“a tremendous morale breaker”

     The President of the local Border Patrol union, representing 2,600 agents in Arizona, has weighed in on the current senate immigration compromise bill. His letter is one of the strongest condemnations of the bill that I have seen yet and this from someone who is truly on the frontlines. (Kyl has taken a swipe at the bill’s critics with his “rather than sit on the sidelines and complain” comment.

     Rest up and enjoy the weekend because on Monday the U.S. Senate will be back in session and nothing less than the sovereignty of our nation will be at stake.

(Thanks to Hot AZ It Gets for the lead on the Border Patrol union view.)


  1. Wow, that’s a thumping… It is really depressing that Kyl isn’t listening to all of these good people. How is it that one man can decide he is so much smarter than all of these other people, whose lives have been all about this issue for more then two decades? Very very sad…

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