    Given the situation that this state faces with illegal aliens, this endorsement should be the “kiss of death” for any candidate espousing conservative values!

    The last thing the upcoming legislature needs are Magruder/Hamer “Chamber Pots”!

  27. Double Decaf Latte says

    I noticed that Eric has removed all references to his endorsements from the Phoenix and AZ Chamber, the Home Builders and the AZ Medical Society on his campaign website, Facebook and has scrubbed his TWITTER account where he has been announcing his endorsements. Anyone know if the endorsements have been pulled by the organizations?

  28. Sacramento Bea says

    Michele Reagan is NOT endorsing Eric Ulis. You need to get your facts right.

  29. Sacramento Bea says

    And incidentally, ‘Tuscon Tech’ sounds an awful lot like it could be Eric John Ulis. If Mr. Ulis is really in the building, why doesn’t he come out from behind his most recent pseudonym and explain how we got him and his past all wrong.

  30. Redbear95 says

    We are getting info from GOP staffers and Candidates that Eric ran against in California and Seattle.Also have newspaper and credit checks–and court info. I think that when these reports are released, Eric will be on the bus back to Utah.I just got 10 more pages from investigative sources and can’t believe Republicans in LD8 and Maricopa CTY don’t act.

    Here are a few of the retail credit check;

    “According to a report in the National Journal,Ulis wanted to run again for Congress in Washington State in November 23,1999 The party leaders preferred a stronger more credible candidate.Less than one year later he was in Sacramento and filing for divorce”

    “Ulis is 36 years old. He claims to be on leave from his stockbrokers job,but reports no income from that job in 2001. He has no government experience,no roots in the community, owns no property, and has no reportable assets”

    “Ulis’s opponent couldnt figure out how Ulis made a living and wondered if he really worked at all” Said “Ulis was a rolling stone”

    More later

  31. Redbear95 says

    Why did Eric Ulis leave Sacramento and come to Arizona? There are no reports that he had a job offer. Retail Credit reports that he had no income,no assets,no job at this time. He crossed over border after his failed bid for office in 2005. He had no employer–but did play TV poker as a pasttime.Then suddenly he buys a house in Scottsdale for $838,000 and puts $170,000 down. Fannie Mae gives him a mortgage for $417,000 and an unknown person/bank/lobby provides him with a 2nd mortgage of $248,000. Pretty good for an unemployed drifter with zero assets and 7 criminal court appearances. Zillow estimates his home is worth $562,000 now so he has loans of approximately $665,000 on a home worth $562,000—net loss —and maybe a prospect for bankruptcy.—And he has no job.

    Of further interest: Who gave him 2nd mortgage of $248,000? Who is paying him to run as a candidate in LD8?—And who is paying his mortgage obligations?

  32. Elmer Bringleson says

    Oh my God Red Bear….you must have worked for the FBI. This is really good stuff. This is kind of research Deb Gullett, Michelle Reagan, the folks at the Chamber, and the AZ Republic should have been doing. Good questions…good questions that need answers.

    Does Arizona requires it’s candidates to file any financial disclosure before they run for office? Or maybe we won’t find out the answer to those questions until after Eric gets elected.

    I wonder if Representative Kavenagh or any legislators read Sonoran Alliance and can tell us know if elected officials have to file any financial disclosure forms like federal congressmen and senators do .

  33. Redbear95 says

    Elmer,——more coming in from Investigators and Retail Credit checks.Seems his 2nd wife has aliases and some are in California and some in Arizona.So her tax issues are interesting. Police sources say that when a person uses aliases,95% of time it involves a criminal act.

    People have noted Eric’s “slick” persona and seemingly “correct answers” Here is what political consultant to his GOP competitor in California said regarding Eric.—–“The guy has no income,no home,no roots in community and no assets. He DOES have nice web site and the right answers on the issues so somebody is giving him some free advice”——-Got that?—he has right answers whether he is running as a Liberal Democrat -or a “Rock solid Conservative”

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