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10 Questions to Ask at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

10 Questions to Ask at Healthcare Town Hall Meetings

I’m saying this right up front, full credit for the following goes to Robert Wenzel, editor and publisher of the Economic Policy Journal.  To read it at his website, the link is provided.  These questions are based on material provided by three individuals, who unlike the Organizer-in-Chief or the Speaker of the House, have actually bothered to read the pages of the legislation.

The following questions were written by Robert Wenzel

He was assisted though the truly Herculean reading of the 1,000 plus page healthcare document by Peter Fleckstein, and also Russell Wilcox.

When history books for this era are written, both these men’s names should go down as heroes, for letting the public know what this so called, “healthcare” bill is really all about.

Question 1: Who actually wrote this bill? Congressman can you get us the names of the people that wrote this bill, so that we can understand their views on healthcare?

Question 2: If this bill is only about getting the poor insurance, why will the Secretary of Health as opposed to my doctor determine if I should be re-admitted to a hospital, as outlined on pages 284-288, SEC. 1151?

Question 3: Why, if I am happy with the type of health insurance I have, can you force me to get different insurance as outlined in pages 167-168, section 401 or force me to pay a penalty tax?

Question 4: Why is a simple catastrophic health insurance not allowed under this plan, when that is really what insurance should be about? Is this really happening in America? I reference pages 26-30, SEC. 122.

Question 5: Why will the Health Secretary have full say over all health payments as outlined on page 124, Sec. 223? Isn’t this against the free market system and more in line with the thinking of Mussolini?

Question 6: Why does the healthcare bill on pages 195-196, SEC. 431 and on page 145, section 312 open up my tax information to federal employees, and force my employer to supply any information asked of him by the Health Choices Commissioner, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Secretary of the Treasury?

Question 7: Why MUST any Doctor who orders durable medical equipment or home medical services be enrolled as a Medicare provider , as outlined on pages 719-720 Sec 1637?

Question 8: What are these so called home visitation programs by the government for families with young children & families expecting children, as outlined on pages 838-845?

Question 9: On page 936, this bill mentions a “Healthy People & National Public Health Performance Standards”. Does this mean you are going to try and tell me what I can and can’t eat? Are you going to force manufacturers to stop making some foods?

Question 10: Most of the Healthcare Bill has little to do with providing health insurance to the poor, and a lot to do with controlling everyone. Why is this so? If I am happy with my health insurance why don’t you just leave me alone?

the president There are 3 recent postings on this topic I have provided you the reader; the first on the duplicity of the Whitehouse in putting out a “snitch” line to stifle freedom of speech, the second on the actual intent of this monstrous legislation, and finally this piece, specific questions to ask Gabby Giffords, Raul Grijalva, Ed Pastor, and Ann Kirtpatrick.  (Look over your shoulder Ann, Bill Konopnicki is coming for your job)


  1. Thank you for your post. It is amazing what people will overlook for their “pet” issue. Statistics don’t matter. Have to have that cheap labor.

  2. Oops. I don’t know how that happened. I was responding to the article Mr. Pierce wrote.

  3. Mr. Wenzel also repeats the lie that HR 3200 has a “death panel” option. Additionally, he believes Medicare is a ponzi scheme:


    Heckuva expert there, VV. But congrats on coming to terms with being a cut-n-paste hack.

  4. Or, you know, maybe people could think for themseves and come up with their own questions to ask their representatives, rather than being spoonfed them by someone else.

    I know, I know, I’m asking for a lot from the Didiots.

  5. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Mr. Jacobs,

    No where in your link does Mr. Wenzel reference the death panel option nor does he refer to H.R. 3200. He simply asserts that the government can no longer afford to take care of the elderly population under current circumstances. The current administration’s cost reduction solution is to ration off health care to the elderly. This necessarily means they will receive either less healthcare or inferior healthcare. In addition, I don’t think the government would mind if some of the elderly population head to the Pearly Gates sometime soon because it would surely reduce the cost of this whole mess. If this were a criminal trial, the government definitely has motive. That said, Mr. Jacobs, your comment about the death panel option, according to your link, is false.

    And to you, Klute: I’m sure you and your dizzying intellect have had time to read through the endless pages of all the healthcare proposals? What’s that? You haven’t?! Well, excuse me if I take a cue from someone that has the time and resources to go over it- something I would surely do if I didn’t have so much on my plate.

  6. Con, Mr. Wenzel’s entire blog, of late, deals w/ hr 3200 (including some line-by-line hatchet jobs by Mr. Wilcox and Mr. Fleckstein):



    Are just 2 more examples. BTW, Con, what do you believe is meant by the heading, “Why They Really Want to Kill Off the Elderly and Disabled?”

    Seems to me VV found someone who agrees with his weirdness and used to bolster his pov.

    So, one more time VV, where does hr 3200 reference “eugenics?”

  7. Auntiefederalist says

    Konopnicki? The RINO? That’s who you’re endorsing as an alternative to Kirkpatrick?


  8. Conservative does not mean Republican,
    Where do you get the idea the plan is to ‘ration’ healthcare?

  9. Sorry CDMNR,

    If I’m going to take the time to complain about something, I inform myself about it.

    Getting spoonfed by group of people whose job it is to keep a large mass of people hinging on their everyword between ads for Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Kinetco water softeners is the height of unthinking mass hysteria.

    Call me old fashioned, but I like to do my thinking for myself, rather than drinking from the Lethe of Glenn Beck’s tears.

  10. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    I was trying to sum up the essence of Wenzel’s blog post in the link from comment #4. A government that manages a finite resource, like healthcare, is going to administer that resource to its most productive, tax-paying citizens instead of the elderly population. I believe its a fairly accurate representation of what he wrote. Mr. Jacobs, on the other hand, claims the blog refers to the “death panel” option, which it does not.

  11. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Agreed, Klute. I like to inform myself about things I don’t agree with as well. The point I’m trying to make is that Wenzel refers to specific passages of the bill that many people don’t have time to find (sadly this includes many member of Congress). It’s nice to be able to reference specific portions of legislation without having to read through the entire thing.

    I am not in favor of being a “ditto head” or any other type of blind follower. I’m not familiar with Robert Wenzel, but I’m pretty sure his job doesn’t depend on people hindging on his every word.

  12. Conservative does not mean Republican,
    Many countries have less expensive systems and aren’t killing their elderly – in fact they have higher life expectancies.

  13. Queen of Hearts says

    I want some of whatever Todd is smoking!

  14. Queen of Hearts,
    Not smoking anything, I have just done some actual research into the issue.

  15. CDNMR,

    And if you were asking the question, using this guy as an example, and citing him, I’d more or less be OK with that.

    When people are shouting “WHY ARE YOU GOING TO KILL SARAH PALIN’S BABY!!!” and then getting all splittle-flecked in the face of someone else who doesn’t buy into the Glenn Beck/Lyle Langley argumennt, then I got a REAL problem with that.

    Just reviewing it (short on time here), I got a answer to #4:

    Catastrophic care is nightmarishly expensive to the medical system. Prevenative care can generally negate the need for catastrophic care (obviously, there’s no car accident pill or falling off the the ladder test, but cancer, heart disease, strokes, liver failure are generally detectable before hand and thus much easier to treat).

    Using me as an example, I was able to find out about my impending aortic valve failure due to regular appointments – rather than a sudden catastrophic failure which would have burned up money in an ambulence, ER, and then emergency surgery, and then God forbid, and post-infarction/stroke rehabilitation – if I hadn’t been killed outright. Regular care probably saved my insurance company a couple hundred grand.

  16. Tucson Vice says

    Well we all knew that there was nothing at all spontaneous about the stupid howlings of the extremists mobs, but I didn’t think there would be outright confirmation of it.

    Or that they are given question and told to scream them (into the wrong end of the microphone) at the town hall gatherings.

  17. Does Obama pay all of you democrats to make stupid comments on a conservative blog? Do you really think you are changing peoples minds when you put the White House’s talking points on here?

  18. Hate to “pee” on you ideological parade Todd, but whenever government distrubutes ANYTHING without referring to market prices emerging from the private sector, whether it’s meat and gasoline in WWII or health care in Britain, Scandavia, Holland or Canada, it MUST ration what it dispenses to keep costs from skyrocketing.

    When ratioining is applied, distribution priorites are set in place. In countries where healthcare is nationalized, those in the workforce receive preferred treatment. It can take a year for a retiree to get a M.R.I. in Canada and in Britain, those who cannot afford a private option are often cut off from certain treatments such as dialysis.

    To keep down costs in a country with declining birth rates, euthanasia is now creeping in under the guise of “Assisted Suicide” (see Holland) and certain states such as Oregon.

    This country’s 1946-70 “Baby Boomers” are fast approaching retirement age and Planned Parenthood and other “progressive” sorts have achieved their eugenic mission i.e. reducing the effective resource pool needed for solvency.

    In this situation, all government controlled systems become Ponzi schemes!

    If not, “Death Panels”, “Old Age Consulting Groups” and/or “Treatment Determination Boards” will be formed to provide a “final solution” for Ponzi avoidance!

    The current system also has cost problems but a good deal of it subsists in stratospheric medical malpractice insurance rates, brought on by a plethora of suits.

    If we’re looking to Britain for solutions, why not adopt the U.K.’s Tort Laws which ensure that the loser in a Civil Action bear all parties’ legal costs?

  19. Veritas Vincit says

    “… take the time to complain about something, I inform myself about it.”

    Klute, that’s what’s called a straight up lie. Anyone visiting your website knows otherwise.

    #11 Todd: No, they simply let the elderly fend for themselves and, hope they die.

    #15 Tucson mice; just like the fake doctor asking the good democrat congresswoman a fake question with a fake hug??? Come on. That was “caught on tape” and verified who the poser really was.

    #17 Carlist; good information. Solutions are several – cap malpractice lawsuits, require generic when available, absolutely not approve the pending patent extension on bio-based drugs! (wow that will drive costs way up but who cares if the government is paying the bill?) … Encourage or require “Urgent Care” outlets in retail shopping malls (actually, such centers should become as fruitful as 7-11’s). Lastly, open enrollment to medical school to ALL qualified applicants and PROHIBIT any form of affirmative action quotas! Got the grades pass the exams? You’re in.

    There are numerous solutions without Obamacare. Now I challenge those lefty progressive types who seem to favor rhetoric and attack to offer their well thought out solutions to what they seem to think is a “crisis”…

    Crisis? that’s a joke. the crisis will come when Obamacare is in its 50th year and facing SSI bankruptcy because no one can find the funding for it to continue.

  20. Con, there are no “death panels.” The phrase is a concoction of 1/2 term former Gov. Sarah Palin, so it would be impossible to directly describe it and be factual. The heading of the post is the reference since all this “death panel” business was created to panic people. BTW, have you noticed folks on this thread are still writing about the “death panels” as if they were real?

    Weird, huh?

  21. VV,

    Aw, I’m just glad you’re reading.

  22. Kenny:

    Whatever term you might want to use, groups pressing for euthanasia based solutions regardnig the elderly will have a major say in any nationalized health care!

    Political ties always trump moral scruples in our secular liberal zeitgeist!

  23. “#11 Todd: No, they simply let the elderly fend for themselves and, hope they die.”

    Like France, Sweden, Canada, etc? It is clear you are not even attempting a serious debate here if you are going to make such a ridiculous claim.

  24. Conservative does not mean Republican says


    I think you missed what I was trying to get at.

    Verbatim from your post:

    “Mr. Wenzel also repeats the lie that HR 3200 has a “death panel” option.”

    I’m pointing out that you completely lied on that claim. No where in his blog post that you linked to does Mr. Wenzel mention death panels.

  25. kralmajales says

    Todd is right. We dont have near the best healthcare in the world, we have a higher infant mortality than many, we have a lower life expectancy, and we only rank highly in the amount of cost of our system. I have seen the stats and not from liberal sources either.

    So lets stop with the Lee Greenwood crap. Until some of you admit clearly that we are NOT the best, then we can’t even discuss where we are or where we are going.

  26. As to “Death Panels”, I see where the Senate has eliminated “End of Life Consultation Services” from the Health Bill.

    Hmmm! If foot-in-the-door euthanasia sub sections never existed in the first place, why was this move announced?

    Ball’s in your court Kenny!

  27. kralmajales says


    The elderly and the AARP are the most powerful interest group in America. Period. Usually the NRA is second…sometimes first. Pro-Euthanasia groups, if they even exist, are MORONS and have NO political power at all.


  28. kralmajales says


    If that was announced it was a major “cave in” because it just wasn’t that important and people supporting the plan were tired of trying to educate the world about this stupid stupid piece of the puzzle when the broader picture is so much more important.

    So…they caved. Period. Enjoy your victory.

  29. Its really sad because getting help with a living will or deciding about hospice care could really benefit a family going through such a terrible time.

  30. kralmajales says

    I agree Todd, I agree. But you know, ignorance of this type means you just get less and less of the little you already had. America is such a bizarre place. We are getting a lower and lower standard of living, more and more control of our lives with respect to civil liberties and rights, and 50 million do not have healthcare. And people actually think that the govt. might actually deny them end of life care when they would get little to none of that from a plan they paid for in the private sector.

    Freedom Works and the insurance companies win again.

    Damn, I should have taken my first of 3 degrees and worked for an insurance company. Easy work, easy money.

  31. Kral:

    You can always shill for the Social Security Administration or better yet, The Trial Lawyers!

  32. No one wants to consider the possibility of a tragedy, but as soon as people depend on us, our deaths become more than just a time of grief. They could also cause our families to be in bad financial shape. Life insurance can help, but finding the right insurance can be extremely difficult. There are lots of different possibilities to choose from, and the variety of options can be pretty intimidating.

  33. I tried all day to think of some witty comment to write on your blog but all I got is “Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.”

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