100’s of Phoenix employees lose jobs; $2 million paid for 1 piece of art

$2 million monstrosityWe appreciate the Arizona Republic drawing our attention yesterday to the $2 million piece of “art” the City of Phoenix is installing downtown, a floating replica of a flower. Meanwhile, hundreds of City of Phoenix employees are being laid off, parks are closing, and utility and parking rates are being increased as Phoenix cuts $270 million in spending. Downtown had a perfectly nice park until the Mayor and City Council decided they wanted to use taxpayers’ money to tear it down and subsidize some businesses to move in. Wonder how much those subsidies to businesses cost? A costly piece of art like this should NEVER have been commissioned using the public’s money.


  1. Are you noticing all those new SUVs the Phoenix PD are driving around town? I heard that bill was about $250K


  2. nightcrawler says

    In the case of the artwork, there may already have been a contract executed so it is too late to cancel at this stage. Going forward, I agree that art should play second fiddle to jobs.

    We should be thankful that local law enforcement has the safest and most reliable vehicles to use. 250K is a drop in the bucket. Ron do you really want an old police car breaking down enroute to your emergency ?

  3. Republican does not mean Conservative says


    Art shouldn’t be playing second fiddle to jobs, or third, or fourth…or any fiddle at all! Why does the government pay for art? Where is that listed in its functions or responsibilities? The correct answer is nowhere. The truth is, if citizens wanted a horrendous looking 2 million dollar flower, they could privately invest the money and pay for it themselves. However, I strongly doubt that anyone wants such a thing. The government needs to stop stealing our money to spend on compeltely irrelevant projects!

  4. $2 million is nothing! The City of Phoenix floated a $100 million bond that mostly went to ASU Downtown. All that money went into building up the downtown are so ASU could start that campus.
    Frank Fairbanks needs to be fired.
    Get a manager that has some ideas from later than 1979.

  5. There is a legitimate argument to be had about weighing art projects vs. employee jobs. But in this particular case, the art project is already under construction and has been since rosier economic times. I’m also pretty certain that the money for the art came from the $100 million in bonds passed by voters. Republican does not mean Conservative says “if citizens wanted a horrendous looking 2 million dollar flower, they could privately invest the money and pay for it themselves.” Well, the voters spoke.

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