“all a dem losers …”

Now that Obama has established the precedent that a black preacher can be excused for fiery rhetoric it opens the door to others besides the Rev. Wright. One interesting figure that can now be featured in the interests of equal time is the Hon. James David Manning, PhD. We are not endorsing the statements of Dr. Manning. The problem is that in a sense Barack has now set the standard as “anything goes.” Well here goes Pastor Manning.


  1. SonoranSam says

    Obama DID not establish an “anything goes” standard. Quite the contrary. He said Wright’s statements were wrong – but he refused to throw an old friend under the bus.

    He also asked us to walk a mile the shoes of a man who grew up in the 50s, when you were quite literally treated as a second-class citizen whose options were limited just because your skin contained more coloration than someone else.

    Please listen to his speech. He not only made sense; he began a long-overdue discussion of something that is a festering sore on our culture.

  2. I agree with SonoranSam.

    Sonoran Alliance–Did you read or listen to Obama’s speech, or just hear sound bites?

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