“Militias are illegal in Arizona,” Oh really Kyrsten.

sinema.jpgThe committee hearing for HB 2286 was held yesterday. The bill was so broadly written that it could essential criminalize carrying a firearm. It was voted down 7-3.

A 12 News video shows Sinema saying, “Militias are illegal in Arizona.” I guess Kyrsten is not a fan of the Arizona Constitution. The document consists of 29 articles. Article 16 is titled Militia. Section 1 of Article 16 states “The militia of the state of Arizona shall consist of all capable citizens of the state between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years.” It sounds like a militia is not only legal in Arizona but that it is authorized in the state constitution.

The scary part of this is that Sinema is licensed to practice law in Arizona. We should give her the benefit of the doubt since she was only admitted to the bar in January of 2006. But how does someone make it through law school, pass the bar exam, and not have even a cursory knowledge of the state constitution? I guess we do need more funding for education.

The video can be viewed by going to the article and clicking twice on the 12NEWS logo on the right side of the page. Kyrsten makes her statement about 36 seconds into the tape.


  1. You must remember her admission of being a socialist. Maybe she was speaking prophetically.

    On a side note, will someone please give her a blouse that fits!

  2. From a guy’s perspective, the blouse fits just fine.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    hmm… I want to agree with Ann, just to be different? But I’m pretty sure the guys are all going to have the same opinion on the fit of the blouse… Which is to say that it fits fine! That doesn’t excuse her being a socialist nut though…! So maybe I’m agreeing with Ann as well?

  4. Thank you. I knew in time you’d come around.

  5. Peter Principle says

    Ms. Sinema is in need of major reconstructive surgery: a lobotomy for starters; a fashion makeover; a lesson on how to best display your pricey new assets while serving the public.

  6. Doesn’t she already have a lobotomy?

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