“Serious Jeopardy”

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McCain’s find raising numbers sink for the second quarter.

Yahoo! News.

McCain is in 4th place in the latest Iowa poll and tied for a distant 2nd in California.


  1. kralmajales says

    Interesting…Lehrer News Hour and Washington Post both reporting that 50 staffers are being reassigned or layed off.

    So, this leaves you with a liberal Republican (Giuliani), a guy who acts like he is conservative (Romney), and an actor in Thompson who also seems to have a little trouble with his opinion on Roe v. Wade.

    None of them have much experience on National Security whatsoever.

  2. PartyGuy says

    And Kral’s side has Obama (the accidental Senator) and Hillary Clinton? Wow, not exactly stacked on the national security issue there, are they? A couple of leftie loons who despise our military and the values they represent? A couple of pacifists who can’t wait to turn tail and run from Iraq? You’ve actually got two candidates who make John Kerry look experienced. Please Kral, make Hillary your nominee, we’re begging you!

  3. kralmajales says

    Im not a massive fan of Hillary at all. Talk about a flip flopper…PartyGuy. I actually think she would win right now though. Not because she is at all attractive as a candidate, but because of what a mess the Republican party is. Oh…and she does have ten times the foreign policy experience of Romney, Thompson, and Giuliani put together.

    As for pacifist? I can’t wait to see how many in the Republican ranks bolt on Iraq in the coming months. And look where they are a bolting…in the land of Obama (Hagel, Voinovich, and LUGAR…Warner will be next…and then…).

  4. kralmajales says

    I would consider a Guiliani in a Hillary/Giuliani contest. Pro-choice, pro gay marriage, and can handle a disaster the size of Katrina. He would be progressive, would use govt. funds to improve schools and healthcare.

    It’d be an easy choice. If you want to win…give it up for Giuliani…for real. Indepdents like me would swarm to him.

  5. Buddy Breon says

    You, K, are far from an Independent. Call yourself whatever suits you, but don’t be surprised when we think you’re a liberal, with leftist leanings. No, you are no “free thinker.” You’re more like the kool-aid drinkers buying all the drivel that the liberal Dems and Hollywood Wackos dish out. But, you do seem to have a knack for ticking people off. So, maybe you do have some redeeming value. Just not much of a political brain.

  6. Oro Valley Dad says

    The press made the same claim against Reagan when he ran for president. It is what is in your heart, your instincts, and your common sense that counts.

    Kissinger and Scowcroft have lots of experience but I don’t want either as my president.

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